July 28, 2014

iMonk 101: A God Shaped Void? Maybe Not

This piece from two summers ago- A God Shaped Void? Maybe Not- explores some important questions about evangelism, our assumptions about those we are evangelizing, and especially our dialogue with atheists and young people. … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Denise Spencer’s Thoughts On A Daughter Leaving for College

Last night, the Spencer family ate Mexican in celebration of my daughter's graduation from Ohio State University. It was a happy occasion in life's journey. Long-time readers of this site may remember some of the key moments in … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #105

This and That, Some Keller, How I agree/differ with the God Journey Guys, Why Can't We Find A Church? Sovereign Grace Music Psalms Project. Check out the free download. Tim Keller on Religion and the Gospel Issues … [Continue reading...]

The Post-Evangelical Bookshelf: A Beginner’s Reading List For Finding Your Way In The Evangelical Wilderness

I've been doing an interview on "Post-Evangelicalism," and I thought it would be a good time to list some of the books that define post-evangelicalism for me. First of all, a brief definition: Post-evangelicalism is a way of … [Continue reading...]

New Posts at Jesus Shaped Spirituality

I have two new posts at JSS in a series called "Where's Jesus?" (And Part two. Part three is on the way.) It's some of the exegetical material I'll be using in my message Sunday a.m. at church. Be sure and add Jesus Shaped … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 45

Podcast 45 Spirituality or Christianity? (Is it OK to talk about "spirituality," given the bad use of the word?) The podcast web site is Coffee Cup Apologetics. … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: Panera Ecclesiology

Andy Naselli recounts a conversation his wife overheard at Panera Bread between two men a) griping abut a woman who wouldn't sleep with them and b) discussing their church preferences. Maybe you've heard Michael Horton and the … [Continue reading...]

They Bought Me, and I’m Glad

Ordination: I was ordained to the Gospel ministry by a Southern Baptist congregation in 1980, but you won't hear me have a lot to say about ordination. I believe in it, but in a minimalist kind of way. I don't believe in titles. … [Continue reading...]

What Will It Be For The Institution? Blind Loyalty or Naive Criticism?

This may be one of those posts that ought to appear over at JSS, because it has a lot to do with what Jesus was doing when he was on earth and how it continues today. BTW, I'm not criticizing the defenders of institutions. I … [Continue reading...]

Tom Schwegler: Why Contemporary Music Makes Congregational Singing Difficult.

IM reader Tom sent me some responses to the Riff on "The Slow Death of Congregational Singing." I thought his comments were well worth posting here for your reading and discussion. Thanks Tom. Michael, I don't read your … [Continue reading...]