July 23, 2018

Michael Horton, Etc.: Resources on Reforming The Church and Its Worship

If you only read one book on worship, it should be Dr. Michael Horton’s “A Better Way.” I can’t find an audio presentation of that material, but Dr. Horton has a lot of good material on reforming worship in the local church. Reforming Worship Preaching Christ Reforming Church Music Reforming the Church Service Rethinking Baptism […]

David Zahl Talks About Mockingbird Ministries: The IM Interview

UPDATE: Baptists might want to read this post on semi-Pelagianism, and enjoy the Tom Petty video 🙂 If you’ve been paying attention, you should have noticed that the most interesting blog out in the Christian/Reformation blogosphere is Mockingbird, the front page to the world of Mockingbird Ministries. Dead on, provocative stuff with the strong scent […]

Paul F.M. Zahl: On Grace and “Last Signal To The Carpathia”

UPDATE: This is the mother load of Zahl sermons and forums. Great stuff here. I’ve been listening all day. I’ve discovered Paul F. M. Zahl, and I’m beside myself with enthusiasim for his writing on grace and the church. The only problem is that there’s not much of it, and that is truly a loss. […]

Riffs: Conrad Hyers on Creationism, Genesis and Science

Presbyterian minister and Biblical language scholar Conrad Hyers has been the primary help for me on issues of the Bible and Science. I’m sorry so little of Hyers is on the web. His book, The Meaning of Creation, is a mandatory read for those interested in this subject. Hyers’ simplicity and amazing respect for the […]

Recommendation and Review: Your Jesus Is Too Safe by Jared C. Wilson

I’ve never met Jared Wilson. We spoke on the phone once because, frankly, I’m desperate for friends. He doesn’t owe me money. We don’t have a book review treaty signed. He’s not going to like my book nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed his, and that’s OK. Jared isn’t a well-known author or megachurch pastor. […]

Alan Creech Stuff + Gangstas and Untouchables

Our friend Alan Creech has three items of interest. First, Alan Creech Rosaries Aids to Prayer, like Ropes and Little Beads, has a new web site. Easier to navigate, RSS feed, all the whistles and bells. Second, Alan is doing a podcast on spiritual formation. It’s called Oremus and many of you who pray the […]

Thoughts on Derek Webb and Stockholm Syndrome

There is and should be much discussion of Derek Webb’s new album, Stockholm Syndrome. For example, read Denny Burk’s take here, or if you are intrepid, the BHT discussion that occurred yesterday, primarily between Jared Wilson and myself. If you haven’t heard the edgy and controversial “What Matters More,” you can hear it at Youtube. […]

Mentors: James Baker Hall 1935-2009

Someone significant died yesterday. At least for writers, poets and artists in Kentucky. James Baker Hall. Poet. Artist. Writer. Teacher. Mentor. Former Poet Laureate of Kentucky, 2001-2003. Hall has been an inspiration to generations of Kentucky writers and poets. He’s had a deep influence on my son, Clay. I know that the passing of mentors […]

Noel Cordle on Women In The Bible

My daughter, Noel Spencer Cordle, is starting a series of posts on what can be learned from various women in the Bible Visit her blog and subscribe. She’s a wonderful writer and these studies will be worthwhile, especially for young women/wives.

Some Thoughts On Brennan Manning (and The Furious Longing of God)

The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning Justification by grace through faith is the theologian’s learned phrase for what Chesterton once called “the furious love of God.” He is not moody or capricious; he knows no seasons of change. He has a single relentless stance toward us: he loves us. He is the only […]