October 21, 2014

iMonk 101: Losing the Treasure of a Christ-Centered Assurance of Salvation

I had a good talk yesterday with one of our young preachers on this subject. I'm also longing for Robert Capon to never die and to keep writing books that show me the way. Anyway, this is a favorite topic and I hope a helpful … [Continue reading...]

Welcome to the NEW Internet Monk.com

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Joe Stallard, the new Internet Monk is coming on line tonight. Plenty of bugs and minor matters to attend to, and I can't promise that we won't need to go off the air briefly, but here we … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: What Might Boys Read?

Noel, Ryan and I were talking tonight about the fact that while a few middle/high school girls read, almost no middle/high school boys read. My dad died almost 15 years ago. He enjoyed Zane Grey and Tarzan. There was a time the … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: David Mills/Noel Cordle: What Are Our Kids Reading, Anyway?

Our guest blogger today is my daughter, Noel Cordle, who is riffing on David Mills review of contemporary young people's literature in the current issue of Touchstone magazine. Noel recently finished her English degree from Ohio … [Continue reading...]

Russ Moore on The Lord’s Supper

Communion (Really) from Russell Moore on Vimeo. … [Continue reading...]

From the Writer’s Worktable: Check in, but don’t always Buy in

This was going in at the end of a chapter on the Christian and the Bible that I've been working on yesterday and today, but it fell out when I changed directions. It may appear in some form in later chapters more intentionally … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #148

This week: Where is the Gospel in the Church? Credo House. Blogosphere spiritual formation. Jesus calls the first disciples. Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. New teaching available. Emmaus Retreat Center. A great … [Continue reading...]

Michael Bell: What Is An “Average Church?”

Welcome back IM First Officer Michael Bell as the guest blogger today. You may have heard people say that the "average" sized church in the U.S. or Canada is about 75 people. You also may have heard someone say that the … [Continue reading...]

Blogosphere Spirituality: An Assessment

I'm writing about spirituality these days. Yeah, I know how a lot of you feel about that word. So deal. We're going to use it. We're also going to use another word some of you don't like: formation. Now that we're good and … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: Karen Armstrong on the Science/Religion Cul De Sac and N.T. Wright on his Differences with Piper

Karen Armstrong (pronounced Car-en, if you care) isn't a religion scholar I'd normally recommend, but I think she makes a fairly good description of what appears to be a good bit of the situation we find ourselves in as regards … [Continue reading...]