August 17, 2018

Open Mic: Signs and Wonders Camp

I’m pretty much speechless about this one. So I’m turning it over to the iMonk community for discussion and debate. * * *

Open Forum — May 7, 2012

I am writing these words from the western suburbs of Chicago, where Gail and I spent the weekend. On Sunday, we had a full day. We went to worship in the morning at the church we usually attend when we come up here (Gail’s sister’s congregation). Then we took the train downtown, had lunch in […]

Open Forum — April 25, 2012

This afternoon, I want to give you, our iMonk community, a chance to simply talk among yourselves. I’m not going to suggest a topic or prime the pump, it’s up to you. I still want you to play nice, but I also want you to have the chance to introduce a subject for discussion, ask […]

An Open Forum for New Commenters

This is long overdue. For awhile, I’ve wanted to give opportunity for people who have never commented on Internet Monk to join the conversation. So, today, the mic is yours. Welcome! Perhaps you have been reading Internet Monk for years but have not added your two cents’ worth, for one reason or another. If you’ve […]

Hate Religion? Love Jesus?

Jefferson Bethke has certainly received a lot of attention for his video, “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus, which went viral on YouTube last week (over 10 million views). In it, he raps a poem expressing a common evangelical perspective: Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. In fact, Jesus came to abolish […]

Open Mic: A New “Emerging” Church

CM: I’m sorry I haven’t been able to moderate as closely as I’d hoped today. I’m going to close the comments. I think we’ve covered this enough for now. I’m more convinced than ever that we as Christians are going to have to learn to talk about issues like this in more loving and helpful ways. We’ll […]

Fantasy Friday Night Dinner Party

It is an old way to talk about the people and topics we find most interesting… You are having a dinner party for four, including yourself. If you could invite anyone else in the world, living today, who would you ask to join you at the table? Why would you ask those particular people? What […]

Open Mic: No Prayers at the 9/11 Memorial Observance

By Chaplain Mike Have you read reports about the controversy concerning the ceremony of remembrance at the Sept. 11 Memorial dedication next week? No Christian clergy or leaders of other faiths will participate and no formal prayers will be offered. Some in the church and in our culture think that is wrong. Others agree with […]

Open Mic: What’s a “Biblical” Church?

By Chaplain Mike For our open thread discussion today, I would like to ask you some questions based on a quote I read the other day. I am not going to give the source of the quote because I don’t want to get responses about the person or the ministry or tradition he represents. Suffice […]

Open Mic: What Is the Prosperity Gospel?

By Chaplain Mike This post might also be called: “Ask Chaplain Mike: Eagle’s Questions, part 2.” But I would like to take a different approach this time. Instead of me simply answering our friend’s question, I’d like the iMonk community to take part. In fact, Eagle himself asks for this when he writes: What exactly […]