August 24, 2016

Seven Observations For Parents (And the Best of IM’s Parenting Posts)

In the eight years (this month!) that I've been writing here at Internet, I've said a lot less about parenting than I should be saying. Recently, a reader wrote me to say that he valued my view on many issues of life … [Continue reading...]

Riffs 12:01:08: Post-Evangelical, Post Vatican II Common Ground: The Importance of Bible Study

More good reasons right here for everyone to order the Treasury of Daily Prayer from New Reformation Press. Click their ad on the sidebar for a great price on a product that has the FULL Lutheran scripture readings for every … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Where Have You Gone, Thomas Merton?

December 10 will be the fortieth anniversary of the death of the closest thing I've got to a famous best friend, my brother Thomas Merton. His influence on my life is very substantial indeed. You can always pick someone and become … [Continue reading...]

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Continues Studying the Gospel of Mark

I'm now up to five Bible studies on the Gospel of Mark at Jesus Shaped Spirituality. Stop over and add these studies to your resources on the first Gospel or recommend them to a new Christian. I'll be posting about one a week. … [Continue reading...]

iTunes Problem Returns +Advent Blog Now Open

After reinstalling OS X and two days of problem free operation, iTunes is now crashing again after one bounce of the icon on the dock. Get info works and I've done nothing to the computer in the last two days. So if anyone can … [Continue reading...]

The Weekend File: 11:29:08

John H at Confessing Evangelical suggests some devotional resources in the Orthodox tradition. James White has some video from the John 3:16 Conference. Apparently some in the "crowd" of 600-800 don't believe Calvinists are … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: Joseph Bottum on The End of Advent (and the horror of our version of Christmas)

Joseph Bottum: "The End of Advent," at the First Things blog. Many years ago, we made a decision to, as much as possible, speak of Advent and not of Christmas, until Christmas. I've never been able to hold off the Christmas … [Continue reading...]

Response Part 2: Christian Community and Abandoning Commitment

With this post I am concluding my response to the series The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. This post will look at "Disillusionment With Christian Community" and "Abandoning Christian Commitment Itself." The previous … [Continue reading...]

Miscellaneous: Family News, Christmas and More

We received some wonderful news today. Our son, Clay, and his longtime friend/recent girlfriend Taylor Claypool, are engaged to be married in December of next year. We love both our kids and they have brought us so much happiness … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: What Might Be God’s Purposes In A Major Economic Downturn?

None of us know God's ways and purposes beyond what He has revealed in scripture or in our own experience. But taking those lessons and "sanctified common sense," we can think in terms of possibilities. For instance, I have my … [Continue reading...]