December 4, 2016

iMonk 101: From 11/07: The Ecclesiastes Attitude

It is the tradition of this web site to hear my confessions, my struggles and my emotions. This is what is what was on my table in November of '07. I can't explain it to you; all I can do is write and pray. Trusting God is hard. … [Continue reading...]

Yellow Mountain Imports

This post will win the award for having the least to do with anything theological. I'm a chess player (bad) and a collector of chess sets (good.) Since the TV is gone, I'm taking a second look at the board game situation, and I … [Continue reading...]

Talk Hard II: Defending Dissent

The Original Talk Hard: Defending the Role of the Critic in Christianity. Lots I would change in that essay, but it still holds up 6 years or so later. Recently, I received an email from someone who has been a longtime reader … [Continue reading...]

From Liberty Mountain to Mt. Ararat (or Send Me The Money Instead)

UPDATE: "Laugh or else" is a category that ought to only be used by people with a sense of humor. All others just stay clear. Apparently poking fun at Ark hunters qualifies me as an angry, Bible rejecting heretic. Well, I'd like … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 02:09:09: Cormac Murphy-O’Connor on Darwin and Faith

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor has an opinion piece in the Times that affirms the Roman Catholic position: faith and science have no problems, and evolution and Christianity are compatible.This week we will be celebrating the … [Continue reading...]

Preparing to Meet the Void

In a few days, Denise and I are going to make a change in our lives. We're both 52. The kids are gone. No grandkids yet. Thirty years together. We've always had television. In a few days, we're getting rid of it. Dish TV will … [Continue reading...]

It’s a Comedy Bit…I think…It does sound familiar…

[Continue reading...]

How are you going to fight that fight?

Trevin Wax and many, many other blogs have reported the story of the death of a baby born alive during an abortion procedure in Florida. Trevin calls this the pinnacle of wickedness, and no rational, morally sensitive person … [Continue reading...]

One Paragraph Reviews: Olson on The Shack, Tickle on The Great Emergence, Bowman and Komoszewski on The Deity of Christ

One paragraph book reviews today. Getting right to the point, which busy people should appreciate. Finding God in the Shack by Roger Olson (IVP). Olson is one of the most vigorous theological authors willing to take on the … [Continue reading...]

Believing the Bible: A Place To Start or Stop?

Let's say you're sitting around talking with a group of friends, some of whom are Christians and some aren't. A subject comes up; for example, marriage. People share their stories, their thoughts, their accumulated … [Continue reading...]