December 7, 2016

Saturday Ramblings: October 8, 2016

INTERNET MONK RAMBLER OF THE WEEK This week we're inaugurating a new way to open Saturday Ramblings. Each Saturday we will give honor to a Rambler of the Week, someone who shows us what it means to live the journey of life … [Continue reading...]

Another Look: Profoundly Human

In the story of the Pharisee and the publican (Luke 18:9-14), we hear a story from Jesus’ lips about how the trappings of religion can keep us far from God. Oddly, the benefits of the religious life that enhance our thoughts, … [Continue reading...]

Letter to Jesus 1: Friend of Sinners

Dear Jesus, I’ve been thinking about what it means that they called you “friend of sinners.” I know it wasn't a title you gave yourself, it was a slur from the religious folks, who taught that the righteous should separate … [Continue reading...]

Another Look: Seasons and Paths of Formation

Note from CM: I'm starting a class tonight at our local United Methodist church, based upon my book, Walking Home Together. The first lesson will be about the various seasons of our lives and what characterizes them. I thought of … [Continue reading...]

Limping to the Pulpit

This coming Sunday, I will be preaching in the congregation where I last served as a pastor. They are in good hands now, under the ministry of Pastor Dan, and I enjoy going back now and then to see folks. I love the people there, … [Continue reading...]

Music Monday: October 3, 2016

Music Monday: Piano Music for Autumn One of my favorite recordings was an old vinyl LP I had by Irish pianist John O'Conor, entitled Autumn Songs. It is, unfortunately, difficult to find these days, though if you follow the … [Continue reading...]

Pic & Poem of the Week: October 2, 2016

(Click picture to see larger image) From A Harvest Is the day wearing toward the west? -- Far off cool shadows pass, A visible refreshment Across the sultry grass; Far off low mists are mustering, A broken shifting … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings: October 1, 2016

October has always been my favorite month to ramble. When we were first married and living in Vermont, the fall was the best time of year -- mountains ablaze with color, sapphire blue skies, fresh apple cider, and all manner of … [Continue reading...]

Fridays with Michael Spencer: September 30, 2016

Note from CM: Michael's most well known articles were called "The Coming Evangelical Collapse." I thought it would be good to re-post a few excerpts from these three pieces in light of the other discussions we've had this week. • … [Continue reading...]

No Good News Here

Let me begin today by saying that, though I have some familiarity with the workings of my particular denomination, I am certainly no expert when it comes to the mainline Protestant church in the U.S. I grew up in the United … [Continue reading...]