February 11, 2016

iMonk 101: “I Hate Theology”

iMonk 101 is a series of past essays and posts reposted for the enjoyment and edification of the IM audience. "I Hate Theology." Occasionally. I don't think I have reposted this iMonk classic "crisis" post in a couple of … [Continue reading...]

Real Differences Between Catholics and Evangelicals

My wife spent an hour in the sanctuary today contemplating the Eucharist. I spent an hour in the sanctuary fixing the projector. … [Continue reading...]

Sermon at First Presbyterian Church, London, Ky: “Our Story”

Here's a sermon I preached today on the message of Genesis 1-3 and the Gospel in Romans 5. I've been teaching Genesis 1-11 this week in my Bible classes, so you get to hear a lot of how I handle that. Those of you wanting a … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #111

Why is the church AWOL on spousal abuse? Check out my other blog at Jesus Shaped Spirituality. Guitar Priest Peter Matthews' first podcast. Our sponsor, New Reformation Press. Incredible new t-shirts. Check them … [Continue reading...]

Rock TV Puts Me On the Floor

Flat out the funniest take on evangelicals out there is Rock TV. Watch this one, and then check out WWJD Radio. … [Continue reading...]

Lessons from a Lousy Referee

I'm not usually the guy with sports illustrations, but this one couldn't be passed up. (And if anyone I know says to me that I was "secretly" talking about them, I'm going to laugh right at you, very loudly.) This is so relevant … [Continue reading...]

Christian Without The Adjectives

I have been reading a novel, and the protagonist is an Italian immigrant, and Catholic. At the end of a long introductory description, it simply said, "...he was a Christian." Now for some reason this struck me. It's not that … [Continue reading...]

How Do I Love The Church? (Or Why Jesus Isn’t An Enabler)

I assume that we are supposed to love the church, even though there isn't a direct command with those words in the New Testament. The love of the Psalmist for the people of God is obvious. Paul's love for particular … [Continue reading...]

Coming to a Church Near You

[Continue reading...]

God Have Mercy On the Messenger

The ministry where I serve has students from all over the world. We have many Africans and we have many children of African immigrants. These students come from both Muslim and Christian backgrounds. Hebrews 13:3b  Remember … [Continue reading...]