October 25, 2014

Ten Big Ideas for Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch's reaction to Ann Coulter's claim that it would be good if all people were Christians is about as good a tour of the postmodern cul de sac as you'll find anywhere. Read the conversation, then report back here for … [Continue reading...]

Should Women Teach Women?

Some thoughts on women teachers, an issue that continually puzzles me every time I see a Lifeway stocked with Beth Moore Bible studies for sale to Southern Baptists who can't say enough about women not being pastoral teachers.I … [Continue reading...]


Has the whole Christian worldview thing gotten out of hand? I teach "worldviews" as part of my high school Bible classes, and in my Advanced Bible class, I spend a good bit of time giving my kids James Sire's "Seven Questions … [Continue reading...]

No Riff Necessary: Amy Welborn Takes A Roman Catholic View of the Evangelical Circus

When someone else looks at what you spend all your time looking at....and they see the same incredible, unthinkable, unexplainable, bizarre, sad, madhouse of a thing...you feel better. Thanks, Amy. I feel … [Continue reading...]

Can Christians Share in the Joke?

First, a letter from an IM reader, then some thoughts on humor.Greetings. First, let me say I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year or so since I came across your website. It has been a blessing for me. You're probably … [Continue reading...]

What’s In A Name?

Here in Kentucky, most of the Baptist Churches of a certain age have a particular approach to their names. Most choose to go the geographic route, so we have Three Forks of the Elkhorn, Muddy Gap, First Baptist … [Continue reading...]

Done Said It: Why Do They Hate Us?

Will Hinton tagged me, but I wrote the response several years ago: Why Do They Hate Us? When I published this several years ago, over 100 atheists wrote me saying "amen." … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #74

Drought. Deleting old podcasts. Decisional methodology and the evangelical problem. New books. Internet Monk Radio is on iTunes Podcasts for free. Search for Monk. I'll appear right under monkeys. … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: Morte D’Urban by J.F. Powers

My wife says I need to read more fiction, and she's right as usual. So, of course, I find a way to read religious fiction. After finishing J.F. Powers Morte D'Urban, I wanted to share this wonderful book with you. J.F. Powers … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 23

Podcast 23. This and that. Re-recommending Kreeft's book on apologetics. Why debate if you believe in depravity? Brad Pitt's objection to an egotistical God. The Handbook of Christian Apologetics. Brad Pitt quote. Coffee … [Continue reading...]