February 25, 2018

The Long and Winding Road

Humor alert. I said HUMOR ALERT. Yes…YOU…that means YOU. It’s HUMOR. OK. For those of you that don’t know or don’t remember, my wife is entering the Roman Catholic Church. It’s been rough and I don’t really have anything to say about that. Communication on the relevant subjects hasn’t been easy, and laughter- formerly a […]

Help For People Who Know All About Me

I got a letter yesterday that asked how my chaplaincy training was going, which was a nice thing to ask, except I’m not in chaplaincy training or any other kind of training. I added this to my collection of communications telling me that I am resigning my job, joining the Roman Catholic Church and so […]

Put A Warning On The Gospels

Is it just me, or are some Christians putting too much emphasis on the Gospels? There’s a lot of talk about the Kingdom of God in the Gospels. That gets many people off on the wrong track entirely. Some people are always quoting the parables or Jesus’ sermons. All of these things need some further […]

Ten Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog

I will be suing Jared Wilson. Get lawyered up. All resemblance to any actual, existing blogs is purely coincidental. I couldn’t possibly be referring to you. Seriously though, I do want to be helpful. I can work on many of these things myself, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my head to tell you. 1. It’s […]

“A Short Salvation” : Key to The Scriptures?

***Humor Alert*** So I get this occasional podcast of sermons and talks by Bishop Will Willimon, a fine preacher in the estimation of your internet monk and most knowledgeable homelitical types. The sermon I am listening to was preached at Beeson Divinity School at the Conger Lectures on Preaching. Willimon’s sermon was called “Short Salvation,” […]

Today’s Special: Words For The “I’m Praying for Spencer” Guy

Several years ago, when a major reformed blog decided to make me their feature attraction, I first heard “I’m praying for Michael Spencer” from somebody who 1) didn’t know me at all and 2) didn’t like me based on what they did know. (See first comment.) Since that time, not a month goes by without […]

My Ash Wednesday Dilemma: In Which Your Internet Monk Asks for Help From The Audience

For the past hour, I’ve been trying to find a Protestant church nearby where I can go for Ash Wednesday service on February 6. If you don’t know where I live, let me put it this way: There are probably more churches marking Ash Wednesday in some Muslim countries than there are churches doing so […]

Proverbs For Christianity’s Angry Young (and Old) Men

***Big Time Humor Alert*** Today, the Internet Monk Web Site ™ brings a special gift of proverbial, anecdotal and Zen-like wisdom as a gift for those angry young (and not so young) men who are burning down churches to make room for coffee shops. Put on some punk rock, light the incense sticks and turn […]

Open Thread: The Good, the Bad and the Whatever in Christmas “Worship”

UPDATE: One of the reasons we go down this road every year is to laugh a bit and tell one another it’s OK. (Those of us in the evangelical wilderness need this. The rest of you talk amongst yourselves.) But we also do something else, which for a few is always difficult: we give ourselves […]

Evangelical Worship Comes Full Circle (Irony Alert!)

UPDATE II: Some of you probably haven’t read some of my older essays on worship, found in the “Worship” section on the older essays page. UPDATE: After having written many posts on evangelical worship and reading hundreds of other posts and comments, it’s no wonder anyone who attends a liturgical church five times in a […]