November 19, 2018

For Labor Day: Gene Veith on Vocation

In the Lord’s Prayer, we ask that God give us our daily bread, which He does. He does so not directly as with the manna to the Israelites, but through the work of farmers, truck drivers, bakers, retailers, and many more. In fact, He gives us our daily bread through the functioning of the whole […]

What Matters: Baptism and Vocation

Thus they made men believe that the profession of monasticism was far better than Baptism. . . . . . . Furthermore, the precepts of God and the true service of God are obscured when men hear that only monks are in a state of perfection. For Christian perfection is to fear God from the […]

Simply Living

A man knows when he has found his vocation when he stops thinking about how to live and begins to live. – Thomas Merton Thoughts In Solitude * * * Most of my life, I’ve been waiting to live. The pattern has been like this: seasons of thinking about what it means to live and waiting […]

“To go through life guessing wrong”

While reading Thomas Merton yesterday on the subject of vocation (No Man Is an Island), I came across this stunning passage: Our vocation is not a sphinx’s riddle, which we must solve in one guess or else perish. Some people find, in the end, that they have made many wrong guesses and that their paradoxical […]

Wilderness Update: Time to Get Real

This discovery of Christ is never genuine if it is nothing but a flight from ourselves. On the contrary, it cannot be an escape. It must be a fulfillment. I cannot discover God in myself and myself in Him unless I have the courage to face myself exactly as I am, with all my limitations, […]

God Hidden in a Wondrous Web

All our work in the field, in the garden, in the city, in the home, in struggle, in government — to what does it all amount before God except child’s play, by means of which God is pleased to give his gifts in the field, at home, and everywhere? These are the masks of our […]

Another Look: How I Got to “OK”

Note from CM: For the past couple of days I’ve been trying to write a post summarizing our discussions on the kind of discipleship being promoted by teachers like Francis Chan. I’ve made fits and starts and have not been satisfied with how the words were coming out. Then, in looking through the archives, I […]

No Super-Christians

Would you describe yourself as totally in love with Jesus Christ? Or do the words halfhearted, lukewarm, and partially committed fit better? – Francis Chan, Crazy Love * * * We’ve been having quite a discussion since I posted Francis Chan’s video about “Aging Biblically”  yesterday and said that I found it worthy of a rant. Though […]

Thoughts on “Ministry”

Monday, Scot McKnight had a post reflecting on Graham Buxton’s book on pastoral theology, Dancing in the Dark: The Privilege of Participating in the Ministry of Christ. I haven’t read the book, but Scot’s post made me want to; and in the meantime, I like Buxton’s definition of “ministry” alot: “Christian ministry is fundamentally about […]

“Normal” Is Not Enough?

Update: several have noted  the plane crash last Friday, in which Ron Luce’s daughter was seriously injured. Out of respect for the Teen Mania family, please stick to the concept we’re discussing and do not direct your comments at this specific ministry. Note: This post is NOT a specific critique of the ministry cited. Please don’t […]