March 30, 2017

iMonk 101: Just Beyond The 100th Time (What Many Of Us Are Looking For)

I wrote this piece in December of last year, and it remains one of my favorite statements of why so many leave and what they are looking for on their journey. I know that for some of you right now, affirming the church is … [Continue reading...]

Now I’m Surprised This Wasn’t Used As A Worship Song

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Paul F.M. Zahl: On Grace and “Last Signal To The Carpathia”

UPDATE: This is the mother load of Zahl sermons and forums. Great stuff here. I've been listening all day. I've discovered Paul F. M. Zahl, and I'm beside myself with enthusiasim for his writing on grace and the church. The … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #149

This week: Why do Baptists bring their Bibles to worship? Thoughts on Church Leavers. Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. New teaching available. Emmaus Retreat Center. A great place for your next group or … [Continue reading...]

Hold The Light For Me

UPDATE: As usual, David Hayward brilliantly gets it right. It’s been a long year like a long sleepless night Jacob wrestled the angel but I’m too tired to fight every Wednesday for two years we’ve met I’ve … [Continue reading...]

Liturgical Gangstas 13: Projector Please?!

Update: I've had some strange mail on this one. Let me respond to one: This is NOT a debate between churches. If you want to have that and you can't find it on the net, your hands must not work. Welcome to IM's popular feature, … [Continue reading...]

Jared Wilson: The Internet Monk Interview

Jared Wilson is the author Your Jesus Is Too Safe and the blogmeister at 1. You're obviously influenced by the rhetorical style of someone like Driscoll, in that you are communicating intensely, but with … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: Conrad Hyers on Creationism, Genesis and Science

Presbyterian minister and Biblical language scholar Conrad Hyers has been the primary help for me on issues of the Bible and Science. I'm sorry so little of Hyers is on the web. His book, The Meaning of Creation, is a mandatory … [Continue reading...]

Evangelicals In the Star Trek Universe

For those of you keeping score, we gave up the television about 4 months ago. We discovered that, for $60 a month, we were watching one episode of House, M.D. a week and I was watching baseball. Not worth it, especially with … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: Your Jesus Is Too Safe by Jared C. Wilson

I've never met Jared Wilson. We spoke on the phone once because, frankly, I'm desperate for friends. He doesn't owe me money. We don't have a book review treaty signed. He's not going to like my book nearly as much as I've enjoyed … [Continue reading...]