September 21, 2018

Prayer for Our Friend

Dear Internet Monk friends, I received the following update from Jeff Dunn the other day. With his permission I share it with you in order to encourage our prayers together. Well, about a month ago I woke up with congestion in my chest. By that afternoon I had a fever of between 101 and 103. […]

Lisa Dye: Hanging Up My Magic Wand

“The results of prayer are not dependent upon the powers of the one who prays…”  – O. Hallesby  My family will tell you that in my moments of extreme helplessness and frustration, I have been prone in the past to stamp my foot. Very little girlish, I know. Fortunately, the foot stamping has not been […]

Thoughts on Southern Africa

With the passing of Nelson Mandela yesterday, the world lost a great statesman. Through his words of reconciliation South Africa was able to transition out of Apartheid without the bloodshed that characterized so many of the independence movements of the region. While I am known as the Canadian voice on Internet Monk, my family had […]

My Response to Mayor Rob Ford

By now you have probably heard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  For those who haven’t, let me give you a quick time line. In November of 2010 Rob Ford was elected as Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He was elected as a “cost cutting” mayor, someone who would bring fiscal sense to a city whose […]

Prayers for Those Affected by Storms

I thought these prayers, sent out from the ELCA, might be helpful to those who want to voice their concerns to God regarding our neighbors being affected by Hurricane Sandy: * * * Prayer for those in the midst of the storm: Merciful God, when the storms rage and threaten to overtake us, awaken our […]

Luther’s Morning and Evening Prayers

In the Small Catechism, Martin Luther wrote Morning and Evening Prayers for families to say each day. I find them attractive in their simplicity and devotion. Perhaps you will find them useful in your own conversational relationship with God and in your family. * * * Morning Prayer In the morning, when you rise, you shall […]

Eagle Update: 8/19/12

From Dee at Wartburg Watch at 6pm this evening: Eagle will be discharged tomorrow on IV antibiotics and wound care to be delivered by the Visiting Nurses. He will need help with housework and meals so he is looking into getting some extra help. Please keep him in your prayers.

Eagle Update: 8/13/12

Please renew your prayer efforts!   Eagle was transferred to a rehabilitation facility at the end of last week. It has not gone well. Tonight his fever had spiked again and he was having other symptoms that required him to be readmitted to the hospital. The condition of his leg remains serious. Please intercede for […]

Eagle Update: 8/9/12

One of our readers, Beky (who comments as Tokahfang) paid a visit to our friend in the hospital today and gave the following report: I got to spend about an hour and a half with Eagle. He is getting visits every few days from his coworkers, who are very supportive. He is off of the […]

Eagle Update: 8/5/12

Eagle and I had a good conversation on the phone this afternoon. They transferred him to a different room (in the middle of last night — ugh!) so it took me a few minutes to get hold of him. He gave me a few graphic descriptions of his red, swollen, and weeping leg which I […]