April 27, 2015

iMonk 101: Jesus = Salvation

I haven't talked about Robert Capon in a while, so here's a visit to one of my favorite past IM posts: "Jesus = Salvation." I say this all the time in teaching and preaching. It's been very helpful to me and hopefully to others. … [Continue reading...]

Enroll in “The Theology Program” (Online Version) Next Week

I don't plug schools or teaching ministries in this space, and I don't promote what I'm not convinced represents the values of this audience just because I get some free materials. If I tell you it's worth your time and money, it … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: The Second Chance, A Film By Steve Taylor

Peter Chataway has a great interview with Steve Taylor at his site. Every year during Martin Luther King, Jr. week I try to show a film that raises issues of racial reconciliation. Last year, one of my teacher friends, Jim … [Continue reading...]

12 Churches, 12 Calvinists: My Response

Over at Frank Turk’s blog, he has something of a motto up on the sidebar. It’s a phrase his pastor offered in a comment thread sometime in the past. Here it is: The Gospel is the solution to culture. I’ve often wanted to … [Continue reading...]

12 Churches, 12 Calvinists

How about a little thought experiment? No hidden agenda; just a way to explore the contention that certain things make all the difference. Imagine for a moment 12 Baptist churches (that may be enough for some of you right … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 33

Podcast 33 A classic objection: "Jesus, Yes; the Church No." The podcast website is Coffee Cup Apologetics. All the episodes of Coffee Cup Apologetics are now on iTunes. Go to iTunes and search for “Apologetics.” … [Continue reading...]

Sermon: What Disciples See

I preached at First Presbyterian Church in London, Kentucky again today. I took the lectionary text (John 1:29-42) and followed it down a bit further (-51) so I could not just talk about Jesus calling disciples, but about … [Continue reading...]

More Books For Sale!

My daughter Noel has been working on selling books for me again. We're selling almost an entire set of the Anchor Bible Commentary (54 out of 62 volumes), the Expositor's Greek Testament (5 vols), Shelby Foote's Civil War Trilogy, … [Continue reading...]

Thinking About The Canon: A Lutheran View

UPDATE: A good and comprehensive collection of information on the various canon lists. Lots of good information. This second post in our discussion of canonization is from a frequent Internet Monk guest, Lutheran blogger Josh … [Continue reading...]

Thinking About the Canon: A Post-Evangelical’s View

After reading Mark Shea's By What Authority? and revisiting Craig Allert's A High View of Scripture? I started making some notes on my own ideas about the question of canonicity. This post will be followed later by popular … [Continue reading...]