April 26, 2018

The Saturday Monks Brunch: April 14, 2018

STILL WAITIN’ FOR REAL SPRING EDITION I hate to talk about the weather all the time, but this has been a doozy of a spring. Yesterday and today, it finally felt like we’d turned a corner here in central Indiana, with temperatures up in the 70s. However, by Monday they’re calling for snow flurries again […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: April 7, 2018

MICHAEL SPENCER MEMORIAL EDITION Michael Spencer left us eight years ago, on April 5, 2010. We miss him greatly, and want to honor his legacy today. So, we devote this week’s Brunch to Michael, the original Internet Monk. ✢ ✢ ✢ THE VOICE OF THE INTERNET MONK… Let’s start by hearing the voice of the […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: March 24, 2018

FIRST WEEKEND OF SPRING EDITION It’s Spring! Well, sort of. Here’s what our friend Randy Thompson had hanging around his place in New Hampshire as spring began this year. Follow the link to check out more beautiful pictures from the woods and mountains. Thankfully, the big nor’easter that they were anticipating didn’t materialize, but it’s […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: March 17, 2018

ST. PATRICK’S DAY EDITION Top o’ the mornin’ to you! Welcome to the Monks Brunch on this St. Patrick’s Day, 2018. Here are a few Irish blessings to share with each other as you lift your glasses this day: Bless your little Irish heart and every other Irish part. May the Lord keep you in […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: March 10, 2018

OPEN MIC EDITION Your intrepid chaplain is away at a conference today and can’t break bread with you at Brunch. Sorry about that, I’m going to miss it. But there’s no reason you iMonks shouldn’t get together and share your thoughts about what’s going on in your lives and in the world this week. Internet […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: March 3, 2018

SILLINESS EDITION Sometimes, ya just gotta be silly. And so, we devote today’s brunch to the gracious, liberating practice of silliness. And where else to begin, but with one of the greatest silly sketches of all time? • And, in the same vein, Silly Olympics. My favorite event  is the one involving chickens. • MEANWHILE, […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: February 24, 2018

TRIBUTE TO BILLY GRAHAM EDITION Billy Graham died this past week. He was the face of evangelicalism in the second half of the twentieth century, distinguishing it as a defined movement between fundamentalism and mainline Protestantism. Today, we devote our brunch to discussing this iconic figure and his legacy. Today, there is a new meaning […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: February 17, 2018

PRESIDENTS DAY EDITION THE PRESIDENTS’ PERK — CAMP DAVID Intriguing photo essay at The National from a book marking the 75th anniversary of the presidential retreat at Camp David in 2017. During his first two terms, President Franklin Roosevelt retreated on the presidential yacht, the USS Potomac. But WWII changed everything. Security officials feared that […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: February 10, 2018

FAT TUESDAY EDITION THE ANTI FLU PSA Last week we had an iMonk public service announcement about the flu and how to prevent getting it and passing it on. Sorry, but now we’ve learned that wasn’t necessary. A SPORTS CAR IN SPACE! BLOOMBERG: On Tuesday, SpaceX (Elon Musk, proprietor) blasted a 230-foot rocket into orbit, […]

The Saturday Monks Brunch: February 3, 2018

🏈 BIG GAME EDITION 🏈 There is some big game on in the US of A tomorrow night, and we begin today’s feast with a few ideas for your Sunday brunch: Though it may represent an overly literal form of interpretation, I found at least one Bible-believing church that thinks the scriptures reveal the secret […]