July 25, 2014

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #112

Various resources, Can women pastors be swept under the rug?, A few words on Lutheran/Evangelical conversation. New Reformation Press T-shirts, etc. David Hayward, the Naked Pastor Credenda-agenda Magazine Ancient … [Continue reading...]

The Weekend File: 09:20:08

Thanks to Issues, Etc for choosing Internetmonk.com as the "Blog of the Week." One of Rod Dreher's readers at Crunchy Con sent in a deadly honest e-mail describing "white privilege." I don't care much for the political … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology: Thoughts On Always Saying More Than The Other Guy

I have been thinking about this post from January of this year as I've read some of the current theological controversies going around the blogosphere and evangelicalism: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology. … [Continue reading...]

Evangelism Won’t Cure It

It's a rant. Adjust your volume and thinking accordingly. My denomination is about to have a ten year emphasis on evangelism. I've been a Southern Baptist since birth. As far as I know, my denomination has never had any … [Continue reading...]

How My Wife’s Catholicism Has Changed Me For The Better: A Birthday Reflection

For you people that don't know this story, I've pulled almost everything off the site that refers to it, so I'm sorry about that. I got some nice things for my 52nd birthday. A new iPod. (Blue, 4th generation Nano. Be envious.) … [Continue reading...]

Real Differences Between Catholics and Protestants 2

That entire "infant baptism" scene in The Godfather would have been very strange if the Corleones were Baptists in a revival meeting listening to some evangelist. … [Continue reading...]

The “Real” Prosperity Gospel

A reader sent me a very nice note yesterday, talking about a bit of the scope and direction of my writing on this blog over the years. He mentioned something I want to share with you. Hear his idea and initial direction; then I … [Continue reading...]

Another Denise Spencer Christmas Program

Here's another- more recent :-) - Denise Spencer Christmas program. These are simply programs appropriate for many churches looking for something that allows traditional music and encourages a Biblical theme. The first Sunday … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: “I Hate Theology”

iMonk 101 is a series of past essays and posts reposted for the enjoyment and edification of the IM audience. "I Hate Theology." Occasionally. I don't think I have reposted this iMonk classic "crisis" post in a couple of … [Continue reading...]

Real Differences Between Catholics and Evangelicals

My wife spent an hour in the sanctuary today contemplating the Eucharist. I spent an hour in the sanctuary fixing the projector. … [Continue reading...]