October 28, 2016

Mondays with Michael Spencer: August 29, 2016

Note from CM: While going through old posts today, I found this gem by Michael Spencer. It ties right in with what some folks were saying in the comments the other day -- we Christians tend to live in our own little worlds, don't … [Continue reading...]

Pic & Poem of the Week: August 28, 2016

(Click on picture for larger image) • • • The painter Harlan Hubbard said that he was painting Heaven when the places he painted merely were the Campbell or the Trimble County banks of the Ohio, or farms and hills where he … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings: August 27, 2016

The end of August is in sight, and it may be your last chance this summer to take a trip to your favorite National Park (see below), or visit the grandparents, go to the amusement park, or chill at the cabin by the lake. Of … [Continue reading...]

Scot McKnight: Justification is about Unification

Note from CM: I saw this on Scot's blog the other day and requested permission to re-post it here, which he graciously granted. This is such an important issue in understanding the New Testament, a perspective which, honestly, I … [Continue reading...]

Lisa Dye: Life, Liturgy and Lethargical Dancing

Life, Liturgy and Lethargical Dancing By Lisa Dye I’m not sure of the entire history of liturgical dancing, but it’s irrelevant to my point other than to illustrate my first and erroneous thoughts of the meaning behind … [Continue reading...]

Wednesdays with James: Lesson Twelve

Wednesdays with James Lesson Twelve: Wise Up! We continue our study in the central section of the Epistle of James. In the body of this encyclical, the author takes up the three themes he introduced in chapter one, addressing … [Continue reading...]

Radio Interview: Chaplain Mike on Steve Brown, Etc.

I had a wonderful opportunity last week to talk with our friend Steve Brown on his radio program, Steve Brown, Etc. We talked about my work as a hospice chaplain and my book, Walking Home Together. Here's an excerpt from our … [Continue reading...]

Mondays with Michael Spencer: August 22, 2016

Religion #1: God is mean, angry and easily provoked. From day 1, we’ve all been a disappointment, and God is–justly–planning to punish us forever. At the last minute, thanks to Jesus stepping in to calm him down, he decides to be … [Continue reading...]

Pic & Poem of the Week: August 21, 2016

(Click on picture for larger image) August These fields know no idle hours they are kept by wind and by the sudden storms that strip illusion back, which open up creeks among a few stones and send the startled cows to … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings: August 20, 2016

Welcome to Saturday Ramblings for August 20, 2016! In case you didn't know this about baseball, the Chicago Cubs have never been a post-season juggernaut. The franchise has been to ten World Series, winning only two. And … [Continue reading...]