September 25, 2017

Guest Post: John Armstrong asks, “How Otherworldly Should I Be?”

Note from Chaplain Mike: Recently, we had a series of posts on the subject of Spiritual Formation. One point I made in those articles is that "the Christian life" (so-called) is not some life that is lived on a different plane, … [Continue reading...]

Voices of Friends around the Web

By Chaplain Mike On the sidebar of Internet Monk, we have an extensive and ever-growing list of friends' blogs and good websites. We encourage you to check them out. We think you'll agree that they are worth your while. In … [Continue reading...]

An Unprecedented Opportunity: “God in America”

By Chaplain Mike I have not been able to watch much of Frontline's "God in America" series on PBS in recent days. But I definitely plan to do so. The little that I have seen was remarkable television, even more so because of … [Continue reading...]

Glimpse at a Grief Support Group

By Chaplain Mike One of the responsibilities of a hospice chaplain in our agency is to lead grief support groups. Hospices organize these groups as a part of their bereavement programs, to provide continuing care to those who … [Continue reading...]

An Army of SLJW’s

By Chaplain Mike Sunday's Gospel • Luke 18:1-8 Many of the chapter divisions in our Bible were unfortunately placed. We come upon a good example of this in our Gospel reading today. In Luke 17:20-37, Jesus spoke to … [Continue reading...]

iMonk Classic: Jesus, Mom and Michael

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Originally posted Oct 22, 2005 Note from Chaplain Mike: In the light of recent posts about life's messiness and ministering to people with unimaginable stress from the problems they … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings 10.16.10

Two things that don't go together: gutters and pine trees. Sigh ... Climb ladder---grab a handful of pine needles from gutter, drop into big bucket---climb down ladder---move ladder over three feet---lather, rinse, repeat. After … [Continue reading...]

A Jesus Story in Song

By Chaplain Mike Jeff's post on storytelling songs yesterday got me thinking about all the great musical artists I've heard over the years who have painted song-pictures in which my imagination could wander. A great … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic: Is Narnia too Scary for Kids?

By Chaplain Mike On her•meneutics, Christianity Today's blog for women, Elrena Evans has written a post called, "Why There's No Narnia in Our Home." I'd like to hear your opinions on it today. It turns out that Ms. … [Continue reading...]

Story Songs

Ok, iMonks: time for your publisher to make his confession. Ready? I cry when I hear really good stories in songs. They don't even have to be sad stories, just real. And sung with a gut-wrenching passion. Done right, you can … [Continue reading...]