August 23, 2014

Briars in The Cotton Patch: A Story Finally Told

One of the greatest untold stories among Southern Baptists is the life, mission and ministry of Clarence Jordan.(pronounced Jerden) Now, thanks to PBS, Jordan's story has been made into a documentary that can communicate this … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Bill Mackinnon’s “I’m Not Spiritual”

I'm not feeling particularly spiritual these days. Of course, even that sentence is a symptom of how much revivalistic ways of thinking are still running around in my brain. The Gospel is good news for the unspiritual, am that is … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #37

I'm back. Upcoming Interview. TR watchblog news. A question about Muslim evangelism. The Internet Monk Radio Podcast is available at iTunes. A glowing review will get your name entered in our contest to give away two tickets … [Continue reading...]

Riffs 12:17:06: Dan Edelen and a Gospel That Speaks To Failure

Dan Edelen is on one of the best bloggers I know of, and his post We Need A Gospel That Speaks To Failure is outa the park, center field.Your church is looking for new elders. Which of these two 40-year old men has a better chance … [Continue reading...]

A Pointed Question: Why Not Rather Suffer Wrong?

(The following post is a summary of a recent chapel message. I originally thought of the message after hearing C.J. Mahaney teach on the passage. My use in chapel and here is my own, but I acknowledge his excellent exposition and … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 12:12:06: Challies on Why He Doesn’t Homeschool

UPDATE: Noel Heikkinen writes a wonderful endorsement of Challies' post from his own experience. UPDATE II: Challies does Part II. Tim Challies starts a series on why he doesn't homeschool. IM readers know the subject of … [Continue reading...]

Robert Short on The Partial Jesus of the Nominal Christian

The BHT has a regular banner quote, and this one was so good I wanted to share it with my readers over here.The nominal Christian, then, will see Jesus as a name, a representative, a symbol, a personification, a prototype, a … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 12:10:06 Alan Hirsch on The Apostolic Genius

Courtesy of the thoroughly agitated Bill Kinnon, a post by Alan Hirsch on "The Apostolic Genius." How did the early church do what they did? (Without cool ads!) Take it away, Mr. Hirsch.About four years ago I attended a seminar … [Continue reading...]

True Confessions of an Egg Nog Addict

Having arrived at age 50, I am striving for a degree of self-knowledge that might be called true wisdom. Yes, there is much to be learned from books and teachers, but I believe that the Greeks were right: a man who does not know … [Continue reading...]

What about “Us Vs Them” Church Ads?

UPDATE III: Joel Hunter has written a massive substantial response to the podcasts that go along with the ads. UPDATE II: The pastor whose church produced the ads has a blog that is full of provocative ideas. If you want a … [Continue reading...]