February 14, 2016

iMonk 101: Beyond the Bizarre and the Arbitrary: How I Became Pro-Life

Reprinted from November, 2004. Also read this recent Uwe Siemon-Netto Collective Shame. "Doctors should not be aborting fetuses at a stage at which another doctor "operating under a different set of instructions" could give … [Continue reading...]

Open Discussion at the IM Mic: How Much Can The Bible Do “Alone?”

A very interesting topic arose on the last “Real Differences” thread: Differing views on the distribution of scripture to the public. Got me thinking..... How much can the Bible do alone? (That's a little tricky, because … [Continue reading...]

Roger Oakland and Evangelicalism’s Shrinking Map of the Church

Roger Oakland does apologetics and “discernment” ministry at a well known web site. His theology is highly influenced by dispensationalism. I recently visited his web site from a link at Phoenix Preacher, taking note of his … [Continue reading...]

Voddie Baucham: Why Gov. Palin Should Be At Home

Voddie Baucham is an influential person among a lot of people in the Southern Baptist Convention. He spoke at the Founder's Breakfast recently, he does the reformed conference circuit, and his ideas on family and church are making … [Continue reading...]


Some Christians love to talk about the sins of Obama or gays or the mainstream media, but get really animated when I suggest we need to talk about our own, even if they are listed in the Bible dozens of times. If the Gospel … [Continue reading...]

Real Differences Between Evangelicals and Catholics

(100% true) I pass the Inspirational Channel and Morris Cerulo saying that he has 1100 Prophecy Bibles only for his partners who will sow $240 into his ministry. Next channel is EWTN. Fr. Mitch Pascwa is speaking and says … [Continue reading...]

One Message the Mountain Preachers Get Right

I’m very fortunate to live in one of the poorest areas of the country. It’s unlikely that there will be much panic here in southeastern Kentucky if we have a depression. Adult unemployment in our area has been over 50% for … [Continue reading...]

Is It A Sin To Be A Stay At Home Dad?

One gets the impression that, in some churches, a stay at home dad runs the risk of being taken out in the back yard and "dealt with" by "the dudes." Since the issue came up here at IM, I thought I'd send along some of what … [Continue reading...]

Once Upon A Time, An Arminian Put An ESV Study Bible Post On His Blog….

...and the resulting train wreck is there for you to read in the comments thread. Arminian Today Blog placed the ESV Study Bible video on their site and gave a plug for the Bible. Sounds safe...right? What follows is a study in … [Continue reading...]

Lamentation, Nostalgia and Walking Into The Future: Thoughts on Denominational Decline

I’m doing an interview in a few days and will be asked some questions about how I view the past and future of my own denomination. Some of these thoughts came to mind as I prepared. Psalm 77 1 I cry aloud to God, aloud … [Continue reading...]