October 23, 2018

Open Thread: The De-Churching of America: What do YOU Think?

I’m reading some books on the de-churching of America, i.e. the drop in church attendance over the last 50 years. Research being what it is, I know that anything can be proven, but I have my own research tool: the IM readership. Without going into great detail, what have you seen in your own extended […]

Open Thread: Are You Offended?

Here’s an issue that’s bound to have come up in some of your settings, especially if you’ve ever been in an art class or used Biblical art as illustration. Look at this painting of Adam and Eve. (Titian, later Reubens.) It’s a very common illustration of the Adam and Eve story. Are you offended? Why […]

Open Thread: Where does the Bible say Satan wants people to go to hell?

I was watching the documentary “Hell House” with my students in Advanced Bible, and one of the preachers kept saying that Satan wants to take as many “souls” as possible to hell with him, so the church is in a competition with the devil for souls. I’ve heard this hundreds of times in my life, […]

Open Discussion at the IM Mic: How Much Can The Bible Do “Alone?”

A very interesting topic arose on the last “Real Differences” thread: Differing views on the distribution of scripture to the public. Got me thinking….. How much can the Bible do alone? (That’s a little tricky, because the Bible is never completely “alone.” I mean how much can the Bible do without someone there to teach […]

Voddie Baucham: Why Gov. Palin Should Be At Home

Voddie Baucham is an influential person among a lot of people in the Southern Baptist Convention. He spoke at the Founder’s Breakfast recently, he does the reformed conference circuit, and his ideas on family and church are making major inroads among younger Southern Baptists. Pastor Baucham is nothing if not a consistent complementarian. He’s dead […]

Is It A Sin To Be A Stay At Home Dad?

One gets the impression that, in some churches, a stay at home dad runs the risk of being taken out in the back yard and “dealt with” by “the dudes.” Since the issue came up here at IM, I thought I’d send along some of what others have to say. In this video, Grace and […]

Preachers as Comedians: An Open Thread Discussion.

NOTE: I’ve had comment moderation off for most of the last 24 hours. Good job everyone. It’s now back on. Perhaps, by taking it on and off randomly, I can get the desired quality of posts without as much time investment on my part. I just received yet another clip of someone’s pastor basically preaching […]

Open Thread: So Where Does A Baptist Go For Spiritual Formation?

UPDATE: My apologies for tolerating the troll. So….imagine that a Baptist (or other evangelical)- like my dear wife used to be, for example- were to decide that he or she wanted to deepen their spiritual life; to grow spiritually and in spiritual disciplines; to seek out spiritual direction and pursue spiritual formation. Where would they […]

Open Thread: Panera Ecclesiology

Andy Naselli recounts a conversation his wife overheard at Panera Bread between two men a) griping abut a woman who wouldn’t sleep with them and b) discussing their church preferences. Maybe you’ve heard Michael Horton and the White Horse Inn guys talk about how the modern seeker/church growth churches are generally proclaiming law and not […]

Open Thread Question: Church and Kingdom- What’s the Relationship?

UPDATE: Winner so far: Thinkling Jared. Esp for saying whom he copied from. I think we need to open a window at this little stop on the web. It’s been a bit stuffy in here lately. Here’s a question that’s right at the heart of all kinds of important things going on in my life […]