May 20, 2018

iMonk 101: Subcultural Christianity or “I know he’s a Christian ’cause I saw it on his bumper sticker.”

I'm cranky and not posting anything new. Here's a fired up iMonk essay from the archives: Subcultural Christianity or "I Know He's a Christian 'Cause I Saw It On His Bumper Sticker." An early stop on the road to … [Continue reading...]

Do Chinese Students Need An American Jesus?

This post is important. If you keep up with my journey, read this because what is going on with my ministry to Chinese students is becoming a major chapter in the deconstruction of my American Evangelicalism. American … [Continue reading...]

Review: Evangelical Feminism: A New Path To Liberalism? by Wayne Grudem

Wayne Grudem is accumulating an impressive collection of credentials as an influential theologian within conservative evangelicalism. Grudem's Systematic Theology is as close to a standard evangelical theology as you can find … [Continue reading...]

Karl Barth Links

Some links on Karl Barth. Those who are forever explaining me to their loyal readership should know this: I rarely disagree with Barth, and whatever names you have for him probably apply to me without exception on my part. (Other … [Continue reading...]

Glenn Lucke on TRs/The “Humility Zone”

Chief blogger at Common Grounds Online Glenn Lucke responds to my discussion of "TRs", and adds his two cents on epistemological humility, a term I call the "humility zone," and which TRs hate more than Mark Driscoll teaching ESL. … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #32

What I mean when I say "Macarthur-type." Yes, I stutter. Are the rules for male friendships coming next? (Thanks Pastor Ted.) Thoughts on poetry and literature. UPDATE: This note from a listener: "Michael - a technical comment: … [Continue reading...]

What’s On My iPod?

What's on My iPod? Podcasts mostly. Here are a few of the things I enjoy on my iPod Nano these days. Almost all of these programs are available via an iTunes search, so I'm only providing links to those that aren't on iTunes. I … [Continue reading...]

In The Study: Five Questions From Mark 10:17-27

In The Study will share some of my preaching ideas and outlines with those of you who do Christian communication in ministry. Mark 10 is a favorite evangelistic chapter. Every preacher has taken this text and used it to … [Continue reading...]

Ground Rules: Is “TR” a mean and insulting label?

Ground Rules will be a series of posts exploring some of the issues raised in my interactions with other bloggers. Occasionally, I'm criticized for my use of the acronym "TR" as shorthand for "Truly Reformed." I often use this … [Continue reading...]

Riffs 11:07:06 Bryan Chapell on Brokenness; Julie Bogart on Truthfulness

On the sidebar of the Boar's Head Tavern, a well known member's only establishment, there is a sidebar link entitled "The Poor In Spirit." If you go there, you will find the funeral sermon by Dr. Bryan Chapell for his friend and … [Continue reading...]