January 26, 2015

Letting Some of the Air Out of The Reformation Day Balloon

UPDATE: Josh S has a good post on different views of Reformation history. UPDATE: Someone please turn down that "whining" sound. Is it me? Or the guy fisking me? I'm really on your side, O panic stricken fans of the … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: A prayer for Alex- What to do when your child says he doesn’t believe any more.

This is an essay from 2005 that I believe has been helpful to a few parents. It was printed in Modern Reformation. Christian parents are always on my mind and heart. I know it's difficult parenting children when the thing we … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 10:25:07: Willow Creek and the Non-Secrets of Discipleship

UPDATE II: David Head at Ponder Anew has an excellent post on this development. UPDATE: The classy Amy Welborn gives a Catholic perspective. One of the things I like about being an evangelical is that we can just stop, no … [Continue reading...]

Note to those wanting book/music reviews + commenters + ads

1) I am receiving a considerable stream of material to review that I have not agreed to review. Let me make this very clear: I will not review materials sent to me UNLESS I agree to review them prior to sending the materials to … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 25

Podcast 25. Discussing C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity Part 6: Politics, Sex and Marriage. The podcast website is Coffee Cup Apologetics. All the episodes of Coffee Cup Apologetics are now on iTunes. Go to iTunes and search … [Continue reading...]

What Do You Do When God Answers Your Prayer?

What do you do when God answers your prayers? I am a fairly consistent reader and user of the Book of Psalms in my devotional life and worship leadership. Along the way, I've noticed that many of the Psalms are prayer or report … [Continue reading...]

Sharing A Special Bible: My 1973 “Bible as Literature” NASB

UPDATE:: John H at Confessing Evangelical is the first one in the pool. Jeremy Bouma at Novus Lumen joins in as well. Alan Creech comes through with a Catholic Bible. UPDATE II: Here is the exact Bible I used. (Pictures at the … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Worship Comes Full Circle (Irony Alert!)

UPDATE II: Some of you probably haven't read some of my older essays on worship, found in the "Worship" section on the older essays page. UPDATE: After having written many posts on evangelical worship and reading hundreds of … [Continue reading...]

The Thirteen Critical Problems Facing Evangelicalism

UPDATE: C. Michael Patton extends the list and the discussion. Someone asked me what I thought the biggest problems facing evangelicals were, and with as much as I've written on the subject, it was still difficult to get a … [Continue reading...]

Am I Jealous?

I don't take many opportunities to write extended descriptions of the ministry where I serve. There are several reasons for that. I don't want to involve my ministry in any of the controversies that might be part of this blog. But … [Continue reading...]