July 16, 2018

Eyes Wide Shut: Denise Spencer and the Struggle to Stay Awake

Life with the iMonk is exciting. And if you believe that, I’ve got some land in Florida to sell you. My wife has written an entertaining essay about her struggle to stay awake when I am anywhere in the vicinity. Those of you who are looking forward to the excitement of marriage may want to […]

Quitting Soccer: Thoughts From Mom and Dad

From time to time I like to do something on here for the parents in the audience. This post will require you to read a post at Clay’s blog, but it will be worth it to read Denise’s excellent response. Clay Spencer has written a post recalling one of the most painful episodes of his […]

The Man in the Shadow of Adultery

I have been wanting to write this major essay on adultery for almost four years. It was just never there. Yesterday, for whatever reason, I knew it was ready for “birth,” and so in a few hours this morning, it arrived. It is a plea for men who are somewhere in the vicinity of committing […]

As the last child walks away: Clarity at the Crossroads of Life

UPDATE: Denise’s post of this weekend’s events. We’d been gone from Lexington about 5 minutes when Denise started crying. “Twenty-one years I’ve been cooking for my children. That’s a big chunk of your life.” You have such thoughts on the day you take you son to college. You stand at the crossroads, the haze lifts, […]

Peggy Spencer Head 1937-2006

My half-sister, Peggy Ann Spencer Head, passed away this week, and our family just returned from the funeral. Peggy was more like an aunt or a cousin to me, but we always had a warm relationship. Her oldest son, David Head, has been a wonderful friend and colaborer in ministry for many years. I was […]

Purchasing Books With Wisdom

We’ve had a bit of an income shift this year ***ahem*** so I need to make some changes in my book-buying habits. I’m one of those fish caught in the ease of the Amazon “One-Click” purchase system, and I’ve got a lot of books on my shelves that I will never read because of it. […]

Dorothy Atherton Spencer 1922-2006

My mother passed away this morning at 2:10 a.m. I will be off blog for several days. Comments may not be moderated. Thanks for your prayers and patience. I prayed this prayer for my mom dozens of times the last few hours: Christian Soul, depart and go to God. Lord, receive this, your child, made […]

To Complete The Vow: A Meditation for Husbands and Wives

The Minister, receiving the Woman at her father’s or friend’s hands, shall cause the Man with his right hand to take the Woman by her right hand, and to say after him as followeth. I, M. take thee, N. to my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for […]

Dying, We Live: Pat’s Story

This is the first post in a new IM category: “The Second Half of Life.” I never knew Pat when he was healthy. I first heard his name in the aftermath of a massive heart attack that visited him one night and left him a weakened and depleted man compared to what he had been […]