May 22, 2015

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #91

Book recommendations. Evangelicals don't know where to stop. Reflections on pastoring 20 years ago. Robert Alter: The Book of Psalms Fleming Rutledge: Romans You all need to buy "The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church" … [Continue reading...]

Four Years: Reflecting On A First (and Only) Pastorate

I've written on this subject in another essay: When Loving You Is Killing Me: Thoughts on the Small Church Pastorate. After almost three years, I'm in a slightly different place with this story. Less bitter. More aware of my own … [Continue reading...]

C. Michael Patton of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries: The Internet Monk Interview

My guest today is C. Michael Patton, President of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and one of the best theology teachers you will ever hear. He also does several podcasts and writes at Parchment and Pen blog. Michael is one of the … [Continue reading...]

Don’t Overlook One Small Victory for the PCUSA

[Continue reading...]

Ten Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog

I will be suing Jared Wilson. Get lawyered up. All resemblance to any actual, existing blogs is purely coincidental. I couldn't possibly be referring to you. Seriously though, I do want to be helpful. I can work on many of … [Continue reading...]

“A Short Salvation” : Key to The Scriptures?

***Humor Alert*** So I get this occasional podcast of sermons and talks by Bishop Will Willimon, a fine preacher in the estimation of your internet monk and most knowledgeable homelitical types. The sermon I am listening to was … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 37

Podcast 37 Question/Answer: "It's too late for me to believe" + The Apologetics of Larry Norman. Larry Mark Bryan The podcast website is Coffee Cup Apologetics. All the episodes of Coffee Cup Apologetics are … [Continue reading...]

The Meaning of a Suit: A Response to John Macarthur’s Comments on Contextualization

UPDATE: Read Tim Keller on putting the Gospel in Context. David Bayly says thumbs up. I hope that this contribution to the important discussion on contextualization going on in evangelicalism will be received and read in a … [Continue reading...]

Larry Norman Interview and Tribute on Drew Marshall’s Program

Drew Marshall, one of the finest interviewers anywhere, is replaying his two hour interview with Larry Norman and posting this past week's Larry Norman tribute, which contained comments from Keaggy and Stonehill. If you are a … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: Take This Bread by Sara Miles

A profile of Sara Miles at Religion and Ethics This Week. Sara Easily qualifying as the most interesting spiritual memoir I've read since Merton's Seven Storey Mountain, Sara Miles' Take This Bread is an … [Continue reading...]