October 25, 2016

Saturday Ramblings 10.16.10

Two things that don't go together: gutters and pine trees. Sigh ... Climb ladder---grab a handful of pine needles from gutter, drop into big bucket---climb down ladder---move ladder over three feet---lather, rinse, repeat. After … [Continue reading...]

A Jesus Story in Song

By Chaplain Mike Jeff's post on storytelling songs yesterday got me thinking about all the great musical artists I've heard over the years who have painted song-pictures in which my imagination could wander. A great … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic: Is Narnia too Scary for Kids?

By Chaplain Mike On her•meneutics, Christianity Today's blog for women, Elrena Evans has written a post called, "Why There's No Narnia in Our Home." I'd like to hear your opinions on it today. It turns out that Ms. … [Continue reading...]

Story Songs

Ok, iMonks: time for your publisher to make his confession. Ready? I cry when I hear really good stories in songs. They don't even have to be sad stories, just real. And sung with a gut-wrenching passion. Done right, you can … [Continue reading...]

Depression Is Selfish

Can someone tell me what a sign in front of a church means that reads "Depression is Selfish"? --from a Facebook post This was the "status update," or whatever it is called, posted by a good friend of mine on his Facebook page … [Continue reading...]

Hey Look!

By Chaplain Mike October 13, 2010 Southeast side of Indianapolis, IN You sent abundant rain, O God, To refresh the weary land. (Psalm 68:9, NLT) … [Continue reading...]

Tell Me About Your Day

By Chaplain Mike OK, so here is a brief report of some of the stories I heard on a recent day of visiting hospice patients and their families. (Details have been changed.) In the morning I visited an older man I have come to … [Continue reading...]

The Life God Is In

  By Chaplain Mike "...he is not far from any one of us." (Acts 17.27, NLT) As I have talked with friends throughout this year, I've noted that we've been using a phrase regularly: "This is the life God is in." OK, it … [Continue reading...]

Ecclesiastical Dreamin’

By Chaplain Mike Stopped into a church I passed along the way. Well, I got down on my knees And I pretend to pray. You know the preacher likes the cold. He knows I'm gonna stay California dreamin' on such a winter's … [Continue reading...]


By Chaplain Mike We haven't had a good day of rain where I live for over two months. Our lawns are past turning brown. Now they are brittle, straw-like. Weeds provide the only green at ground level. They proliferate. Hardy, … [Continue reading...]