February 13, 2016

Riffs 11:03:08: Justin Taylor Models Critical Engagement With John Piper

Over the last two years, I've raised the issue of the need for positive, level-headed, analytical and appreciative critical engagement with the theology of John Piper. I believe such a need is pressing, particularly as more and … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review by Ryan Cordle: The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight

Trevin Wax doesn't like the book very much. I'd like to welcome Ryan Cordle as guest blogger today with this review of Scot McKnight's new book. In addition to his recent graduation from Ohio Christian University and joining … [Continue reading...]

My Best Imitation of Ken and Carla (and my one gripe about Relevant Magazine)

For those of you who don't recognize the reference in the title of this post, a little background. Ken and Carla would be the first names of two of the most famous internet watchbloggers who practice (in the case of Ken) or … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: Who are Your Write-In Candidates for President and Vice-President?

OK frustrated voters. Let's help each other out. Who will be your "write-in" candidates for the national ticket? I'm strongly tempted to write in Al Mohler for President and Ken Silva for VP. These two guys are predictable … [Continue reading...]

The IMonk on Steve Brown, Etc.

It's my third go around on my favorite radio/podcast program. We talked about Halloween, the Election and House, M.D. If SBE isn't on your itunes, you're missing one of the best treats on the web. Thanks to Erik, Kathy … [Continue reading...]

Election Day 2008 Whine and Sheesh Party

RECOMMENDED READ: Clark Bunch at The Master's Table makes the case for taking the opportunity to vote as a Christian's duty. UPDATE: Those of you planning to stop reading anyone who doesn't praise your candidate PLEASE don't … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: Where does the Bible say Satan wants people to go to hell?

I was watching the documentary "Hell House" with my students in Advanced Bible, and one of the preachers kept saying that Satan wants to take as many "souls" as possible to hell with him, so the church is in a competition with the … [Continue reading...]

Father Smith Instructs Jackson On Indulgences: A Reformation Day Consideration

Update: On a previous Reformation Day, I was lamenting the one-sideness of the current view of the Reformation (Written before my wife's conversion btw). It was a sad, tragic necessity, but I have no probem lamenting it and I'm no … [Continue reading...]

Two Book Recomendations For My Post-Evangelical Friends

Two recent releases from Inter-Varsity Press will be of interest to those readers who identify with post-evangelicalism. The first is the Pocket Dictionary of Church History by Fuller Seminary’s Nathan Feldmeth. It comes in … [Continue reading...]

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Returns with the Gospel of Mark

My other blog, Jesus Shaped Spirituality, has been neglected lately, but that will be changing. I'm going to be publishing a series of Bible studies I wrote several years ago (the first thing I actually did on the internet … [Continue reading...]