October 24, 2017

My Strange Experiences With An Absent Gospel (Part 4): How It Feels In The Strangeness

The comments to the three previous posts have featured a variety of responses and reactions to the idea of "Gospel-less" sermons, teaching, testimonies, etc. I am happy for those of you who are in churches where this is … [Continue reading...]

My Strange Experiences With An Absent Gospel: Gospel Articulations (Part 3)

I've been trying to emphasize the Gospel as the foundational content of the Christian life for many years. While I've worked at fresh articulations of the Gospel, there are a lot of familiar articulations of the Gospel that show … [Continue reading...]

My Strange Experiences With An Absent Gospel: Scripture Sources (Part 2)

The apparent crisis in giving the Gospel its right and Biblically healthy place in evangelical Christian faith exists on several levels. First, there is the level of scriptural definition. While I can answer the question "What … [Continue reading...]

Misplaced, Taken For Granted and Ignored: My Strange Experiences With An Absent Gospel (Part 1)

In a recent sermon, I said that I was deeply concerned about the understanding of the Gospel that I hear among adult Christians and especially preachers. I was not just making noise. With every passing year, I'm amazed that the … [Continue reading...]

Three Questions About Post-Evangelicalism

1. Why did you start using the term "post-evangelical?" Aren't you aware of how that term is perceived in the discernment blogosphere? This will seem hard to believe, but I simply wanted a way to say I was moving past … [Continue reading...]

Chaplain Mike Mercer: Evangelicals And The Pastoral Care of the Dying: The IM Interview

Chaplain Mike Mercer is one of the long-time faithful friends of this web site. Many of you will recognize him as a frequent commenter. Mike has gone the extra mile to befriend me and that has been a true gift. I wanted to do … [Continue reading...]

Curious Minds Want To Know: Does the IM Audience REALLY Exist?

C.S. Lewis said that the person who tries to be unique never is, and the person who sets out to be original seldom is. I would suggest that the IM blog and IM radio podcast audience are made up of people who may, at least at … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Is Mental Illness Demonic?

I am continuing to repost my 2005 series on "The Christian and Mental Illness." This post, "Is Mental Illness Demonic?" has been edited considerably from the original. This post will deal with some controversial ideas. I am not … [Continue reading...]

Preaching for Grown-Ups: Mark 13

Today's Gospel reading was Mark 13:1-8. There's a chapter with "Can o' Worms" written all over it. When I deal with this chapter, I try to show that the parts of the chapter that are easily understood plainly give us … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #165

This week: Lessons from Chess. Get Over it. Gospel Cowards Support the IM sponsors: Restoring the Soul.com. Real help for restoring the pastor's soul. New Reformation Press. Reformation theology for everyone. Rockbridge … [Continue reading...]