April 23, 2014

The Sky Is Falling: Alan Roxburgh’s Vision of Missional Leadership

Bill Kinnon is a faithful IM reader who does a lot of visual media projects. He's brought to my attention his video for Alan Roxburgh's new book, The Sky is Falling. I am familar with Roxburgh from other books and many web sites. … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation: “What Was I Thinking?” by Steve Brown

At least once a year, I pick up a book by Reformed Seminary professor, radio talk show guy and Key Life speaker/teacher Steve Brown, and I am always glad I did. In fact, Steve Brown's unique perspective in the reformed world is … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #8

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 8. Pastoring in the comments? A Vytorin ad. No more BHT Rule 40. I'm not going to be a Roman Catholic. … [Continue reading...]

The Missionary Headache: Why Evangelicals Need To Support The Missionaries Among Us

It goes without saying that new ways of thinking rarely bring out the best in evangelicalism. Those dreaded "paradigm shifts" usually elicit lots of sermons on topics like "The Christian Worldview" and "The Threat of Relativistic … [Continue reading...]


I've put together a 30 minute podcast on Thomas Merton. I cover a lot of Merton basics, and try to put some of Merton's interest in Eastern "mysticism" in perspective. I reduced the sound quality to make the file smaller. … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 7:21:06

Without a doubt, there are no words to describe the working over Tom Merton is getting at the hands of the TR watchbloggers. Apparently, Merton is a candidate for the antiChrist and the source of all that's wrong in … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 7

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 7. Lots of stuff. What's up with people posting MLK Jr's college papers as "bad theology?" Al Mohler 'fesses up. Thoughts on giving money away. … [Continue reading...]

Thinking of the Unthinkable Pastoral Response

I've never done a funeral for an infant. I did a graveside service for a 9-year old boy who, for all of those nine years, had lived only through constant medical care that made up for enormous mental and physical limitations. I … [Continue reading...]

Sinning? Saved?

From time to time, I've referred to the common questions I get in my vocation as campus minister and Bible teacher here at OBI. Today I was asked another one that I realize is very common, and I'm sure many of you get this … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 7:17:06

[Continue reading...]