February 20, 2018

Merton Week: Ora et Labora

• • • I asked Reverend Father what made Brother [Gregory, who had just died] so saintly. I don’t know what kind of answer I was hoping to get. It would have made me happy to hear something about a deep and simple spirit of prayer, something about unsuspected heights of faith, purity of heart, […]

Merton: A Path So Mundane, Can It Really Be?

• • • The simplest and most effective way to sanctity is to disappear into the background of ordinary everyday routine. • Thomas Merton, The Sign of Jonas

One of God’s Better Stories

I have to admit, I loved being a part of the story I posted yesterday. It was a great privilege to know Lenny and Frances, and their lives inspire me. I got a sense from the comments that we all feel admiration for people like them — folks who seem to model Jesus’ teachings about […]

Another Look: Eschatological Me

Note from CM: This is one of my favorite posts that I have written. The concept I discuss here is, in my view, a genuine key to Christian self-identity and practice. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand at a glance, so I hope you’ll take some time thinking about what I write here and […]

Another Look: It Never Helps

Note from CM: Several years ago, I wrote an essay on anger. You can read the original HERE. I’ve incorporated some of that post into today’s. But I’ve also gained a few new insights on the subject since I wrote the first article. This election year, with all its angry rhetoric and turmoil, has caused me […]

Christ’s Rabble, or Regular Folks?

David Bentley Hart has written a challenging piece at Commonweal, called “Christ’s Rabble,” in which he asks “whether in our wildest imaginings we could ever desire to be the kind of persons that the New Testament describes as fitting the pattern of life in Christ.” How does the New Testament describe such persons? Hart speaks of them generally in […]

Another Look: Profoundly Human

In the story of the Pharisee and the publican (Luke 18:9-14), we hear a story from Jesus’ lips about how the trappings of religion can keep us far from God. Oddly, the benefits of the religious life that enhance our thoughts, words, and actions, that re-order our relationships and priorities and bring us new purpose […]

Another Look: Seasons and Paths of Formation

Note from CM: I’m starting a class tonight at our local United Methodist church, based upon my book, Walking Home Together. The first lesson will be about the various seasons of our lives and what characterizes them. I thought of this post as I was preparing. ❦ Little children, I’m writing to you because your […]

Another Look: The Life God Is In

Note from CM: Today, I was at a place I hadn’t expected to be, in a situation I hadn’t anticipated and would not have sought for myself or anyone else. After my time there was over, I took a walk to clear my head, and some words came to my mind. I’m not a big one […]

Damaris Zehner: At the Mercy of an Undisciplined Mind

At the Mercy of an Undisciplined Mind By Damaris Zehner Have you ever sat in church with your mind a hundred miles away?  You look out the window and think about what you need to do in the yard when you go home.  You stare at the outrageous hairdo of the woman in the pew […]