September 2, 2014

The Frank Viola Project (And Why You Should Take It Seriously)

UPDATE: Ben Witherington has done a multi-part in-depth review of Reimagining Church. 1, 2 3 4. Frank Viola's response part 1 and part 2. OK. I cheated. I maybe kindof promised a review, but after reading the books, I decided I … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation: The (Lutheran) Treasury of Daily Prayer

For the past several days I've been browsing a pre-publication copy of a new product from Concordia Press called The Treasury of Daily Prayer. I have to admit that I've never been particularly excited about any book called … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: The Original…The One…The Only….Wretched Urgency

Back by popular demand, the iMonk essay that should have sold a thousand t-shirts by now: Wretched Urgency. When I think of people beating themselves up with guilt and beating other people up with a guilt-inducing God, I always … [Continue reading...]

Isaiah Six Reviews The Baptist Hymnal 2008

I am very interested in hymnals as the best conservators of a broad, deep and diverse selection of worship music for the church today. A good hymnal is a post-evangelical's friend. The Baptist Hymnal (also called The Worship … [Continue reading...]

Don’t Give Up On Grace

Lots of times, there's something I want to write about, but it's just too close to the real world where I live and work, so I have to find a way to not put something out here that's going to get me in more trouble than I've … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #108

More on covenant church membership, and thoughts on post-evangelicalism and evangelism (Don't forget it). Check out my other blog at Jesus Shaped Spirituality. Our sponsor, New Reformation Press. Music by Rhodes and Randy … [Continue reading...]

“It Seems the Joy of the Lord Isn’t Your Strength” (An iMonk 101 Post)

Yes, that's one of the comments I've received via e-mail regarding the official iMonk photograph. (And- at least in my experience- it's always a woman. Why is that? Does maternal instinct want to see baby smile?) I've been … [Continue reading...]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Dr. Nathan Finn

It's a genuine honor to have Dr. Nathan Finn, Assistant Professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as my guest today at Dr. Finn is one of the new academic voices in SBC life … [Continue reading...]

A Response to “From Wheaton To Rome” at Jesus Creed

Scot Mcknight has a new book out called Finding Faith, Losing Faith: Stories of Conversion and Apostasy. It's an interesting discussion of the reasons people deconvert and convert, both in and out of their own traditions. The … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Dr. David Powlison on “Reading the Bible For Personal Application”

In their ongoing series of previews of the ESV Study Bible Crossway has posted online a 10-page PDF containing 5 of the 50 articles that will be in the back of the Study Bible.. This section is on “Reading the Bible” … [Continue reading...]