February 20, 2018

Open Forum for Mission Workers

I believe every Christian is involved in the Missio Dei, God’s mission to make his “kingdom come,” his “will be done on earth as it is in heaven” through Christ. Some people, however, have sensed a special call to take up vocations directly involved in mission activity. Like Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13, they […]

Open Forum on America (Independence Day Special)

Update: One of our commenters pointed us to a good article that I would commend to you this Independence Day. It’s by Brett McCracken, and is called “Place, Patriotism, and Sehnsucht”. * * * Cue “Stars and Stripes Forever”. After you light the grill and while you’re waiting for the coals to heat up, why not […]

Open Forum for Readers around the World

I know, I know. Internet Monk is USA-centric. With the exception of our sister Martha o’ Ireland, we tend to look at things from a rather red, white, and blue perspective. But one of the reasons we love the worldwide web so much is that it’s so…well, worldwide. We love to hear from readers all […]

Open Forum for Pastors

Callin’ all Rev’s! Today is the day for you: padre, pastor, preacher, priest, parson, minister, rector, reverend, bishop, vicar, or whatever else your title may be. It’s the day we’re asking clergy to lead the way here on Internet Monk. We want reports from the front lines of church ministry. We want you, whom God […]

Open Forum Week on IM

You folks continue to impress me with the discussions we’ve been having lately, particularly on our monthly Open Forum posts. So… This week we will be having an Open Forum Week on Internet Monk in a way we haven’t tried before. Each day we will have an open discussion, but it will be on a […]

Follow Up: Jesus and Health Care

One of our good readers, Rick, made some comments yesterday that I both reacted to and rejoiced in. In the end, I agreed with him that the discussion needed to be directed more toward our purpose here at Internet Monk — to promote a Jesus-shaped Christianity. He wrote: “…It was just that I didn’t see […]

Open Forum — June 26, 2012

Given the following facts… It is after midnight. I have been working on ideas for posts for several hours but am coming up empty. I just came off a week in my ministry in which I worked over 62 hours, including leading five funerals and attending at least a half dozen deaths, as well as […]

Open Mic: Signs and Wonders Camp

I’m pretty much speechless about this one. So I’m turning it over to the iMonk community for discussion and debate. * * *

Open Forum — May 7, 2012

I am writing these words from the western suburbs of Chicago, where Gail and I spent the weekend. On Sunday, we had a full day. We went to worship in the morning at the church we usually attend when we come up here (Gail’s sister’s congregation). Then we took the train downtown, had lunch in […]

Open Forum — April 25, 2012

This afternoon, I want to give you, our iMonk community, a chance to simply talk among yourselves. I’m not going to suggest a topic or prime the pump, it’s up to you. I still want you to play nice, but I also want you to have the chance to introduce a subject for discussion, ask […]