February 22, 2017

iMonk 101: “The Happy Enough Protestant”

From March '08. Because I’ve been wrestling with Protestant/Catholic issues throughout this past year, I receive a lot of email from those who have moved outside of their lifelong evangelicalism and somewhere within sight of … [Continue reading...]

Michael Bell on “How the Recession May Fuel Church Growth”

IM First Officer Michael Bell takes the helm for another look at the statistical data facing evangelicals. This time the news is hopeful, as he explores a connection between the recession and Protestant church growth. Welcome back … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts on “Gear” (3)

No pictures this time. Just a few thoughts to close out the topic. Evangelicals have no serious arguments to make against the use of "gear." We're up to our ears in our own versions of the stuff. We can point out the … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #133

This week: What are we endorsing Two Blogs Down? + Rick Warren's Four-For-One Special. Outstanding detailed review of the Kindle 2. MMI on the Rick Warren Special David Head on the Rick Warren Special My great sponsor: … [Continue reading...]

The Rose

Courtesy of Trevin Wax, but from a sermon by the inimitably wonderful Matt Chandler:Pastor Matt Chandler gave this illustration during his sermon at a recent Desiring God conference. I think this illustration powerfully … [Continue reading...]

My Gear (2)

Just in case you haven't picked up: this is a chance for readers to comment on things that are meaningful to them in spiritual practice. No one is being told they are a bad Christian if they don't see Jesus in the toast. Human … [Continue reading...]

My Gear (Part 1)

From left to right: A custom made metal cross given to me as a gift many years ago in high school by my good friend and mentor Tom Meacham. The cross is empty and says, "He is Alive!" Tom was my introduction to Anglicanism, … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 04:02:09: The Episcopal Church Persecutes The Oppressed Muslim-Christian Minority

UPDATE II: Creech has sold over $220 of beads, string and trinkets since I lost my salvation. You people are awesome. His kids may be able to have shoes for Easter. UPDATE: Humor on board. Beware if not using proper gear. In … [Continue reading...]

The Evangelical Untouchables 2: Seeker Sensitivity

UPDATE: Darrell Young's post is now included. Read it! The Evangelical Untouchables are seven diverse evangelicals who will give us a window into what's happening in evangelicalism today. Who are the Evangelical … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts After Doing the Math

I'm not very good at math, and I'm worse at being a Jesus follower, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I starting doing some personal math this morning as I started my day, and I made a discovery. I could no … [Continue reading...]