March 5, 2015

Stranger than Fiction: Lessons From The “Case” Against Tim Challies

Please have a seat, class. Today's lecture isn't on the printed syllabus. Every so often, something reeeeeeeeally interesting happens in the comments of the Reformed (truly or otherwise) blogosphere, and such an episode … [Continue reading...]

Tune In January 17th: Tim Challies Blog Tour Stops Here For Gossip, Brawling and Real Questions

I'm honored to be one of the stops on the "Tim Challies Blog Tour" promoting his new book, The Discipline of Discernment. I'll be asking the questions and he'll be answering me in Canadian, but I'll get a translator. Tim and I … [Continue reading...]

A Lectionary F.A.Q.

UPDATE: Josh S does some "lectionary criticism" at his blog. Just so you know it's not a flawless medium. Even with the flaws, I recommend using it. I also recommend "filling in the gaps" whenever possible. Sam is a worship … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 01:02:08: Rocks Crying Out

UPDATE: There are many Joel Osteen posts at IM. Here's one of the latest. Links will take you to others. Commenters whose comment amounts to "Jesus wouldn't be blogging" should not be surprised that I do not post your comment. … [Continue reading...]

Proverbs For Christianity’s Angry Young (and Old) Men

***Big Time Humor Alert*** Today, the Internet Monk Web Site (tm) brings a special gift of proverbial, anecdotal and Zen-like wisdom as a gift for those angry young (and not so young) men who are burning down churches to make room … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 01:01:08: Losing the Treasure of a Christ-Centered Assurance of Salvation

UPDATE: John H has a helpful Lutheran response. UPDATE II: A Lutheran view of Assurance. UPDATE III: Mark Shea comments on assurance in Calvinism and Catholicism. I think Mark's experience with Calvinism is not very … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #82

Changes in the IM Podcast + New Year's greetings. (Sorry for the bad mix at the end. I'm still learning how to use new software.) … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 31

Podcast 31 Answering some listener mail. Very good questions on Creationism and Christian Morality. The podcast website is Coffee Cup Apologetics. All the episodes of Coffee Cup Apologetics are now on iTunes. Go to iTunes … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 12:31:07: Can Evangelicals Change?

I don't know much about Sydney Anglicans, so I'm not in any position to say anything about the truthfulness of this interesting comment found on the Light of the World, A City on a Hill website. What I will say, however, is that … [Continue reading...]

“What Now?” A Sermon for the First Sunday After Christmas

I preached this message- or a version of it- this morning at a church nearby. "What Now?" A Sermon for the First Sunday after Christmas, December 30, 2007 First Presbyterian Church, London, Kentucky Michael Spencer, … [Continue reading...]