July 30, 2014

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #34

Tryptophan warning. Some thoughts on healing. Stuff you might want to buy. Shoutouts and up-coming events. iMonk Radio is available at iTunes. I'd appreciate it if you could write a (good) review of the podcast for the iTunes … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation: Moleskine Journals and SkyCow Books

Tomorrow (November 24, Black Friday) is the day you are supposed to start/finish/avoid all your Christmas shopping. If you're like me, whatever holiday appeal once existed in Christmas shopping crowds has vanished in the Wal-Mart … [Continue reading...]

Riffs 11:20:06: Why Bad (Christian) Movies Succeed (and better movies never will)

Barbara Nicolosi's review of Facing the Giants reminded me that I've been avoiding talking about this surprisingly successful church-produced film. All around the net, from Christians and non-Christians, the reviews have … [Continue reading...]

Evening Gathering: 11.19.06 : Wrestling God

Here's an example of what I do in preaching to the boarding school students at our Sunday evening gathering. (Our day students and most of our staff aren't present as they are in daily chapel.) The message is called "Wrestling … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #33

I'm adrift. More thoughts on Chinese Students and evangelism. Some of my reactions to the egalitarian/complementarian issue. … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Subcultural Christianity or “I know he’s a Christian ’cause I saw it on his bumper sticker.”

I'm cranky and not posting anything new. Here's a fired up iMonk essay from the archives: Subcultural Christianity or "I Know He's a Christian 'Cause I Saw It On His Bumper Sticker." An early stop on the road to … [Continue reading...]

Do Chinese Students Need An American Jesus?

This post is important. If you keep up with my journey, read this because what is going on with my ministry to Chinese students is becoming a major chapter in the deconstruction of my American Evangelicalism. American … [Continue reading...]

Review: Evangelical Feminism: A New Path To Liberalism? by Wayne Grudem

Wayne Grudem is accumulating an impressive collection of credentials as an influential theologian within conservative evangelicalism. Grudem's Systematic Theology is as close to a standard evangelical theology as you can find … [Continue reading...]

Karl Barth Links

Some links on Karl Barth. Those who are forever explaining me to their loyal readership should know this: I rarely disagree with Barth, and whatever names you have for him probably apply to me without exception on my part. (Other … [Continue reading...]

Glenn Lucke on TRs/The “Humility Zone”

Chief blogger at Common Grounds Online Glenn Lucke responds to my discussion of "TRs", and adds his two cents on epistemological humility, a term I call the "humility zone," and which TRs hate more than Mark Driscoll teaching ESL. … [Continue reading...]