July 7, 2015

iMonk 101: Do You Trust The Abbreviated Jesus?

From November of '08, one of my favorite meditations on Jesus. And you should pre-order Jared's book. And read Ross Douthat's column on Dan Brown. The other day a strange feeling came over me. Don’t get me wrong about what … [Continue reading...]

The Jesus Disconnect (5): The Processes of Discipleship

So how does the material in the "rest of the Gospels" come into the Christian life? What are the "processes of Discipleship" we see in the first half of the Gospels that should be integrated into faith in the crucified and risen … [Continue reading...]

Adjectives and Calvinists: A Killer Combination

No one....No one....excels at rhetoric like Calvinists. I'm sorry guys, love ya, but some of you are the biggest fan clubbers I've ever seen. Brian Mclaren doesn't have this kind of devotion. And N.T. Wright can only … [Continue reading...]

The Jesus Disconnect (4): Paul and J.C. Ryle On Justification, Christian Growth And Christlikeness

NOTE: Many of today's commenters should go to New Reformation Press and buy that "Weak On Sanctification" shirt. You'd look good in it. Some texts related to being "connected" to Jesus in salvation by faith and in growing as … [Continue reading...]

The Jesus Disconnect (3): Kingdom, Discipleship and Cross

The second half of the Gospel of Mark is dominated by Jesus' focus on the cross. He begins predicting his passion, death and resurrection in chapters 8, 9 and 10, and arrives in Jerusalem in chapter 11. On the way to Jerusalem, … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: What Was Jesus Like?

This May 2008 post is from a series I did called "The Jesus Shaped Question." You can find it in the "Jesus Shaped" category on the sidebar. It goes along with the material in "The Jesus Disconnect." Mark 3:20 Then he went … [Continue reading...]

The Jesus Disconnect (2): How does the ministry of Jesus fit into our consideration of Jesus?

UPDATE: In the latter part of this IM essay, I deal with some of this issue. I am continuing an extended series on how and why so many Christians are disconnected from Jesus as he is revealed in the Gospels. We began … [Continue reading...]

The Jesus Disconnect (1): What and Why?

I want to write some posts exploring what I am going to call "The Jesus Disconnect." Nothing has impressed me more in my last few years of writing, reading and discussion than the disconnect the average Christian believer feels … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #140

This week: A surly podcast about responses to the coming evangelical collapse, and Scot Mcknight's outstanding analysis of the evangelical Gospel. Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. New products available: New … [Continue reading...]

Michael Bell: How To Stop The Hemorrhaging: A Follow Up To The Pew Forum Data

IM First Officer Michael Bell follows up his look at the Pew Forum Data on Changes in Religious Affiliation. In my previous post at Internet Monk, I looked at two surveys conducted by The Pew Forum on Religion & Public … [Continue reading...]