November 28, 2014

Father Smith Instructs Jackson On Indulgences: A Reformation Day Consideration

Update: On a previous Reformation Day, I was lamenting the one-sideness of the current view of the Reformation (Written before my wife's conversion btw). It was a sad, tragic necessity, but I have no probem lamenting it and I'm no … [Continue reading...]

Two Book Recomendations For My Post-Evangelical Friends

Two recent releases from Inter-Varsity Press will be of interest to those readers who identify with post-evangelicalism. The first is the Pocket Dictionary of Church History by Fuller Seminary’s Nathan Feldmeth. It comes in … [Continue reading...]

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Returns with the Gospel of Mark

My other blog, Jesus Shaped Spirituality, has been neglected lately, but that will be changing. I'm going to be publishing a series of Bible studies I wrote several years ago (the first thing I actually did on the internet … [Continue reading...]

Kinnon, Armstrong, Moore: Pre-election Thoughts

Some good things out there as we approach the end of this exhausting, frustrating election cycle. Bill Kinnon launches off of some thoughts about the success of Fireproof as compared to the dismal performance of Amazing Grace, … [Continue reading...]

Do You Trust Your Father With Your Life?

Yesterday, I experienced the great part of being a teacher; one of those experiences that make all the others worth it. It was in my advanced placement English IV class. Our brightest seniors. I’m fortunate to be able to work … [Continue reading...]

Mark Driscoll, Michael Horton Analyze Osteen’s Prosperity Gospel

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The Osteen Review 90% of Evangelicals Won’t Write

Other Osteen posts here at IM: Osteen Redux, The Mystery of Joel Osteen, Outing Joel Osteen. Newsweek reviews Victoria Osteen's new book. Thank God for Newsweek's willingness to say what 90% of evangelicals won't say.With that … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #116

Putting down the word on Halloween. Talking about integrity. Our sponsor is New Reformation Press. Great t-shirts, books and reformation resources. Sojourn Music. Also visit Noisetrade. Want to be an IM advertiser? Want … [Continue reading...]

The IM Weekend File 10:25:08

Yes, I owe you all a podcast. I'm working on it. I have to go to Lexington today. I don't do lists of links, but Zoo Station has a fine one. Spend some time there. As election time rolls around, I'm still unimpressed with … [Continue reading...]

A Short List of Troublingly Common Sins

Paul made a lot of sin lists. You know, lists of sins. If you're a preacher or teacher, you've probably used Paul's sin lists a few times as the raw material for a talk or sermon. You've walked through the list, one sin at a … [Continue reading...]