July 18, 2018

The Hyles-Anderson-Rice-Jones Worldview Institute

*Music Up....swells....Voice Over* It's VAN TIL LIVE! The Internet Monk Radio Network Presents The BHT's Magic Tail-Chasing Dog, Van Til, in Hippy-Emergent Christianity's Favorite Interview and Entertainment program.....VAN TIL … [Continue reading...]

The Closing of The Calvinistic Mind by James Jordan: Must Reading

Yesterday, I came across an article by James Jordan called The Closing of the Calvinistic Mind. While written from a considerably different place within the world of Reformed Christianity than I occupy, it is simply sensational. … [Continue reading...]

One Big, Happy, Lie: Southern Baptists, Alcohol and Me

I brought something I want to share with you. Do you have a few minutes? I think you'll find it interesting. It's my "Southern Baptists and Alcohol" scrapbook. It tells the story of what I grew up hearing and believing about … [Continue reading...]

Jesus Isn’t Cool: Chanon Ross Challenges Evangelical Youth Ministry

Here's the kind of column that I really wish could be written by more evangelicals: Jesus Isn't Cool: Challenging Youth Ministry, by Chanon Ross. Here's a sample: … [Continue reading...]

Mohler and Moore on Southern Baptists, Southern Seminary and Alcohol: A meandering response to the forum

Steve McCoy at Reformissionary, recently linked to a forum at Southern Seminary where Drs. Russell Moore and Al Mohler discussed the seminary's position on the use of alcohol. (Total abstinence is a requirement for teachers and … [Continue reading...]

Shrinking Greatness To Fit The Screen :What worries me about evangelicals and the Narnia films

In December, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (LWW) will be released to the big screen. Probably no single piece of Christian literature has been enjoyed and passed on by so many people, Christian and not, as LWW. The … [Continue reading...]

“Worldview” Pros and Cons

Since we were trapped in a car for 7 hours together, Joel and I debated/discussed a topic that we've disagreed about for some time: The usefulness of the idea of a "Christian Worldview." … [Continue reading...]

An Optimistic View of Blogging Evangelicalism: Community, Confessional Conversations and Adventures In Self-Criticism

On September 17th, I was privileged to present the following paper at the Civitas Conference: "After Evangelicalism," at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks to Joel Hunter for inviting me to be part of a panel … [Continue reading...]

The Return of “No Voices In My Head”

I'm tired of small potatos. We might as well get to the big dog of these "hearing voices" post. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Mr. Bill Mckinnon to the stage for tonight's main course, "No Voices In My Head." Mr. Mackinnon may, … [Continue reading...]

Signs Redux: I’m Weary of Weird Christians

Looks like a three-year old iMonk classic is stirring 'em up out there in the blogosphere, so I think it deserves to see the light of day here in the big show. So here is one of my favorite essays: "Signs: (I'm Weary of Weird … [Continue reading...]