June 20, 2018

An Official Apology

UPDATE: Check out the 50 Top Selling Authors in Evangelical Publishing and you’ll see what’s wrong with us. (And sorry Reformed boys, but that is DON, not John.) Time for an official apology. (WARNING: If you are ironically challenged, beware of this post.) Roman Catholic friends, if you’ve ever been confronted by various Protestants over […]

Laugh or Else: The Reasons Baptists Give For Not Celebrating the Lord’s Supper More Often

The Internet Monk Research Division, headquartered in the Internet Monk compound deep beneath the Boar’s Head Tavern here in the mecca of post-evangelicalism, St. Sadies, Maryland, has been conducting a research project. With the completion of extensive research conducted at the highest levels of professional standards, it’s now time to reveal the results to a […]

Fifty Things You Didn’t Know….and one outright lie

UPDATE: Blast you Kyle Potter! You’ve read this blog for 7 years. You’ve read my confessional essays. You’ve got the bio memorized. Your iPod has the podcast all the way back to episode 1. You’re confident you could pass any quiz on the life and times of the iMonk. You’re wrong. Welcome to fifty things […]

An Analysis of the Emerging Church

UPDATE: Check out the “Emeghing Remix” of the same video. OK…What a humorless crowd we’ve got around here. I’m not serious. This guy is, but this “analysis” is awful, though unfortunately is typical for many emerging critics. Several of you have asked for information on the Emerging Church. This comprehensive look at the Emerging Church […]

Thirty-Two Rooms and No Way Out: Adventures in Bookstore Claustrophobia

This post is an odd soup. Call it one part “Second Half of Life,” for just getting old and pathetic; one part “In The Study,” for the sermon idea I’ll get out of it; and one part “Parable, Metaphor and Illustration” for what you can do with it. Laugh at me, with me, and then […]

True Confessions of an Egg Nog Addict

Having arrived at age 50, I am striving for a degree of self-knowledge that might be called true wisdom. Yes, there is much to be learned from books and teachers, but I believe that the Greeks were right: a man who does not know himself, no matter what else he knows, is woefully ignorant. The […]

Life At Our House: The Christmas Tree Caper

Denise blogs about life at our house, where the family takes my mental quirks and creates smiles and laughter for, you, the IM reader. If you would like to buy working Christmas lights for a poor family, just contact me at christmaslights@imonk.com. READ: Decking the Halls…Spencer Style

The Man Behind the Curtain: Lesslie Newbigin (SATIRE!)

BHT fellow and soon to be philosophy professor Joel Hunter penned this stinging piece of satire (that’s SATIRE) about the man who really needs to be held responsible for all these postmodern, missional, contemplative woes. It’s missionary statesman and missional thinker Lesslie Newbigin. Read and be shocked. (SATIRE AHEAD.) While we’re measuring one another for […]

Review: Pocket Guide To The Bible by Jason Boyett

UPDATE: Jason is guestblogging at the BHT June 12-16. My White Castles have yet to arrive. A few years ago our family encountered The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged,” a two hour stage production that took my beloved Bard, mixed him with three manic, irreverent comedians, and produced the most […]

All You Need Are Attributes: Van Til Returns!

*Music Up….swells….Voice Over* It’s VAN TIL LIVE! The Internet Monk Radio Network Presents The BHT’s Magic Tail-Chasing Dog, Van Til, in Hippy-Emergent Christianity’s Favorite Interview and Entertainment program…..VAN TIL LIVE! And now, broadcasting live from the Boar’s Head Tavern in downtown St. Sadies, Maryland, it’s Vaaaaaaaaan Til!! *Music Swells….Applause….more Applause…more….shouts from crowd when Van Til […]