March 22, 2018

Open Mic At The iMonk Cafe: A Question About Apologists

Tonight’s “Open Mic” question is a simple one. If you don’t get it, I’m not going to help you. Catholics, I thought about this just being about your team, but that wouldn’t be fair. OK. Here it is. Tonight’s iMonk Cafe Open Mic Question: “Why are apologists….you know…..why are they the way they are?” Some […]

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Christmas Worship 2008

It’s traditional here at Internet Monk to have an open thread on the topic of your experiences in Christmas worship. We want to hear your stories. What was outstanding. What was awful. What was full of the meaning of the incarnation. What was lost, given up or thrown away. Was the great opportunity to focus […]

Open Mic At the iMonk Cafe: Christians and Technology

D.A. Carson has a wonderfully thoughtful and well-written editorial in this month’s Themelios web magazine. It’s not particularly long and it will be a provocative way to think about this week’s open mic question, so go read it and come back. The Question is: How would you evaluate the overall effect of technology on your […]

Open Thread Discussion: Group Punishment/Blessing in the Bible

In my Bible classes, I often will come up with a topic that relates to what we’ve been studying, and I’ll ask the students to prepare to debate either side of a proposition related to what we’ve learned. I thought this week’s topic would make for an interesting topic of discussion. Our students, like any […]

Open Thread: It’s Sunday Morning…What’s A Family To Do?

UPDATE: This thread is sitting an IM record for posts in a short period of time. And some very interesting responses. One of the commenters in a previous discussion raised a very interesting, practical situation facing young families that would make for a good open thread topic. “Going to church” is very difficult for families […]

Open Thread: What Might Be God’s Purposes In A Major Economic Downturn?

None of us know God’s ways and purposes beyond what He has revealed in scripture or in our own experience. But taking those lessons and “sanctified common sense,” we can think in terms of possibilities. For instance, I have my students answer the question: “What were God’s possible purposes in allowing Saul to be such […]

Open Thread: The De-Churching of America: What do YOU Think?

I’m reading some books on the de-churching of America, i.e. the drop in church attendance over the last 50 years. Research being what it is, I know that anything can be proven, but I have my own research tool: the IM readership. Without going into great detail, what have you seen in your own extended […]

Open Thread: Are You Offended?

Here’s an issue that’s bound to have come up in some of your settings, especially if you’ve ever been in an art class or used Biblical art as illustration. Look at this painting of Adam and Eve. (Titian, later Reubens.) It’s a very common illustration of the Adam and Eve story. Are you offended? Why […]

Open Thread: Where does the Bible say Satan wants people to go to hell?

I was watching the documentary “Hell House” with my students in Advanced Bible, and one of the preachers kept saying that Satan wants to take as many “souls” as possible to hell with him, so the church is in a competition with the devil for souls. I’ve heard this hundreds of times in my life, […]

Open Discussion at the IM Mic: How Much Can The Bible Do “Alone?”

A very interesting topic arose on the last “Real Differences” thread: Differing views on the distribution of scripture to the public. Got me thinking….. How much can the Bible do alone? (That’s a little tricky, because the Bible is never completely “alone.” I mean how much can the Bible do without someone there to teach […]