May 26, 2016

Open Mic: Picking and Choosing in the Psalms

Chaplain Mike posts today's Open Mic question on behalf of the iMonk, Michael Spencer. When I received this from Michael and was asked to post it, it reminded me that, often in my work as a hospice chaplain, I read the Psalms … [Continue reading...]

Counting Blessings in the Middle of Difficulty

Today's post is from IM First Officer Michael Bell. This past year has been a difficult one for me medically. In March I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, which for the uninformed means that I stop breathing while … [Continue reading...]

Book now listed at Publisher

Big Announcement! The Book is now listed at the publisher's website. Do what you can to get the word out, thanks to all who helped get the book out. It's almost all new material, so buy it after September and then buy … [Continue reading...]

Classic IM: While We’re Talking About Interpreting the Bible

In our continuing discussion on issues related to the Scriptures, Chaplain Mike re-runs this classic IM post today. (from Dec, 2008) Hey look! If you read carefully, you will even find another "Bible = loaded gun" … [Continue reading...]

Update From Michael (Tues 1/26)

Just a few notes for those of you who read every day. 1. I am having a port surgically inserted Thursday. Chemo begins the following week. My side effects on 10 radiation treatments were average, if not less. I have no idea … [Continue reading...]

The Pre-Schooler and the Pistol

Today's post is by Chaplain Mike. Last year, here in Indianapolis, a four-year-old was taken by emergency personnel to the hospital with a gunshot wound. At first, it was not clear what had happened. The family told police the … [Continue reading...]

IM Classic: Confession

Since we're on the subject of confession, here is a look at the subject from the personal side. Today, Chaplain Mike presents this classic iMonk post that Michael wrote in October, 2008. Some Christians love to talk about the … [Continue reading...]

How the Confession of My Sins Kept Me in the Church Part II

Today's post is by Pat Kyle of New Reformation Press Back in March of 2009 I put up Part 1 of this post and talked a bit about corporate confession and absolution and how its regular practice helped anchor me in the church. … [Continue reading...]

Who Is My Neighbor?

Chaplain Mike presents this original story, based on real events. Lee was a writer and photographer, the kind of person who drew strength and energy from being alone and working on her arts. She and Frank had been married … [Continue reading...]

From the iMonk Archives: Gospel Relevance=Gospel Application

Since we have been discussing the Gospel and how it shapes our Christian lives, let's continue the conversation by taking a look at this classic IM post from April, 2007. It amazes me that the apostles immediately know- they … [Continue reading...]