March 21, 2018

Ruin the Ski Retreat for Jesus

I'm looking at a promotional flyer for a typical American youth ministry ski retreat. I used to get these all the time when I was in the youth ministry biz at large Southern Baptist Churches. I don't get this much anymore, which … [Continue reading...]

Post-evangelical Worship: The soli deo liturgy

What does a post-evangelical worship gathering look like? This is the soli deo worship service for this coming Tuesday night. The responsive boldface is gone and the formatting is still set for two columns, but it's all here. We … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #21

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 21: Star Trek and fanaticism, Where's my Apple Bible software?, Osteenia. … [Continue reading...]

What is a “Post Evangelical?” (Part 2)

What I mean by the name "post-evangelical" keeps coming up in discussions. Though I have addressed the meaning of the term in a previous post, I'd like to make some further contributions to the discussion. I want to note, first … [Continue reading...]

Osteen Redux

As far as this blog goes, Joel Osteen posts have been good business. The largest traffic in the history of IM came from my original posts about "the smiling preacher." I have it on good authority that, sometime in the near … [Continue reading...]

To Know We’re Not Alone

Describing the true nature of Christian experience is an important part of what I want to do with my writing. It's also one of the things most controversial about this blog and what I've chosen to express through it. Some of my … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #20

Trying to find the right "tone" for the podcast. Maybe less whistles and bells and a bit more serious. … [Continue reading...]

iMonk Inconsistency: Is PDC A “Movement Accelerator?”

Before I get into this interesting letter and topic that came today, I want to say that I'm well aware that I am open to charges of hypocrisy. That's been the case for quite a while now. When you've written as much as I have for … [Continue reading...]

The Purpose-Driven Dark Side Finally Shows Up At Baptist Press

It's about time. I've been critical of Baptist Press on a daily basis over at the BHT, so when they do something right, I'm going to speak up. This BP post acknowledging that (stand back!) Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Church" … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: Are We Accelerating or Inhibiting Movements to Christ?

Bob Goodmann writes an article in Missions Frontiers Magazine you need to read. If you are a missional thinker/pastor, a person concerned with evangelism and the growth of the church, or a person making up your mind about this … [Continue reading...]