September 2, 2014

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #45

I answer some of the criticism leveled at me from the theologians at Fide-O. Podcast #15 is gone. A Conversation in God's Kitchen. This is the newer version with comments available. … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 4: Does God’s Judgment Make Christianity a Religion of Fear?

Evangelical Anxieties is a series of posts on the growing phenomenon of fear as a major component of the faith of evangelical Christians. It might seem that the subject of judgment is so similar to the subject of hell that a … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 3: Does Believing in Hell Make Christianity a Religion of Fear?

Evangelical Anxieties is a series of posts dealing with the issue of fear- as experience and motivation- in evangelicalism. See the category for these posts to read them all. If there is a “fundamental” question to this … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 2: Fear, Faith and God’s People

I continue my look at the role of fear in evangelicalism with some thoughts on how the people of God, both now and in the Biblical past, have faced the choice between fear and faith. Somewhere in the South, an evangelical … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 1: Is Christianity a Religion of Fear?

This is the first in a new series of posts exploring the increasing role fear is playing in evangelicalism. I anticipate ten or more posts in the series, and I hope they will be helpful to my readers. I could write more on these … [Continue reading...]

Alastair “Adversaria” Roberts: The IM Interview

1. Let's start with the essential bio: Who are you, where are you, how'd you get there and what are you doing with yourself? Most people who know me will know me from my blog, Alastair.Adversaria, which I created shortly after … [Continue reading...]

Grace and The Gospel in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

I love my Shakespeare, and I love relating what I teach to my students to the Gospel. Those of you who haven't read Shakespeare will have to excuse me for indulging my passion for The Bard. My AP English IV students just … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #44

Teaching from the Psalms. How to know you are in left field. I am now removing one podcast each week. #14 died today. Remember that IM Radio is on iTunes. Leave us a review that would make Jack Palance cry. … [Continue reading...]

Antidepressant Medication: A Christian Psychologist’s View by Mike Benoit

For one last post on the issue of Christians and Antidepressants, I’ve asked former BHT fellow Mike Benoit to share his perspective from within the discipline of psychology. Mike Benoit is finishing a Ph.D. dissertation in … [Continue reading...]

What About Antidepressant Medication?

I've been asked to give my view on the use of antidepressant medication, and I assume especially as it relates to the Christian community. I've written about growing up with my dad's severe depression, and I've written an … [Continue reading...]