November 16, 2018

Some More Of My Favorite Things

I like books. Ok, so that’s not exactly a revelation to those who know me. Saying “I like books” is kind of like saying Dagwood likes sandwiches. I have, well, let’s just say I have a few books. If by “few” we mean “a few thousand,” then we’re on the right track. So it came […]

The Linchpin

By Chaplain Mike I feel badly that I wasn’t able to follow yesterday’s discussion on our friend Garrett League’s post closely. Fascinating! I especially appreciate that we had some folks who joined us who are strongly convinced of and committed to scientific reasoning, even going so far as to claim that religion cannot give us […]

Reformation Day Rock

By Chaplain Mike Thanks to a status update on Facebook by friend Bill Cwirla, Lutheran pastor extraordinaire and IM Liturgical Gangsta, I discovered a great YouTube channel called History for Music Lovers by historyteachers that does music videos to teach about historical events and people. I think they are really well done, and a fun […]

An Unprecedented Opportunity: “God in America”

By Chaplain Mike I have not been able to watch much of Frontline’s “God in America” series on PBS in recent days. But I definitely plan to do so. The little that I have seen was remarkable television, even more so because of the pervasive drought of thoughtful religious discussion on the airwaves. I hope […]