July 19, 2018

Tim Horton….uh…Challies: The IM Interview

How much does Crossway want to get Tim Challies’ new book on the New York Times bestseller list? Apparently, not much, because they’ve sent him down here for a blog-tour interview. The change of atmosphere from teampyro to here must be pretty stressful, but Tim’s a hardy Canadian and can handle the transition. Seriously, Tim’s […]

Riffs: 11:29:07: Peter Chataway Interviews Phillip Pullman + Donahue warning

Want to know what Phillip Pullman himself has to say about the Golden Compass and his books that inspired the film? Christian film critic and blogger Peter Chataway interviews Phillip Pullman and asks all the questions you’ve been wondering about. No more need to wonder what Pullman had on him mind in the books or […]

God’s Sovereignty in Lutheranism: An Interview With Josh Strodtbeck (5- Providence in Tragedy)

Here’s the last in our “Lutheran Theology and God’s Sovereignty Series.” I appreciate all the work Josh put into this and the good comments from those of you involved in the discussion. How would Lutheran theology speak about God’s role in a tragedy like the I-35 Bridge collapse? Would you say God ordained it for […]

God’s Sovereignty in Lutheranism: An Interview With Josh Strodtbeck (4- Election and Salvation)

Good to know some reader thinks that after 7 years of basically reformed-leaning blogging, 4 Lutheran posts qualify as somehow unfair treatment of Calvinism. And the main complaint: “cheap shots.” If you could die from irony, we could really thin out the population on the blogosphere. When Josh is teaching, there’s a lot to learn. […]

God’s Sovereignty in Lutheranism: An Interview With Josh Strodtbeck (3- Assurance)

In this question, Josh deals with the sensitive subject of assurance. Can a believer know they are saved? This is bound to be controversial and informative. 3. Adam O’s piece on “Why I Am Not A Calvinist” centers on the issue of assurance. Can Calvinists know they are elect or are they in a similar […]

God’s Sovereignty in Lutheranism: An Interview With Josh Strodtbeck (2- Pastoral Care)

How does Lutheranism present the sovereignty of God in pastoral care? 2. How would the difference between Lutheran and Reformed views of God’s sovereignty be evidenced pastorally? Since Calvin borrowed a lot from Luther, there are obviously going to be similarities. And since Calvinism is a pretty diverse tradition, I think that in some contexts, […]

God’s Sovereignty in Lutheranism: An Interview With Josh Strodtbeck (1)

UPDATE: Read Don Matzat’s excellent essay on “Martin Luther and Predestination.” A perpective on the Biblical view of God’s sovereignty that’s seldom heard- at least by me- is that of our Lutheran brothers. Lutheran blogger Josh Strodtbeck is a outstanding expounder of Lutheranism, so I’ve invited him to answer some questions. From the first time […]

Interview with Peter Matthews, Pastor of Saint Patrick’s Anglican Church, Lexington, Kentucky

Peter Matthews was raised Methodist, ministered as a Baptist pastor for ten years and now pastors a vibrant growing Anglican Mission in America congregation in Lexington, Kentucky. When it comes to evangelicalism and liturgical church, Peter is the man. He blogs at Guitar Priest, but you need to visit his church or catch his preaching […]

The Baptist Way: Interview with Dr. Wyman Richardson on Baptists, The Lord’s Supper, Church Discipline and Tradition

Wyman Richardson has served as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dawson, Georgia, since 2002. He previously pastored churches in Woodstock, GA, and Burneyville, OK. He is the author of Walking Together: A Congregational Reflection on Biblical Church Discipline, which was published in book, Leader’s Guide, and Student Workbook formats by Wipf and Stock […]

Interview: Scot Mcknight on Evangelicals and Marian Dogmas

UPDATE: I have gotten more mail on this than any recent piece. I just can’t individually answer these letters. So sorry. I need an assistant. The reason Scot Mcknight is such an amazing gift to the church is that he is humble enough to make his formidable skills as a New Testament scholar available to […]