May 26, 2017

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #159

This week: Vacation stuff. Raising the level of Christian Education. The Evangelical task in spiritual formation. Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. Reformation theology for everyone. Rockbridge Seminary. Family, … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: That Not Exactly Married Couple….

Here's today's HYPOTHETICAL topic. A very common situation. A couple asks to join your church. Well.....a non-married, living together 5 years, parenting 2 of her kids couple asks to join your church. They aren't married … [Continue reading...]

The Evangelical Liturgy 13: The Offering

All the posts in this series can be accessed under the category "Evangelical Liturgy" on the sidebar. If you don't know what I am up to, read the introduction. Go up in the hollers of southeastern Kentucky, find a backwoods … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 10:01:09: Special Needs Members OR How I Was Right and Wrong About Baptizing An Autistic Boy

PLEASE keep this discussion on topic. No Baptist bashing. First, read Matt Schmucker's short piece regarding his advice on "special needs" church members. (Note to commenters: be respectful of Matt, please. If you disagree, do … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts on 10 a.m. Eucharist: Church of the Holy Cross, Sullivan’s Island, SC

I discovered last night that the large church I'd passed several times this week here on Sullivan's Island was an Episcopal church with a 10 a.m. Wednesday Eucharist service. After checking the church's web site, I noticed that … [Continue reading...]

On The Older Teaching The Younger: From Commenter Becky

Time to blog will be short or non-existent today, but this comment from "Becky" in the "8 a.m. Mass" discussion is the best post of the day anyway. Thank you Becky, for framing what it means to be human in a beautiful and … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts At 8 a.m. Mass

UPDATE: Jeff's comment is so profound it needs to be read by everyone: The wedge contemporary evangelicals are driving between young and old is incredibly short sighted and deadly. Doesn't the Bible itself say that the older … [Continue reading...]

The Evangelical Liturgy 12: The Assurance of Pardon

Anyone who sins has an advocate with God: Jesus Christ, the righteous one. By his life, death, and resurrection, he has found the lost sheep and brings it back, rejoicing over one sinner that repents. In Jesus, we are never … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #158

This week: Being better missionaries. Christian blogosphere is empowering conversation. How we got from Chesterton to Ray Comfort's Banana Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. Reformation theology for everyone. … [Continue reading...]

Is a Passion for the Church the Same as a Passion for the Kingdom?

From Ray Ortlund at Christ Is Deeper Still:"My passion isn't to build up my church. My passion is for God's Kingdom." Ever heard someone say that? I have. It sounds large-hearted, but it's wrong. It can even be … [Continue reading...]