July 1, 2016

iMonk 101: Why Do They Hate Us?

One of the first big splashes this blog made was when this post (2002!) made it into the atheist blogosphere. I got about a hundred notes from atheists saying "Thanks." I've always agreed with what I wrote here, and I've always … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: One Stock That Needs To Drop

UPDATE: Associated Baptist Press took out the numbers that apply to Baptists and confirmed by warnings about the impending generational horizon. So let's move on....back to some of the predecessors of this little furor. From … [Continue reading...]

The Original Coming Evangelical Collapse Posts

UPDATE: I've been linked at Out of Ur, GetReligion and all over today. I want to say two things to all of them: 1) The CSM piece was on the commentary page. It is commentary, not news or research. 2) I did not say that … [Continue reading...]

The ARIS Study: Christianity On The Decline In America

UPDATE: Welcome to all of you stopping by from the Drudge Report and Real Clear Politics. Glad to have you. The American Religious Identification Survey published its results this week, and if you go to the USA Today graphic … [Continue reading...]

iMonk at Christian Science Monitor + Podcast Icon

A 1500 word version of "The Coming Evangelical Collapse" is now up at the online version of the Christian Science Monitor and will be in the print edition later this week. Thanks to the good folks at CSM for this opportunity. … [Continue reading...]

Riffs/iMonk 101: Wilkerson Warns/iMonk Rants

UPDATE: John Piper takes a look at Wilkerson's prophecy and responds rightly. David Wilkerson (Cross and the Switchblade, Times Square Church) is predicting a world changing disaster, and advises that you dust off those cans of … [Continue reading...]

New Toys, Same Problem: Evangelicals, Evangelism and the New “Altar Call”

Becoming a disciple of Jesus just got a lot easier, thanks to your cell phone. I'm on the record about the public invitation or "altar call," as revivalists like to call here. (Here, here, and here.) I don't like it. Why? … [Continue reading...]

W.A. Criswell on “The Bible Kind of Salvation”

If you're a Southern Baptist determined to fight against those pesky Calvinists and anyone who believes in the sovereignty of God in salvation.....If you want to return the SBC to the good 'ol days of preachers like … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 03:07:09: David Head (and Paul) on the Gospel

It seems to me that evangelicals need to say one thing, do one thing and be one thing. But what? In lieu of an answer like, "the Gospel," another option is to try to say many things, do many things and be many things, all from … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #129

This week: Simple Evangelicalism? (Comparing today's evangelicals to our ancient ancestors) and Are You Looking for What We've Lost? (I think you'll enjoy both these podcast talks.) Brant Hansen The Blue Snowball The Belkin … [Continue reading...]