October 1, 2016

Sunday’s Gospel: The Final Apologetic

By Chaplain Mike Each Sunday, we present devotional thoughts based upon the Gospel reading from the Revised Common Lectionary. Today is the fifth Sunday in Easter. Today's Gospel is John 13:31-35 (NLT). Gospel … [Continue reading...]

iMonk Classic: The Three Stories

Each Saturday, IM posts a classic article by Michael Spencer. Originally posted March 24, 2008. In my preaching to students from all over the world and many different backgrounds, I am always looking for shorthand ways to … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings 5.1.10

Welcome to our weekly effort to tidy up here at the Internet Monk. We have some leftovers and tidbits that need to be put away, so bear with us as we do some light housekeeping. N. T. Wright will retire as Bishop of Durham … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic: The Most Basic Question

Question posed by Chaplain Mike It is a rare conversation that cuts right to the heart of the matter. It happened to me the other day. I was visiting a terminally ill patient who was actively dying. Her granddaughter had … [Continue reading...]

Series Update

The series, "Appearances of the Risen Christ" was interrupted this morning because of server problems with my internet carrier. The series will resume on Monday, May 3. Thanks for understanding. … [Continue reading...]

Live on Steve Brown, Etc.

Chaplain Mike and Jeff Dunn will be were on Steve Brown, Etc. today at noon Eastern. It will be available to listen to online later today, or you can catch it on many radio stations nationwide this weekend.  You can check out the … [Continue reading...]

Walking On The Moon

I am a geek when it comes to the Wright Brothers and manned space flight, as much of this history goes through Dayton, Ohio (near where I was born and raised) and vicinity. I have several dozen books on Wilbur and Orville as well … [Continue reading...]

Christians Need More Enemies

A word from Chaplain Mike: This is the first of what I hope will be many posts by good friend Damaris Zehner. Thanks, Damaris! We Christians ought to have more enemies. This post is not about fat and happy … [Continue reading...]

Take Me Out

By Chaplain Mike When Michael Spencer discovered he had cancer, I made a deal with him. We set a goal  to try and go to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game together this spring. Sadly, the weekend I had set aside to go ended up … [Continue reading...]

The Appearances of the Risen Christ, 6

By Chaplain Mike We are marking the Great Fifty Days of Easter with a series of devotional thoughts on the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Today we look at the second narrative in Luke’s story of Jesus' … [Continue reading...]