July 22, 2018

Sabbatical Journal + Book Recommendation for my Offended Readers

I’m completing my first week of sabbatical here in lovely Louisville, Kentucky. I want to thank all of you who made suggestions of things to do. I’ve visited many places that you recommended. I’ve stayed at the Legacy Center on the Campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Accommodations are outstanding. Great bookstore, coffee shop, […]

Sabbatical Journal 3: Some Goals

Sabbatical begins a week from tomorrow. Here are some of my goals. (Goals will vary from week to week depending on where I am. Some weeks- like my week at Wheaton- most of my time is scheduled.) 1. Prayer from Celebrating Common Prayer in the morning and the evening. 2. Extended Scripture reading with meditation […]

Sabbatical Journal: What’s to do in Louisville?

Sabbatical begins in 9 days. I’ll be spending May 19-23 in Louisville (and some more time later in the summer.) I know most of Louisville pretty well, but I’m always looking for something new and different to do. Do you know of anything unusual in Louisville I should check out? Coffee shops (with or without […]

Sabbatical Journal 1/Peterson Seminar (Conclusion)

I’m back home from sabbatical orientation and my three days with Eugene Peterson. Thank you Louisville Institute for your investment in my life and your incredible graciousness for these three days. Last night, Peterson talked about his own sabbatical experiences, which took place 23 years into his pastorate. He took off an entire year, wrote […]

Sabbatical Journal 1/Peterson seminar (continued)

It’s am amazing privilege to spent this time with the man who has been a spiritual director in absentia to so many of us. Based on what I’m hearing in this sessions, Peterson’s next two books should be real expressions of his heart. No one anywhere has a more encouraging message on the possibilities within […]

Sabbatical Journal 1

UPDATED: I’m sortof liveblogging the Eugene Peterson/David Wood sessions. My first step in my sabbatical is a three day orientation here on the campus of the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. Denise and I are staying in Laws Lodge and we will be hearing Eugene Peterson later tonight. This is all a very different world for me […]