April 19, 2014

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Movies For and About Hard Times

I hesitate to open movies as a topic for discussion when a chunk of my audience is of the generation that thinks Pineapple Express is great cinema, but here's the question. What are some films "For and About Hard Times" that … [Continue reading...]

Fifteen Random Thoughts About the Economic Crisis

Rather random. Incomplete. Just things I keep thinking. 1. I'm convinced that some of the news media (***cough*** Fox ***cough***) are using the financial situation to create a "panic" audience. That is, they are putting on … [Continue reading...]

“I Forgive Myself:” The Hardest Word?

One of the things I really don't like about run-of-the-mill evangelical spirituality is the assumption that we're all basically clones of each other. Cheerful clones. Mentally healthy clones. Good family clones. Conservative … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 02:18:09: Scot Mcknight on the “Neo-Reformed”

UPDATE II: Trevin Wax agrees and disagrees with Scot. UPDATE: Now tell me again, where are they keeping that secret book? Justin Taylor finds the characterization of the neo-reformed as fundamentalist inaccurate, to say the … [Continue reading...]

Liturgical Gangstas 6: Unappreciated Strengths and Overlooked Weaknesses

Welcome to IM's popular new feature, "The Liturgical Gangstas," a panel discussion among different liturgical traditions represented in the Internet Monk audience. Who are the Gangstas? Father Ernesto Obregon is an Eastern … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Why Aren’t We Doing Inner City Church Planting?

UPDATE: Jared Wilson takes off on this topic. I'm not dogging any churches here. I love my brothers and sisters in the suburbs. But this is a question that needs to be discussed. No blame, but thoughtful consideration. If you … [Continue reading...]

Some Thoughts on Spiritual Gifts

If you haven't read them recently, the relevant passages on Spiritual gifts are 1 Corinthians 12-14, Romans 12, and 1 Peter 4. Most of us who are old enough recall when we first heard teaching on the subject of "spiritual … [Continue reading...]

I’m A Poor Player

I love chess. I've loved it since I was a kid. I've kept my first chess sets. I can recall every hand held set I ever took to school when I was told not to. I still stalk ebay looking for a particular plastic set that I wanted … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #127

This week: Starting some talks about parents, student ministry, etc: This week I talk about evaluating the "acting out" teen and parenting/ministry for identity rather than behavior. Exit music from Randy Stonehill. The new CD, … [Continue reading...]

Poetry Slam ’09

One of the events I am responsible for at the ministry where I serve is a poetry slam. Competitors must perform an original poem. Non-competitors are either adults or are performing non-original work. Here are four of the poems … [Continue reading...]