July 23, 2018

Five Questions For Roman Catholics

UPDATE: Well, I am going to suppose this post got linked somewhere. Amy? What have you done to me? 🙂 I really appreciate the kindness and all the time represented in the answers. I haven’t read the thread, but have read the MANY emails that I received. I’ll catch up on the thread later. (Internet […]

Site News: Kicking Moderation Up a Notch

A few weeks ago, I made a small change in this site: I stopped requiring registration in order to comment. So far, it’s been a great change. The traffic on the site and in the comments, especially, is way up. The average IM essay easily has 3 or 4 times more commenters than before. Now […]

New IM Banner: Thanks to Michael Buckley

Artist Michael Buckley is a long-time IM/BHT reader and he has created a wonderful artistic representation of post-evangelicalism just for the IM banner. It’s meaningful, true and beautiful. The large version is available here for you to enjoy. Thank you, Michael. You are a great friend to me and to the IM community.

That Music You Hear: Rhodes

The music you hear on this week’s podcast (in and out, not the segment bumpers) is by Daniel Whittington’s new band, Rhodes. Their CD, Half a Mind to Stay is available at CD baby and I would encourage all of the IM audience to check it out. Samples are available at their myspace page. The […]

Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology + a Breather

Enjoy Aaron Ghiloni’s Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology. It’s good. I’m taking a couple of days off from answering mail and reading blogs. I’ll post some new content here in the Evangelical Anxieties series soon. (The End Times is up next.) It’s surreal to know the world is continually hearing that I don’t believe […]

Support WorldServe

Every year at Advent and Christmas, the BHT features a ministry that deserves your support. There are many good ministries and feel free to promote them in the comments. This year I would like to encourage your support for a ministry that directly affects many of our students at OBI and millions of Christians around […]

The Advent Blog is Open

The Boar’s Head Tavern sponsors a blog each advent season called “Go to Bethlehem and See.” This is a place for BHT fellows and friends to blog on Advent related themes. Last year’s blog was a real highlight of the season for many IM and BHT readers. We began the advent blog as a way […]

Thanks To Doug Wilson and Dan Edelen

The Internet Monk and Boar’s Head Tavern web sites received a real compliment today. Both were added to the “Theology” sidebar at Douglas Wilson’s site, Blog and Mablog. As one of the BHT fellows said, Wilson is the kind of person who can say, “I disagree with you, but we are fellow Christians talking about […]

Imonk to Itunes?

UPDATE: I believe I will have an iTunes feed shortly. When someone gets it, let me know. The IM/BHT web sites are currently in a technical geek crunch. (That means the guys who help me are just not able to help much at present.) So, I would love to have the podcasts on iTunes, and […]

Advent Blogging Continues

The Advent Blog sponsored by the Boar’s Head Tavern continues. It’s a community project, not just me. Stop by and visit. I’d appreciate your links and mentions on your own blogs.