April 2, 2015

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #79

Does everything we do bring glory to God? Separating Christmas from that other celebration. InternetMonk.com's new sponsor: New Reformation Press. … [Continue reading...]

Where have you gone, Thomas Merton?

This essay would be appreciated most by those who read my essay recounting my history of appreciating Roman Catholicism. Sadly, I could not write that essay today. I took an hour out of my time this afternoon and reread a large … [Continue reading...]

The IM Weekend File: 11:24:07

I think we all have to give a round of applause to the ordinary folks at Oral Roberts University who said "Enough is enough." Richard Roberts- while far from being the worst offender in this collection of Tetzels- exemplified … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 11:21:07: Ben Witherington III asks “Is the Self-Centered God a Narcissist?”

UPDATE VII: Ochuck makes a good contribution to the topic. UPDATE VI: James White on the whole debate. Two things you can be sure of: 1) The longer the discussion goes on, the more likely that Witherington will eventually be … [Continue reading...]

A Lord’s Supper Book for the Rest of Us: Making a Meal of It by Ben Witherington III

UPDATE III: If this post has been construed as anti-Catholic, I'm sorry. I assure you that was never my intention. Commending Dr. Witherington for offering up a theology of the supper for those of us who are not Catholics or … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #78

Strengthen your marriage now. Our own magisterium? Internet Monk Radio is on iTunes Podcasts for free. Search for Monk. I'll appear right under monkeys. … [Continue reading...]

The Ecclesiastes Attitude

It is the tradition of this web site to hear my confessions, my struggles and my emotions. “Confessional” blogging on my part has touched hundreds of readers and convinced one or two that I am unfit to be in the ministry or … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: The Sanity Verses

Sometimes I don't need to hear about success. I need to hear about why I matter. I need an antidote to discouragement that reminds me its OK to just be me. A classic IM piece that is meant to lift up the downcast with some seldom … [Continue reading...]

No Riffs: 11:14:07: Piper on Church Planting and Ministry to the Poor

John Piper has enough truth in this sermon to revolutionize evangelicalism---if anyone is really listening. Read it several times. It's absolutely on target. Memorize those church planting statistics, young preachers/church … [Continue reading...]

Credible Christianity for the Cultural Atheist

LINK: This is a bit of a follow up to last year's (almost to the day) essay, "Do Chinese Students Need An American Jesus?" In his book Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, Alister McGrath discusses the relationship of church … [Continue reading...]