December 16, 2017

Who? Me? How I Became A Pariah in The Reformed Blogosphere

Several weeks ago, the Internet Monk research department received one of those requests that, all honesty, they decided was probably best to just lose somewhere on the desk. Not everything I request from my dedicated … [Continue reading...]

Plan 9 From Lower Space

The following correspondence fell into the hands of the Internet Monk Research Department through a fortuitous series of events that cannot be detailed here, due to the need to keep certain parties anonymous while undercover. Let … [Continue reading...]

A Letter to Agent #6

I recently solicited pieces on Pat Robertson's "Chavez Assassination Plot." Here's a humorous take by BHT fellow Joel Hunter NSA Chief Phelps: the following transmission was intercepted and translated by our field operative in … [Continue reading...]

A Letter to Pat Robertson

I recently solicited pieces on Pat Robertson's "Chavez Assassination Plot" from my audience. I'll be reprinting a couple of them here. This is by BHT lurker Isaac Bradshaw Dear Pat, It's been an interesting couple of … [Continue reading...]

Is Your Boy A Real Man?: Focus On The Family’s Gender Confusion Watch

It is difficult to overestimate the extent to which American evangelicals at the beginning of the twenty-first century are fearfully obsessed with homosexuality . No single social or cultural topic other than abortion has … [Continue reading...]

Finding Our New Seats At The Ball Game: A Baseball Parable for Parents of Young Adults

Any resemblance between this essay, and events occurring in my life as a parent of a young adult child is entirely intentional. I have a wonderful wife who helps me to keep thinking and talking when we come to new chapters in our … [Continue reading...]

Big Money For A Little Piece of Paper: My Stupid Regrets and Inexplicable Ambition to Be “Dr. Spencer”

Once upon a time, I decided I wanted to be Dr. Michael Spencer. Michael Spencer, Doctor of Ministry (D. Min), actually. In Southern Baptist culture, the "D.Min" is the everyparson's doctorate. Two to three years of off campus … [Continue reading...]

A Letter To Andrew and Other Young Artists Injured By The Church

[The following letter is an opportunity to talk to the many Christian young people who feel disapproval from family and church in their pursuit of an artistic vocation. In my experience, many of these young people abandon their … [Continue reading...]

Five Things That Youth Ministers Need To Hear (and you’re afraid to tell them, so, OK, I’ll do it.)

At least once a month, someone writes me about their youth minister. What to do...what to do...what to do....with the zealous, sincere, yet wrong-headed young fellow who is about to split the church between the youth who would die … [Continue reading...]

Pictures. Story.

The former City Methodist Church building, Gary, Indiana. … [Continue reading...]