September 20, 2018

Winter Wilderness

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Winter Wilderness (Denise Day Spencer) Photos by Denise Day Spencer • • • When crinkled leaves drop from the trees, it’s then you see what lay hidden. Or so they say. The creek rushing beyond rough, bare branches. A birds’ nest lodged in the forked crook of limbs. […]

The Unseen Trail

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness The Unseen Trail (Allen Krell) • • • It was one of those beautiful days for a quick day hike. The weather was mild, warm enough not to need a jacket but too cool to wear shorts. I stopped by a local set of hiking trails on the […]

Transforming the Original Wilderness

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Transforming the Original Wilderness (Genesis 1:2) • • • “Now the land was an uninhabitable wasteland, covered with water and thick darkness. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” (Gen 1.2) The early chapters of Genesis were designed to help the Jewish […]

iMonk Classic: The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism (1)

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism, part 1 A classic Michael Spencer iMonk post from Nov. 2008 NOTE: On Sundays in Lent, we will run these classic essays from Michael Spencer on the evangelical wilderness. My posts on Christine Wicker’s and Julia Duin’s descriptions of evangelicalism’s winter are meant […]

The Firepit

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness The Firepit • • • The pastor stood in front of Chris’s casket and nodded as mourners filed by. Glancing around, he saw a flower arrangement behind him with an interesting note on it: “From your friends at Green Lake Campground.” It was striking to him that owners […]

Grace Grows in the Barren Land

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Grace Grows in the Barren Land: Why God leads us into the wilderness (Rev. Daniel Jepsen) • • • God’s sometimes has a strange way of showing His love. Consider the ministry of Jesus. All three synoptic gospels record the same unsettling start to the ministry of Jesus. […]

All Fall Down

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness All Fall Down (Ash Wednesday) • • • Broken lines, broken strings Broken threads, broken springs Broken idols, broken heads People sleepin’ in broken beds Ain’t no use jivin’, ain’t no use jokin’ Everything is broken… • Bob Dylan • • • We must first learn that the […]

The Feast Before the Fast

“One will have to give account in the judgment day of every good thing which one might have enjoyed and did not.” • The Talmud • • • The seriousness of Lent that begins on Ash Wednesday is preceded on Tuesday each year by a day of frivolousness and indulgence. We feast before we fast. […]

Lent 2012: A Journey into the Wilderness

“We are all outside of paradise. We are locked up aboard an unsteerable ship, and we bide our time, unsure of ever reaching land, hungrily eyeing each other as the foodstores fail. We are that tainted generation of former slaves who now must perish in the wilderness on the outside chance that it will help […]

Lent V

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: John 11:1-45 a sonnet if only you had been here with us then when your close friend, our brother, passed away i know you could have helped, have healed, have saved his life and kept us from this hopeless day instead we watched him slowly lose his breath we bid […]