March 1, 2015

Twenty Kinds of People Who Lurk, Read and Comment at IM

We have a lot of good people here at IM, and I count many of you as dear and wonderful friends. But I got to making this darned list....Who actually hangs out here, reads this blog every day and comments on the posts? 1. People … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Plan 9 From Lower Space

iMonk 101 features posts from the iMonk's vast archive of provocative material. A blast from the past; August 2005 to be exact. "Plan 9 From Lower Space" was an excursion into one of my favorite literary forms: The Screwtape … [Continue reading...]

Recommendation and Review: Vintage Jesus DVD Curriculum

A few months ago, friends of this web site contributed over $600 worth of curriculum resources so my students could study Jesus along with Mark Driscoll. I've been using the resources with three of my high school Bible survey … [Continue reading...]

Russell Moore: On Sacraments and Sawdusts: Toward the Future of Evangelical-Catholic Public Engagement

I'm really enjoying the speaking and ministry of Russell Moore, dean of theology at my alma mater, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Here's a recent talk that may be of interest to IM readers: "Of Sacraments and … [Continue reading...]

Recommendations and Reviews: From Eternity to Here by Frank Viola; Jesus On Death Row by Mark Osler

From Eternity to Here, by Frank Viola Let's be honest. Guys like me- ordained in the traditional church, collecting a paycheck from the traditional church, investing a significant portion of our life in the traditional … [Continue reading...]

A New Covenant Lent II: A Closer Look At Fasting in Scripture

Fr. Ernesto pointed out that I had used the word "proscribe" wrongly throughout the original post. I appreciate that correction, and edited several sentences that might ease the stress of a few readers who may have taken my wrong … [Continue reading...]

John Dagg: On Love For and Appreciation of Other Christians

I'm stealing this from Tim Brister, but it's such a great quote for this web site, that I had to have it in the archive. John L. Dagg was one of the first systematic theologians that Baptists produced. His Manual of Theology is … [Continue reading...]

New Covenant Lent

UPDATE II: Fr. Ernesto pointed out that I had wrongly used the word "proscribe" in several sentences. I have changed those sentences, and that may have been the problem a few of you were having with my post and comments. Thanks … [Continue reading...]

What Is Jesus Shaped Spirituality?

The past year and a half has been the most personally tumultuous time I've ever experienced as a Christian believer. At one time or another in this past year, I have re-evaluated every area of my Christianity, often with many … [Continue reading...]

Do You Know What Your Church Is Doing Next Sunday?

“Part of the problem is that evangelicals really don’t have traditions,” said Carter. “Instead, we have these fads that are built on the strengths and talents of individual leaders. … But a real tradition can be handed … [Continue reading...]