August 29, 2016

Avoiding Death by Nostalgia: My Denomination (The SBC) Today

The following post is completely and only my personal opinion. It is the first of two posts about my denomination. The second will examine the idea of A Great Commission Resurgence: Is It A Possible SBC Future? Nostalgia- a … [Continue reading...]

Preference, Problem or Person?

I told my son-in-law (who teaches/preaches with me at the ministry where we serve) that I believe we are dealing with more atheistic students this year than ever before. What's encouraging to me is that I am hearing from them, and … [Continue reading...]

The Evangelical Untouchables 1: What is the Gospel?

The Evangelical Untouchables are seven diverse evangelicals who will give us a window into what's happening in evangelicalism today. Who are the Evangelical Untouchables? Michael Patton is the director of Reclaiming the Mind … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #131

This week: Since "The Coming Evangelical Collapse:" Thoughts and Answering Ten Questions. The Coming Evangelical Collapse: A Statistical Review Part 1, Part 2 Our sponsors are: 60 Ways to Leave Your Mother...Alone. A comic … [Continue reading...]

Riffs/CEC: The Antidote to the Coming Evangelical Collapse- Church Planting

UPDATE: What matters more? Being recognized by the ECUSA or the Anglican Church in Africa? The Falls Church has a new daughter congregation and is starting more: A story of church planting in the new Anglican communion in … [Continue reading...]

The iMonk on Steve Brown, Etc.

My favorite interview is always with Steve Brown, Etc. Here's today's episode, with yours truly as the interviewee. If you aren't regularly listening to this program, checking out the Guest Room and Steve's Old White Guy blog, … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: UnChristian America: Living With Faith In A Nation That Never Was Under God by Michael Babcock

Interesting fact: Michael Babcock teaches humanities at Liberty University and has written a first class book saying the church's emphasis on the culture war instead of the Gospel was a mistake. Interesting fact: Even though … [Continue reading...]

Riffs/CEC: A Third of ATS Seminaries Are In Financial Trouble

USA Today is on the ringside of the Coming Evangelical Collapse (CEC) with this story on the desperate situation facing a third of the schools on the Association of Theological Schools. (Page loads strangely in … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: November ’08: Alone and Not Alone

(From November of '08. Part of what this web site is all about. And why some new readers may not exactly get it at first.) We talk about the evangelical wilderness around here a lot. It's sometimes academic, and sometimes it's … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: From January, ’08: “This is the End….”

Posted this a little more than a year ago. Relevant to the recent discussions of the future of evangelicalism. ***Music by The Doors: "The End."***There was an elf that met the children at the door. Also in this room was a … [Continue reading...]