September 26, 2017

For Memorial Day 2011

By Chaplain Mike I offer this, my favorite music video of all time, on America's Memorial Day, for all who have died because of war, with a prayer that the day will come quickly when all such fighting and dying shall … [Continue reading...]

iMonk Classic: Conversations with Michael Spencer

Let me be the first to say that I am enjoying the discussions we've been having lately on Internet Monk. I plan to incorporate more discussion sessions in the near future through "Ask Chaplain Mike" and "Let's Discuss..." posts. … [Continue reading...]

Easter VI

By Chaplain Mike Today's Gospel: John 14:15-21 these are the words an orphan longs to hear i will give i will come i will abide and i will be with you forever and you will see you will live you will know and you … [Continue reading...]

The Insatiable Beast Takes Another Bite

By Chaplain Mike That wonderful old Christian satire magazine The Wittenberg Door used to have a regular feature called, "Truth Is Stranger than Fiction." That would be an apt way to describe this story I came across … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Ramblings 5.28.11

Greetings, iMonks. Once again we have reached the week's end. Every time we have a Friday, Saturday invariably follows. I like Saturdays. They're great for hiking, yard work, running to the big box home improvement store to buy … [Continue reading...]

Ask Chaplain Mike: “A Tenuous Seat in the Mainline”

By Chaplain Mike Last week, we started a new series called, "Ask Chaplain Mike." Readers submitted questions via email and I will continue to answer them, devoting a post or two each week to your inquiries. When I start running … [Continue reading...]

Graduation Day

This is a fun time of year when we get to celebrate with those graduating from high school or college. I will be traveling to Ohio next week to take part in my niece's high school graduation. You may be attending graduations or … [Continue reading...]

Love Makes Us

“God, loving what is not yet and putting faith in us, continually begets us, since love is what begets.” — Carlo Carretto If love is what makes us, then we all, at least in the infinite mind of God, are fully made because … [Continue reading...]

Let’s Discuss…Baptism

By Chaplain Mike This past Sunday we had a baptism in our Lutheran church. Four small children received the sacrament and were introduced to the congregation as members of God's family. This led to a discussion after worship … [Continue reading...]

Happy 70th, Bob Dylan

By Chaplain Mike Part way through my morning, I remembered it was Bob Dylan's seventieth birthday. I scrolled through my iPod playlist and saw that I had a "Dylan Mix" there. So, here are the 25 songs with which I celebrated … [Continue reading...]