August 24, 2016

Coffee Cup Apologetics 50

Podcast 50 Bus sign Atheism; Angry Atheist Guy. Bumper Music by Greenroom, "Spy Beats." The podcast web site is Coffee Cup Apologetics. … [Continue reading...]

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

I'm getting interviewed all over the place. Must be a very slow time of year. I'm interviewed in the current issue of Modern Reformation magazine's issue on "Evangelicalism's Winter." I'm really proud of this interview. It … [Continue reading...]

Alone, and Not Alone: Meditations From the Evangelical Wilderness

We talk about the evangelical wilderness around here a lot. It's sometimes academic, and sometimes it's very personal to all of us. These are some of my thoughts from there today. If God has taught me anything, it's that you (yes … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: The Creation Museum in Kentucky, reviewed in the New Yorker (June 2007)

Since we've been discussing Adam and Eve, I thought this article on the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky would be a good follow-up. The picture is the Adam and Eve display in the museum, which is a multi-million dollar … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: Are You Offended?

Here's an issue that's bound to have come up in some of your settings, especially if you've ever been in an art class or used Biblical art as illustration. Look at this painting of Adam and Eve. (Titian, later Reubens.) It's a … [Continue reading...]

The IM Weekend File: 11:08:08

Weekend file time! No politics allowed! I'm fascinated by the tendency of a lot of evangelicals to pass the pulpit down father to son. Biblically, it's nonsensical, but practically it can be the difference between staying … [Continue reading...]

Review: Economic Parables by David Cowan

David Cowan is a Lutheran pastor with a background in journalism and the world of banking and finance. In Economic Parables he brings these life experiences together to write a series of Bible studies built off of the monetary … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 11:07:08: Patrol Magazine’s Commentary on The Family Research Council’s Scare Tactics

It seems that politics and the culture war have dominated posting here at IM recently, which is understandable given recent events. I was ready to go back to talking about something more related to the broader interests of this … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #117

Chastened evangelicals need to have a little talk; Rerunning my post-election chapel talk content. One CORRECTION: The Treasury of Daily Prayer uses the ESV. My mistake. Our sponsor is New Reformation Press. Great t-shirts, … [Continue reading...]

The Believability Meter?

This is extracted from the famous 60 minutes interview with Joel Osteen, where the reporter asked the questions most evangelicals ignore. Here's the entire interview, parts 1 and 2. … [Continue reading...]