January 25, 2015

Riffs: 10:20:09: The Status of the Reformation according to 9 Marks and B16

UPDATE: Fr. Dwight Longnecker has a great analysis of what the new RCC/Anglican arrangement will mean and how it will work. The 9 Marks blog is increasingly, uh...interesting....from a post-evangelical perspective. Jonathan … [Continue reading...]

The Evangelical Liturgy 17: The Lord’s Supper

Here's the intro to this series. All posts are under the "Evangelical Liturgy" category. In the past two years, I have written extensively here at IM in an attempt to recover some sanity, frequency and meaningful practice of … [Continue reading...]

Keep Going

More self-indulgent thoughts on my life. Skip if that annoys you. In the middle of this week, I heard some seriously bad health news about a good friend. Yesterday, I had to turn down an opportunity I really wanted to accept. … [Continue reading...]

Preaching For Grownups: Mark 10:35-52

Today's Lectionary passage in the Gospel of Mark was the requests of James and John, Jesus' response and his teaching on greatness and servanthood. I would have titled this something like "What's Wrong With Ambition?" These … [Continue reading...]

Liturgical Gangstas 16: Spiritual Warfare

UPDATE: Comments are closed. Welcome to IM's popular feature, "The Liturgical Gangstas," a panel discussion among different liturgical traditions represented in the Internet Monk audience. Who are the Gangstas? Father … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #161

This week: This and That + Questions on God, Assurance and the Evangelical Wilderness. (NOTE: I need assistance on getting a good, hot sound from Garageband + Blue Snowball. Anyone with suggested settings?) Support the IM … [Continue reading...]

Can someone tell me why a “Creation” Educator is giving this speech at a “Creation Museum?”

A speech about saving America and the church, in case you just don't care enough actually watch the clip before you comment. Anytime someone tells me the "Creation museum" is a museum I want to run this piece out. Ham's … [Continue reading...]

Rev Eric Dudley, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tallahassee, Florida: The Nuts and Bolts of Anglican Liturgy

We've been talking the Evangelical/Protestant liturgy recently, so why not something to give us some background in an evangelical Anglican liturgy. I've been watching with great interest- OK, with undiluted envy- the growth of one … [Continue reading...]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Miracle Testimonies

Testimonies about miracles. I'm not much on them. At least once a year or so, I'll have someone want to tell our ministry of mostly non-Christian kids a "miracle" testimony of being healed, delivered from drugs, saved from … [Continue reading...]

How To Lose A Young Mind #1 (with a few thoughts on Dawkins)

(or Why Waste All That Time Considering Evidence When You Can Announce Your Presuppositions and Be Done With It) I've been monitoring a discussion at a prominent Calvinistic blog regarding Richard Dawkin's defense of evolution … [Continue reading...]