September 25, 2017

Entrusted With The Remains: A Prayer For The Church Of The Present

Sitting about a foot away from me, next to my desk, is a green suitcase containing 22 small notebooks, each one full of pages of handwritten notes. The notes are my childhood pastor's sermon notes; notes spanning more than 30 … [Continue reading...]

The Book I’ve Been Waiting For: Ryken’s Bible Handbook

I've been teaching the Bible to high school students for 13 years, and hope to do so for many more. In that time, I've been looking for a particular resource, and I've never found it...until now. Ryken's Bible Handbook has … [Continue reading...]

The Incarnation In Reverse: Van Til Live!!

*Music Up....swells....Voice Over* It's VAN TIL LIVE! The Internet Monk Radio Network Presents The BHT's Magic Tail-Chasing Dog, Van Til, in Hippy-Emergent Christianity's Favorite Interview and Entertainment program.....VAN TIL … [Continue reading...]

What will be the response to Paul Proctor?

Adrian Rogers, longtime pastor, preacher and denominational leader in the SBC, passed away today. A faithful Gospel warrior, he fought the good fight. But according to Paul Proctor, another deceased Southern Baptist pastor, … [Continue reading...]

The Sexual C.S. Lewis

Get Religion covers the latest fad in Lewisania: speculation that a young Lewis had premarital sex with his longtime housemate, Mrs. Moore. (yawn.) London newspapers have been teasing this stuff for a week and now the New York … [Continue reading...]

The “Look At Me!” Offering: Trying To Hear What Jesus Says About Public Compassion

I miss the old days. If I'm saying that, you know that the birthdays are piling up, right? But I do. I miss the old days. What old days? The old days when you weren't obligated to tell everyone how much you cared, how much you … [Continue reading...]

Kyle Lake: Laughter In The Waters of Death

Kyle Lake died in the waters of Baptism at the University Baptist Church in Waco this past Sunday. You've all read the story, and I'd like to, respectfully, say a few words about a fellow minister whom I did not know, but whose … [Continue reading...]

The Playwright’s Son

Once upon a time there was a playwright. While this playwright was the best who ever lived, his passion was not for his plays, but for his son, the greatest actor of his time. The son loved to act, and to bring joy, truth and … [Continue reading...]

A Reformation Day Meditation

"Behold, the days are coming," declares the Lord GOD, "when I will send a famine on the land- not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD. They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north … [Continue reading...]

Jesus, Mom and Michael

I've been to school the past week. The school of life. God's school. The best teacher of all, with lessons that will never leave you asking, "Now how am I going to use that in real life?" The class I've been taking is called … [Continue reading...]