October 24, 2017

Christ the King Sunday

By Chaplain Mike Today is "The Feast of Christ the King" the final Sunday in the church year. This feast of worship is not some relic from medieval times, when kings ruled the earth. No, "Christ the King" Sunday is one of … [Continue reading...]

iMonk Classic: Do You Know What Your Church Is Doing Next Sunday?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From Feb 23, 2009 Note from CM: Here is one of Michael Spencer's posts on the Church Year and how it might be used fruitfully by evangelicals. “Part of the problem is that evangelicals … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings 11.20.10

It's leaf-raking time here at the iMonastery. We are very organized as monks. Chaplain Mike is in charge of gathering all of the orange leaves, Damaris gets the yellows, Lisa the reds, and Adam the browns. Joe and Mike are … [Continue reading...]

Church Year Spirituality: The Eastern Orthodox Calendar

Note from CM: In our "Church Year Spirituality" series, I have focused on the calendar of the Western church, and have done so in an intentionally general way. This is the church to which I belong, and so I speak from that … [Continue reading...]

God’s Fool

Now Jeremiah wasn't cool, they all said Jeremiah was a fool. And Ezekiel wasn't cool, they all said Ezekiel was a fool. And Isaiah wasn't cool, they all said Isaiah was a fool. And Jesus wasn't cool, they all said Jesus was a … [Continue reading...]

Exquisitely Suited

"For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own … [Continue reading...]

Church Year Spirituality: Practical Wisdom

By Chaplain Mike The freest time in our adult life was after we were married and before we had children. Having graduated from college, we were no longer bound by a school schedule. We lived in a small, iconic Vermont village … [Continue reading...]

Church Year Spirituality: The Main Thing

By Chaplain Mike For to me, to live is Christ (Phil 1:21) And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. (Heb 12:1-2, … [Continue reading...]

Church Year Spirituality: Living in God’s Story

By Chaplain Mike In our introduction to this series, "Church Year Spirituality," I gave five primary reasons why I think it advantageous for Christians to form their spiritual lives -- their walk with God through Christ -- … [Continue reading...]

Church Year Spirituality

By Chaplain Mike Next Sunday is the final Lord's Day in the Church Year. Christians who follow the liturgical calendar will begin a new year of living in the Gospel with the commencement of Advent on Nov. 28. The diagram on … [Continue reading...]