August 1, 2014

Stupid Ministry Tricks: The Best of My Bone-Headed Ministry Mistakes

It came to me today that many of you have probably felt that this web site was remiss in offering practical encouragement to those who are laboring in the work of ministry. Here I am, 33+ years into this business, and I haven't … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #144

This week: Should we apologize? Evangelism by bigger families? Support the IM sponsors: New Reformation Press. New products available: New music and DVDs. Emmaus Retreat Center. A great place for your next group or individual … [Continue reading...]

First Baptist Bar and Grill

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The Doctrine of Election in Three Sentences

Hey Michael, Love your podcasts...and your take on Christianity in, in 3 sentences or less, what is your take on the Doctrine of Election? Can't wait to read what you have to say. bobby Scripture … [Continue reading...]

The Big Worship Goof

One of my major premises in the writing I'm doing these days is that evangelicals have become a movement actually destroying itself. At no point does that seem more obvious than in the recent evolution of worship within … [Continue reading...]

Open mic at the iMonk Cafe: Grace and Authority

For the sake of this question, I'm going to make an unsafe assumption: that we all have a strong commitment to the application of grace in everyday life. While all of us who love grace want to apply it to all of our … [Continue reading...]

On Teaching Edwards’ “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God”

A tough day at the office today, the office being teaching remedial English III to a small class of kids who failed it. A couple are new and one is not happy- at all- to be in school this summer. So I'm earning the big bucks like … [Continue reading...]

From David Hayward, The Naked (or Nekkid) Pastor

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Question: Is Evangelism Child Abuse?

My last post has stirred up some, uh...."interesting" commentary and email. To the point: in the view of some people, evangelism of teenagers is abusive and unethical. Since I'm a preacher who preaches the Gospel to teenagers with … [Continue reading...]

On Throwing Away A Ministry of Comfort

Last night was one of those nights of preaching where I am reminded of where God has put me and what he's put me here to do. I meditated a bit on that today, and share my gratitude to Him with you. "I live by preaching. My … [Continue reading...]