December 4, 2016

I Don’t Get It (again)

By Chaplain Mike I have to admit it—I don't get Pentecostalism. Though I have been exposed to charismatic and pentecostal brothers and sisters since the earliest days after my conversion, their approach to the faith and … [Continue reading...]

Preparing to Honor the Saints

By Chaplain Mike In some traditions, All Saints' Day was celebrated on Nov. 1, while others will honor the saints this coming Sunday, the first in November. All Saints' may be compared to American national holidays like … [Continue reading...]

A Paint-By-Numbers Life

Sometimes I envy those of other religions. Really, I do. There are times I want a paint-by-number religion, one with a complete set of instructions as to how I am to please the deity we are creating with our brushes. All the 8s … [Continue reading...]

Creativity Overcoming Safety

Editor's note: I came across this essay by Orlando, Florida pastor Cole NeSmith recently. Cole says what I have been saying for years, only much better than I could say it. Read this and pass it on to others to read as well. This … [Continue reading...]

Nouwen on Prayer

By Chaplain Mike There are so many gems in the new books which present Henri Nouwen's teachings on spiritual direction and spiritual formation that I did not even try to begin to include excerpts in the review I posted earlier … [Continue reading...]

“For you we face death all day long”

By Chaplain Mike A current article in Foreign Policy magazine by Eden Naby and Jamsheed K. Chosky makes the following startling observation: There is now an alarming possibility that there will be no significant Christian … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic: Election Day

By Chaplain Mike I have a mantra: "I am about the most a-political person you will ever meet." That's why we don't talk much about the subject here on Internet Monk. Generally, I have little interest in politics, except on a … [Continue reading...]

IM Book Review: Spiritual Direction

By Chaplain Mike Two of Henri Nouwen's students, Michael Christensen and Rebecca Laird, have taken their late teacher's course in spiritual direction and supplemented it with his unpublished writings to create a "new" work … [Continue reading...]

One Last Gasp

A few nights ago, I passed through the room where my husband sat watching television. I stopped and stood mesmerized – gripped by the depiction of a woman drowning. It was so graphic that I had a sense of struggle within me as I … [Continue reading...]

Mark Galli Uncovers Our Mixed Motives

By Chaplain Mike Mark Galli is one of those writers that seems to have insight into my soul. Almost every article or book of his that I read resonates deeply within me. Case in point, his current article in CT, … [Continue reading...]