June 23, 2018

The First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation

This is part three of Martha's series on the mystery of the Rosary. Yes, we ran the Second Mystery before the First, partly due to when Martha's emails arrived on this side of the pond, and partly due to user (i.e., yours truly) … [Continue reading...]

The Second Joyful Mystery: the Visitation

This is the second in a series by our own Martha of Ireland on the mysteries of the rosary. Part one can be read here.  In those days Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country, to a town in Judah,  and she entered … [Continue reading...]

The Offensiveness Of The Cross

And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? Then is the offense of the cross ceased (Galatians 5:11, KJV). "I know of a church where they no longer speak of the blood of Jesus," said my … [Continue reading...]


“There is no way of piercing faith to its very marrow like the sticking of the arrow of desertion into it; this finds it out whether it be of immortals or no.” —C.H. Spurgeon              “Immortals or no …” I’ll just tell you … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic: Do We Need To Vote For A Christian?

I am going to say this right up front. I do not want any comments shilling for a specific candidate, or any comments that put down other candidates. Moderation (once I can get back to my computer) will be strict. Play by the … [Continue reading...]

Decline And Fall

There’s been a lot of discussion over the last 1500 years or so of what led to the fall of the Roman Empire and ushered in the Dark Ages.  Such discussions are hard to conduct because already there are those (and I am among them) … [Continue reading...]

Another Look: The Bigness Of God

Chaplain Mike is headed for a weeklong retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani. Let's be in prayer for our brother as he goes on what will no doubt be an overwhelming encounter with the Lord. Here is another look at my retreat at the … [Continue reading...]

The Open Door

After a week of ordinary and inevitable failures, sins, and missed opportunities, I’m content to remember in whose hands salvation lies and who invites us in to his Sabbath rest.  Psalm 84 talks about being a doorkeeper in God’s … [Continue reading...]

iMonk Classic: A Young Person’s Guide To The Book Of Revelation

This is an essay Michael Spencer prepared as a way to help the young people he taught understand the book of Revelation. I find that, even though I'm no longer "young," this helps me greatly when preparing to read through what may … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings 10.8.11

The Tulsa State Fair is underway, which means two things. No one has yet figured out that Tulsa is not a "state," and you will breathe more secondhand cholesterol there than the rest of your life combined. Not exactly pining for a … [Continue reading...]