November 1, 2014

The Journey of Forgiveness

I am continuing some of my pastoral reflections on forgiveness. One of the most useful insights I ever received into the subject of forgiveness came from meditating on the commands, “Love, pray and do good for your … [Continue reading...]

Jesus and My Stuff

My men's Bible study has been reading and discussing John Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life. If you aren't familiar with DWYL, it is a small book that Piper wrote to persuade college-age young people to live missional, … [Continue reading...]

On Repentance and Forgiveness

A friend called me the other day for some pastoral advice. A co-worker was making the case that, as a Christian, he was not obligated to forgive a person who doesn't repent. In other words, repentance is the condition on which we … [Continue reading...]

Hit “Pause” On That Youth Ministry Bashing

I can be very critical of youth ministers. Trust me on that if you don't know. That's because I am one. I've got the gold watch. But I believe in youth ministry. I see what it is, where's it's gone wrong, and what it's done right. … [Continue reading...]

Premiere: Allelon-A Movement, A Resource, A New Web Site

I'm excited to tell you about the re-opening of one of the best websites I can recommend to you: Allelon- A Movement of Missional Leaders. This site involves a lot of people who you know and some you don't (many from outside … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Previous Posts on Missional Churches + Bob Hyatt + Ed Stetzer on Culture

Here are some previous posts on issues relating to the missional church. Missional Isn't A Bad Word. This is my most extensive discussion of the missional church question. The Missionary Headache: Why Evangelicals Need to … [Continue reading...]

Ground Rules: Are Missionals Undefined?

Ground Rules is a series of posts reflecting on my interactions with my critics. Critics say those advocating a "missional" church fail to define what "missional" means. They, on the other hand, are generally confident in their … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #48

More on Romans 15:1-7. Where do you look for spiritual deepening? Would you want your pastor going to an Ash Wednesday service? + an Old Testament resource. This podcast is available on iTunes as a free download. Very … [Continue reading...]

Southern Baptist Identity: A conversation (2)

I am continuing my conversation with Frank "Centuri0n" Turk concerning Ed Stetzer's presentation of Missionalism and Baptist Identity. Here are Frank's first, second and third questions. My first question is below, and now here's … [Continue reading...]

Marcus Borg: Attempting Faith Between “Either” and “Or”

A previous post on surveying some Marcus Borg resources is here. My previous post on Wright's views of Borg are at this post. On my bookshelves, I have nearly all of the books of Marcus Borg. That won’t surprise those of you … [Continue reading...]