March 26, 2017

Evangelical Untouchables 4: How Important is Church Membership?

The Evangelical Untouchables are seven diverse evangelicals who will give us a window into what's happening in evangelicalism today. Who are the Evangelical Untouchables? Michael Patton is the director of Reclaiming the Mind … [Continue reading...]

You Need To Get Rid of Some Of Your Theology

I've been in this mood before. Remember the famous/infamous "I Hate Theology?" Some of you won’t like what I’m about to say, but trust me, I’m not shooting at you. I’m not shooting at anyone. I’m trying to be … [Continue reading...]

Butter and Cream: Denise’s Tribute To Our Departed Friend and Mentor, Betty Hasty

This morning our school community lost one of its most loved and influential members, Mrs. Betty Hasty. For 21 years she's been my personal accountability group. No one on the planet has more to do with my passion for the Gospel … [Continue reading...]

My Latest Attempt To Become a Complementarian

If you don't know what a complementarian is, please do that bit of research first. Thanks. I've harped on this subject a bit before while wondering where is the secret book. I’ve not been one to be convinced by a great … [Continue reading...]

Prosperity Gospel: Yes or No?

Prosperity Gospel: Yes or No? You decide. Here is a collection of statements, products, ministries, etc. Some of them are the Prosperity "Gospel" while some are not. What do you think? … [Continue reading...]

Liturgical Gangstas 11: Be Perfect? What?

UPDATE: Alan Creech has added his answer. Welcome to IM's popular feature, "The Liturgical Gangstas," a panel discussion among different liturgical traditions represented in the Internet Monk audience. Who are the … [Continue reading...]

“That Pitch Seems A Bit Up In The Strike Zone”

What pitch? This one, from the NAE President Leith Anderson article I'm not responding to.Everything depends on definitions. My short definition of an evangelical is someone who takes the Bible seriously and believes in Jesus … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 04:26:09: Is My Evangelicalism Collapsing?

Several of you sent me links to a quote from National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson saying that yours truly was 1) somehow like Hugo Chavez (??) and 2) was in the midst of my own personal evangelical … [Continue reading...]

We Interrupt This Religion To Recognize….All The Ugl….Unattra…..Uh, “Ordinary” Christians

I don't really care for Susan Boyle's voice. But I'm very interested in her looks. I've always had a thing about ugly rock stars. Tom Petty. Bob Dylan. That guy in The Cars. The drummer in Cheap Trick. Willie Nelson. Ugly men. … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Podcast #137

This week: Garbage and Baggage We Put With The Gospel. (This is a redo of 136) My great sponsors: New Reformation Press. New products available: New music and DVDs. Emmaus Retreat Center. A great place for your next group or … [Continue reading...]