July 23, 2014

Coffee Cup Apologetics 45

Podcast 45 Spirituality or Christianity? (Is it OK to talk about "spirituality," given the bad use of the word?) The podcast web site is Coffee Cup Apologetics. … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: Panera Ecclesiology

Andy Naselli recounts a conversation his wife overheard at Panera Bread between two men a) griping abut a woman who wouldn't sleep with them and b) discussing their church preferences. Maybe you've heard Michael Horton and the … [Continue reading...]

They Bought Me, and I’m Glad

Ordination: I was ordained to the Gospel ministry by a Southern Baptist congregation in 1980, but you won't hear me have a lot to say about ordination. I believe in it, but in a minimalist kind of way. I don't believe in titles. … [Continue reading...]

What Will It Be For The Institution? Blind Loyalty or Naive Criticism?

This may be one of those posts that ought to appear over at JSS, because it has a lot to do with what Jesus was doing when he was on earth and how it continues today. BTW, I'm not criticizing the defenders of institutions. I … [Continue reading...]

Tom Schwegler: Why Contemporary Music Makes Congregational Singing Difficult.

IM reader Tom sent me some responses to the Riff on "The Slow Death of Congregational Singing." I thought his comments were well worth posting here for your reading and discussion. Thanks Tom. Michael, I don't read your … [Continue reading...]

Ben Witherington Reviews “The Shack”

I'm very glad that Dr. Ben Witherington has gotten around to reviewing William P Young's The Shack on his blog, and has given a very balanced, critical and generous review. This is exactly what we need, as opposed to what we got … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #104

Stuff I'm listening to, concert thoughts, Rick Warren and generic evangelicals, Dispatches from the Evangelical Wilderness Part 3. Intro music by Rhodes. Closing music by Randy Stonehill. Woodland Hills Church (Greg … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation: Is Christianity Good for the World? and A Primer on Worship and Reformation, both by Douglas Wilson

I quit calling myself a Calvinist in 2006, and I really moved theologically to other theological convictions in the following months. Today I love my Calvinist friends, but I'm not one of them. One of the primary reasons for my … [Continue reading...]

Chronicle of the Journey

Back in the day, many of you counted on me to write about my personal journey. As I'm sure you've noticed, almost all of that kind of material has gone into storage or been deleted. Hopefully, this piece will recalibrate us all on … [Continue reading...]

A.J. Jacobs talks about “The Year of Living Biblically”

NOTE: I am not recommending this man's book. Jacobs isn't a Christian or even a serious Jew. He's a writer who does experiments to sell books. This one should be of interest to anyone who reads the Bible seriously. If posting this … [Continue reading...]