October 25, 2016

Rod Parsley Ruins Christmas

UPDATE: A story at Baptist Press spreads similar Christmas cheer. If anyone knows Michael Horton's email, send this one to him please. He'll appreciate it. There are two kinds of evangelicals who read the Internet Monk web … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Christmas Worship 2008

It's traditional here at Internet Monk to have an open thread on the topic of your experiences in Christmas worship. We want to hear your stories. What was outstanding. What was awful. What was full of the meaning of the … [Continue reading...]

Christmas 2008: On Another Shore, In A Greater Light

My favorite piece of liturgy in the world is a sentence in the opening section of the Traditional Service of Nine Lessons and Carols broadcast round the world on the BBC. Why is it so moving? Because it is beautiful and true. Each … [Continue reading...]

“Incarnation” by Denise Day Spencer

He stands, poised on the brink of two worlds: One, land of eternal day, the other, earth of mire and clay. Behind Him, legions of heavenly host, bright faces covered, praising, all chanting, voices raising. Before … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Pageant Disaster and Mars Hill Snow Days: Lessons for the Megachurches

Lazurus here. The last four days in the tomb were no fun. Thanks to Jesus for getting me out. Two items of interest regarding unusual situations in large churches caught my attention yesterday. First, a Cincinnati church was … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Dan Edelen and A Gospel That Speaks To Failure

I'm too sick to write anything, but I looked back in the archives and found this Riff on an outstanding post by Dan Edelen that fits in nicely with "Ted the Loser." I noted that I was talking about the effects of a major … [Continue reading...]

Brandon Milan- I Think My Wife’s A Calvinist

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Advent With Ted the Loser

UPDATE: My apologies for what the discussion thread turned into on this post. Some things are just very hard to moderate because they aren't nasty and they are tangentially on topic. Then you get to the point you realize the whole … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic At the iMonk Cafe: Christians and Technology

D.A. Carson has a wonderfully thoughtful and well-written editorial in this month's Themelios web magazine. It's not particularly long and it will be a provocative way to think about this week's open mic question, so go read it … [Continue reading...]

The Unlikely Command of Holy Joy

In my twice weekly study of Nehemiah, we're still in chapter 8, and today we observed that the reading of the book of the law caused a strong emotional reaction among those who heard it read and explained. That reaction was … [Continue reading...]