August 18, 2018

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: June 9, 2018 — Yikes! Edition

Good morning, and welcome to our weekly IM Saturday Monks Brunch. All this past week, it seems like every time I looked at the news or at links on my Facebook feed, I said, “Yikes!” A whole bunch of crazy things have been happening lately. Let’s put some of them together and marvel at the […]

Saturday Brunch, June 2, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend? Ready for some brunch? The Egypt Exploration Society has recently published a Greek papyrus that is likely the earliest fragment of the Gospel of Mark, dating it from between A.D. 150–250. A couple years ago, some scholars had teased the fragment would date from the first century. Even […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: May 26, 2018 — Memorial Day Edition

FOR MEMORIAL DAY From “Sorrowing Spring” by Joel Kurz at Plough Scarcely has a winter departed since childhood that I haven’t journeyed in my soul to Shiloh, that military park along the Tennessee River where, on April sixth and seventh of 1862, roughly one hundred thousand soldiers engaged in a bloody conflict that claimed nearly […]

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: May 19, 2018

Welcome to our weekly Brunch, and thanks to Pastor Dan for holding the fort for the past few weeks. This weekend marks the end of the Easter season with the celebration of Pentecost. Michael Spencer called Pentecost “The Third Great Day” and said of it: The clear purpose of Pentecost was to bring into birth […]

Saturday Brunch, May 12, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. How about some nice brunch? We even have a nice chocolate fountain: Our brunch has a theme today. I’ve been reading a little Chesterton this month, and reminded of how insanely gifted he was in expressing deep ideas with clarity, brevity, and wit. I mean, seriously, is there […]

Saturday Brunch, May 5, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Hungry for some brunch? We have lots on the brunch buffet today. Mostly lighter fare this week. But one thing we won’t be serving is this: That, my friend, is ham-flavored ice cream. Yes, an ice cream emporium in the Garden State, Windy Brow Farms, has raised eyebrows by launching a […]

Saturday Brunch, April 28, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Hungry for some brunch? In the true spirit of brunch, we have tried to offer up a little of everything: pictures, odd stories, serious issues, potty humor, beautiful cars, shower thoughts, and whatever else comes to my mind. A friend from Brazil posted this on Facebook last night. […]

Saturday Brunch, April 21, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for some brunch? We’ve got some silly stuff, some serious stuff, some sporty stuff. Let’s start with a public service announcement: Scientists in New York have a polite request for you: STOP PEEING IN WALDEN POND. Well, they phrased more scienty:  It will be “prudent to further […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: April 14, 2018

STILL WAITIN’ FOR REAL SPRING EDITION I hate to talk about the weather all the time, but this has been a doozy of a spring. Yesterday and today, it finally felt like we’d turned a corner here in central Indiana, with temperatures up in the 70s. However, by Monday they’re calling for snow flurries again […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: April 7, 2018

MICHAEL SPENCER MEMORIAL EDITION Michael Spencer left us eight years ago, on April 5, 2010. We miss him greatly, and want to honor his legacy today. So, we devote this week’s Brunch to Michael, the original Internet Monk. ✢ ✢ ✢ THE VOICE OF THE INTERNET MONK… Let’s start by hearing the voice of the […]