December 4, 2016

Spiritual Depression and the Search For the One True Church (I’d like to hear the opinion of the room.)

The following comment appeared in the Losing God comment thread. Please read it, with special consideration of what is said, not the person saying it (whom I don't know and neither do you.)I do not struggle with “Is Christianity … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: Losing God by Matt Rogers

Comments are moderated. Be patient. UPDATE: Trevin Wax, who recommended the book to me, is reviewing it today as well. Matt Rogers has written a book on the Christian experience of depression and doubt. Losing God is a … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: “Mr. Spencer, How Would You Like Your Crow?”

UPDATE: Read how Obama and Warren defied the culture war, from the current Christian Century. Here's a reposting of my official withdrawal from the ranks of predictable critics of Rick Warren. I was wrong, and I said so. This … [Continue reading...]

Thinking Differently, Disagreeing Charitably

I was recently reading a book of Catholic apologetics that wanted to illustrate the insufficiency of sola scriptura. For an example, the author selected some issues about which evangelicals feel strongly, but which the author … [Continue reading...]

The Lessons of Two Prayers: Warren and Robinson

UPDATE: Lauren Green on the two prayers. Bishop Gene Robinson- who needs no introduction, does he?- prayed at an Inaugural event over the weekend. Bishop Robinson got the gig not because he is a spiritual leader or is looked … [Continue reading...]

Holes in the Soul

Back in the day, I got a psych major in my undergrad work. That's pretty ironic, believe me, in more ways than you can imagine. I can't say I learned a great deal, but I did begin a lifelong journey of making observations and … [Continue reading...]

#12 Church Blog? Me? Thanks

Church Relevance Blog listed me as the #12 blog read on a list of 120 popular "Church" blogs. Thanks! … [Continue reading...]

New Rosenbladt Available at NRP: “When Fathers Die It’s Always Too Early.”

New Reformation Press is working hard to get quality Lutheran and Reformation theology products to the IM audience and I want to thank all of you who have visited the site and made purchases. Now NRP has something new that I know … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 01:18:09: Are Southern Baptists Getting It? Maybe.

An IM reader sent along this piece from the Nashville Tennessean newspaper on the current decline of the Southern Baptist Convention. There's some rare honesty in this piece, and I hope SBC leaders are listening. For example, … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #124

UPDATE: A generous friend has stepped in to resolve the computer issue. Such wonderful people in the IM audience. Thank you! This week: Evangelical Christians and Obama Christians. Our sponsors are: Rhodes: The band with our … [Continue reading...]