November 23, 2014

Riffs: Joseph Bottum on The End of Advent (and the horror of our version of Christmas)

Joseph Bottum: "The End of Advent," at the First Things blog. Many years ago, we made a decision to, as much as possible, speak of Advent and not of Christmas, until Christmas. I've never been able to hold off the Christmas … [Continue reading...]

Response Part 2: Christian Community and Abandoning Commitment

With this post I am concluding my response to the series The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. This post will look at "Disillusionment With Christian Community" and "Abandoning Christian Commitment Itself." The previous … [Continue reading...]

Miscellaneous: Family News, Christmas and More

We received some wonderful news today. Our son, Clay, and his longtime friend/recent girlfriend Taylor Claypool, are engaged to be married in December of next year. We love both our kids and they have brought us so much happiness … [Continue reading...]

Open Thread: What Might Be God’s Purposes In A Major Economic Downturn?

None of us know God's ways and purposes beyond what He has revealed in scripture or in our own experience. But taking those lessons and "sanctified common sense," we can think in terms of possibilities. For instance, I have my … [Continue reading...]

David Hayward, “The Naked Pastor:” The IM Interview

I've long admired pastor, blogger and cartoonist David Hayward, aka The Naked Pastor. (That's Naked. Not "Nekkid." He's not up to anything.) I've been excited about this interview and it's proven to be everything I hoped … [Continue reading...]

Response Part 1: The Biblical Worldview and Christian Experience

I now come to the last two posts in this series on The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. All four posts are accessible here. In these posts I will write a response to each of the four topics of personal disillusionment: … [Continue reading...]

Dear Ed Young,

Blame Bill Kinnon. And if talk about sex bothers you, then you probably need another religion. You're out of luck in this one. Dear Ed Young, It was the grin that really got to me. The arrogant, know-it-all, … [Continue reading...]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism: Abandoning Christian Commitment Itself

I am continuing my series on The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. Here is part 1 and part 2 and part 3. 4. Disillusionment With Christian Commitment Itself In these posts, I have explored the various personal … [Continue reading...]

Introducing “The Liturgical Gangstas”: How Can A Person Grow Spiritually in the Next Year?

UPDATE: We have a Lutheran. Rev. William Cwirla, whom many of you know from The God Whisperers, etc. His post has been added to this one. Welcome to "The Liturgical Gangstas," a panel discussion among different traditions … [Continue reading...]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism part 3: Christian Community

I am continuing my look at the sources of disillusionment within evangelicalism. This will be a five part series, with four posts on the sources of personal disillusionment and one on responding to these personal sources. Here … [Continue reading...]