July 22, 2018

Saturday Ramblings: November 12, 2016

RAMBLER OF THE WEEK The person we acknowledge as our Rambler today has been one of our generation’s wilderness poets. This week Leonard Cohen died at age 82. Here is an excerpt from Larry Rohter’s remembrance in the New York Times: Leonard Cohen, the Canadian poet and novelist who abandoned a promising literary career to become one of the […]

Saturday Ramblings: November 5, 2016

RAMBLER(S) OF THE WEEK Our Rambler of the Week award goes to a team and a great company of long-suffering fans in Chicago, who waited 108 years for this day to arrive — the day when the Chicago Cubs would be crowned World Series Champions. It has happened, and great is the rejoicing! Lord, now […]

Saturday Ramblings: October 29, 2016

RAMBLER OF THE WEEK Despite the fact that, in one of his last writings, Martin Luther: addressed the pope as “Your Hellishness,” called him a person who shoveled horse shit into people’s mouths; despite his description of the pope as “full of all the worst devils in hell-full, full, and so full that [he] can do nothing […]

Saturday Ramblings: October 22, 2016

RAMBLER OF THE WEEK This summer I had the privilege of attending a luncheon at the home of the Archbishop of Indianapolis, Joseph W. Tobin. Our mutual friend John Armstrong had arranged for a number of religious leaders and ministers from around town to meet together to discuss the topic of missional-ecumenism in our city. I […]

Saturday Ramblings: October 15, 2016

RAMBLER OF THE WEEK In a “jingle-jangle morning” a long time ago, a young folk singer from Minnesota began a complex and rambling journey that has continued through my entire lifetime and still goes on today. His trek reached a culmination this week when the Nobel Prize committee awarded Bob Dylan the prize for Literature. Today […]

Saturday Ramblings: October 8, 2016

INTERNET MONK RAMBLER OF THE WEEK This week we’re inaugurating a new way to open Saturday Ramblings. Each Saturday we will give honor to a Rambler of the Week, someone who shows us what it means to live the journey of life fully. The only qualifications will be that the person honored will exhibit interesting and […]

Saturday Ramblings: October 1, 2016

October has always been my favorite month to ramble. When we were first married and living in Vermont, the fall was the best time of year — mountains ablaze with color, sapphire blue skies, fresh apple cider, and all manner of quaint little villages to visit as we wound around those ramblin’ roads. I still […]

Saturday Ramblings: September 24, 2016 – Grandpa’s Pride Edition

Look what we got this week! A new grandson! Number 5 grandchild. Little JD broke the tie we had — 2 girl grandchildren, 2 boy grandchildren, and now boys have taken the lead, 3-2. But, God willing, there’s plenty more to come. At any rate, we’re rambling up in northern Indiana to see the little bugger this […]

Saturday Ramblings: September 17, 2016 — National League Central Champions Edition!

Step one: complete. Chicago Cubs fans like me are hoping for an end to a 108-year drought in World Series championships this year. I have rambled around for 60 of those years, and it is one of the great longings of my lifetime to see my team become world champs at least once. And what shall I say […]

Saturday Ramblings: September 10, 2016

Well, the sun’s not so hot in the sky today and you know I can see summertime slipping on away. A few more geese are gone, a few more leaves turning red, but the grass is as soft as a feather in a featherbed. • John Sheldon, “September Grass” Ah, September. The harvest begins. The […]