January 22, 2018

Riffs: 11:07:09: The New/Old Look Evangelical Ecumenism: IVCF Splits at GWU

This is a bit of old news to theological news hounds out there, but it fits in with this week's discussion and yesterday's post rather well. IVCF at George Washington University has split over reformation theology. There is … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Ecumenism and A Jesus Shaped Guest List

Point: evangelicalism contains within itself some almost irresistible itches from its fundamentalist DNA. From time to time, the urge to scratch is almost overwhelming. These itches would include: "Must say that Catholics are … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: Pocket Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship by Brett Scott Provance

I used to look at the big Dictionaries of Liturgy and wonder if they were worth all that money. I held onto my dollars and spent years not knowing what a collect was. You don't have to live in this kind of humiliation. IVP has … [Continue reading...]

There’s Always A Day Before

UPDATE: We are still praying for Gary and his family. He's still fighting. Your prayers are welcome. The news story is strange and tragic. Three college softball players go for a night time drive in the country. On an … [Continue reading...]

Honest Thoughts On The Catholic Discussion: Is This The Best We Can Do?

NOTE: Commenters should read the commenting rules in FAQ 10, especially those who plan to write me a long appeal to become a Catholic. COMMENTS CLOSED No one reading, writing or commenting on the posts in this interview has … [Continue reading...]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 5): Mary, Purgatory and the Eucharist

COMMENTS CLOSED My sincere thanks to Bryan Cross and all the commenters in this discussion. The majority of our discussion has been constructive and helpful. Of course, there are deep feelings at work in these issues and some … [Continue reading...]

The Evangelical Liturgy 21: The Invitation

For our liturgical friends looking in on this series, the public invitation will be a strange animal indeed, conjuring images of the sawdust trail and weeping sinners pleading at the foot of a stage while an evangelist urges them … [Continue reading...]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 4): What Should Protestants Know About Vatican II?

My continuing interview with Bryan Cross now covers something very important: the Second Vatican Council and its implications for Protestant-Catholic relations. 9. What should every Protestant know about Vatican II? The … [Continue reading...]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 3): Anglicans, Evangelicals, Convert Apologetics and Books

5. What is your assessment of Pope Benedict's opening the doors of the church to disaffected Anglicans? Will this speed up the path into the priesthood for men in the Anglican ministry? For a number of years now, thousands of … [Continue reading...]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 2): Unity, Reformation and Tensions in Catholicism

My interview with Bryan Cross continues with questions about how Protestants hear talk of unity, tensions in the Catholic Church and how Protestants and Catholics should view the Reformation. 2. Does Christian Unity mean … [Continue reading...]