January 23, 2017

No Golden Plates

By Chaplain Mike One of the better paragraphs I've read about the Hebrew Bible (aka the Old Testament)... Scripture did not appear in the twinkling of an eye or fall from heaven on golden plates. The Hebrew Bible underwent its … [Continue reading...]

A Black and White Concern

By Chaplain Mike It is my hope that our conversation here at IM will include perspectives from as many cultures and traditions of the Christian faith as possible. One privilege a hospice chaplain has is to become … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts about Women in Ministry

A recent iMonk Classic mentioned the issue of women in ministry.  I thought I’d take it up. Armor?  Check. Shield, gas mask, safety glasses, earplugs?  Check. Here goes. First of all, I won’t say anything about … [Continue reading...]

Sailing In Deep Waters

If I had a boat I'd go out on the ocean And if I had a pony I'd ride him on my boat And we could all together Go out on the ocean Me upon my pony on my boat Lyle Lovett, If I Had A Boat The walls of college dorm rooms, … [Continue reading...]

A Few Reminders (to keep the place from burning down)

By Chaplain Mike Wow. We've had quite a week so far here at Internet Monk. The comments have been pouring in faster than I can follow them, and I've had to go back and clean up several messes where people spilled venom or … [Continue reading...]

The Archbishop Strikes Back

By Chaplain Mike Maybe there is some fight left in the Anglican Church after all. At Pentecost, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, sent a letter to the Anglican Communion encouraging a renewed focus on … [Continue reading...]

Wash Your Ears Out with This

By Chaplain Mike I just started reading Eric Metaxas' acclaimed new biography, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. I'm anxious to share it with you soon. In the meantime, and especially in the light of last evening's … [Continue reading...]

Update: Easter Morning…for Ted

By Chaplain Mike WARNING: As you read this update, the sound you will hear is the voice of cynicism. With a bit of sarcasm thrown in. As well as a healthy dose of antipathy. If I didn't think the evidence deserves this kind of … [Continue reading...]

The Season after Pentecost: “Ordinary Time”

By Chaplain Mike For those who follow the Christian Calendar, we are now in the season after Pentecost. This season is also known as, "Ordinary Time." Robert Webber explains the meaning of the term, and how this season compares … [Continue reading...]

The Comeback Kid?

By Chaplain Mike Americans love a comeback story. Don't we? And Christians believe in the God of second (and third and fourth...etc.) chances. Don't we? Yesterday in Saturday Ramblings, Jeff noted and commented on Ted … [Continue reading...]