April 25, 2018

Open Forum – April 2, 2014

The other day we invited everyone to the table here at iMonk and set down some simple guidelines for interaction. Today we’ll give you room to have your own conversations. An Open Forum means you get to talk about what is interesting you at the moment. This is your chance to get together with others […]

Open Forum for Newbies

For all of you who are regular commenters on Internet Monk: this morning’s post is your Open Forum. I encourage you to continue your discussions there. This afternoon’s Open Forum is for people who have never or who only rarely make a comment on Internet Monk. I want to encourage you newbies to speak up […]

Open Forum – Feb. 5, 2014

It’s winter wonderland here in the Midwest and in many other parts of the U.S. Tonight on BBC News I saw that folks across Europe are having a hard winter too. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, chances are you’re hunkered down. Just the right day for an Open Forum on Internet Monk, I’d say. […]

Cast Your Vote for “The Greatest American…”

UPDATE: Here, at the end of good day of house painting with my family, I have added my votes to the post. * * * Happy Independence Day in the U.S.A.! Today, just for fun and discussion, between hot dogs, we’re taking your votes for “The Greatest American _____________ “ — in seven categories. Cast […]

Pope Francis…and your thoughts

Habemus Papam Franciscum   We’re open blogging today on the subject of the new Pope. We invite you to share your thoughts, opinions, hopes, prayers, and concerns. Here are a few links for further reading: Vatican Website Catholic News Service BBC News Coverage Christianity Today

IM: The Oscars Open Mic Edition

Sad to say, I have not even seen one of the motion pictures that are up for Best Picture at tonight’s Academy Awards. Here is the list: Amour Argo Beasts of the Southern Wild Django Unchained Les Misérables Life of Pi Lincoln Silver Linings Playbook Zero Dark Thirty Honestly, “Life of Pi,” “Lincoln,” and “Amour” […]

Scot McKnight on Zealotry

Our friend Scot McKnight gave permission for us to piggy-back on his discussion from yesterday on the subject of zealotry. In the following excerpt from his post on Jesus Creed, Scot describes what Christian zealotry is and what it does, and he contrasts this approach with those who walk in genuine freedom in Christ. He […]

Open Mic: What Message Do We Need to Hear More Today — Grace or Holiness?

There’s a great discussion starter over at the Village Green at Christianity Today: Do American Christians Need the Message of Grace or a Call to Holiness? Three representatives contribute their thoughts: Will Willimon gives a typically Methodist view, advocating for the holiness message and defending it by saying: “While we always need grace—grace defined by us […]

Open Mic: Losing Our Religion (2)

Yesterday, we began a few days of discussing the recent stories on NPR’s Morning Edition in the series, “Losing Our Religion.” Our first conversation was about the overall trend of a growing disconnect between younger people and religion in the U.S. More and more of them are identifying themselves as “Nones” — when asked to state […]

Open Mic: Losing Our Religion (1)

NPR’s Morning Edition did a series last week called “Losing Our Religion.” I encourage you to click the link and listen to the six pieces. The first is an overview of the phenomenon portrayed in the chart above: the growth of the “nones” — the religiously unaffiliated. This trend has been observed especially among younger people. Two […]