September 21, 2018

Midweek Monkery 5/15/13

Welcome to Midweek Monkery, Lutheran edition. I hope you will enjoy a few of the things that have made me laugh as I have started to learn more about the Lutheran community, especially the immigrant Lutheran community in the U.S. If you are a laughing Lutheran, I’d love to have you chime in today with […]

An Outline: My Journey from Evangelicalism to the Lutheran Tradition

Here is an outline from two talks I gave at the church where I am currently learning and serving. It is just an outline, so if you have questions or want clarifications on anything, ask away. My purpose was to describe my personal reasons for why I, as a Christian, have moved from the culture […]

An Entry Level Guide to the Lutheran Perspective

I just read a brief and winsome introduction to The Christian Faith from a Lutheran Perspective by Peter W. Marty, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa, as well as a noted speaker and author. Pastor Marty covers many of the key teachings from the Lutheran tradition in a simple but not simplistic […]

Ethiopian Lutherans Sever Ties with ELCA

On Feb. 7, the ELCA News Service reported that “the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) is severing its relationship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Church of Sweden and ‘those churches who have openly accepted same-sex marriage.’” The EECMY has been associated with the Swedish church for over 150 years and […]

LCMS President Apologizes

Note: this is a follow up to last week’s post, Ridiculous Religiosity. Below is an excerpt from a pastoral letter and apology from President Harrison of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod regarding the Newtown, Connecticut affair. Pastor Rob Morris, an LCMS pastor in Newtown, had been asked by Pres. Harrison to apologize for participating in […]

Wilderness Update: The Next Step in the Journey

On Monday, I will begin the next leg of my journey into ordained ministry in the Lutheran Church (ELCA). Having been accepted into the process (“Entranced,” in ELCA lingo) based on various interviews and documents submitted, tests taken, and background checks completed, I will now find out my recommended course through a Theological Review Panel […]

Ten Reasons to Love Luther

How the Lutheran Tradition Answers Many Post-Evangelical Concerns (5/conclusion) Thanks for participating in this week of reflections on various elements of Lutheran teaching that I believe answer specific concerns about contemporary American evangelicalism. There are others, and I’m sure we will discuss them in future posts. But we will conclude for now with a few […]

How the Lutheran Tradition Answers Many Post-Evangelical Concerns (4)

This week I have been giving some examples to show how concerns I have had over the years about evangelicalism are answered by the traditional teachings of historic Lutheranism. We will finish this series up with two final posts. In the first, I want to discuss an emphasis that Martin Luther and his heirs have […]

How the Lutheran Tradition Answers Many Post-Evangelical Concerns (3)

Note: I was honored to see that Gene Edward Veith has linked to these posts. You can follow the responses and discussion at Cranach: The Blog of Veith. • • • This is now the third in a series of posts detailing some of the ways I have found that the Lutheran tradition provides solid […]

How the Lutheran Tradition Answers Many Post-Evangelical Concerns (2)

I continue this overview of how emphases in the historic tradition of Lutheranism have helped me with many concerns I’ve expressed about American evangelicalism. Thus far, I have introduced the following elements… How I came to peace with finding a tradition, How I appreciate the priority of Word and Table liturgical worship in the Lutheran […]