July 22, 2018

What Does the Bible Actually Say about Homosexuality?

MOD NOTE: I have been deleting and editing a lot of comments because you are not sticking to the topic. This post is about one thing — EXAMINING WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY. It is not about our personal reflections or ethical considerations of the subject. All I want to do is look at […]

“Complementarianism” Is a Sham

UPDATE: Comments now closed. I honestly don’t get it. Seriously. I have been hearing conservative Christians talk about “headship” and “submission” in the marriage relationship for over 35 years now, I heard about it again yesterday in church, and I still don’t know what they’re talking about. Am I that thick-headed, or is this whole […]

The Best Responses to the Driscolls and Youngs

By far, the most thoughtful and thorough response to all the “sex” hubbub raised by the Driscolls and Youngs and their recent books and publicity stunts comes from Matthew Lee Anderson. I became aware of his analysis when I read the article, “The Trouble with Ed Young’s Rooftop Sexperiment,” at Christianity Today. I encourage you […]

Guest Post: Quiet Desperation

NOTE FROM CM: Here is another email I received in response to the Driscoll post. This one is personal, poignant — a real challenge to the church. Having two sons in their 20’s, I often wonder how to help them deal with the kinds of issues today’s author brings to us. The author of this […]

In the “Third Season” of Life Together

“This is my beloved and this is my friend…” (Song 5:16) This is the verse that caught my attention when my wife Gail and I fell in love many years ago. The words express what we both have always wanted in marriage: a partnership characterized by genuine love and friendship. And now we are approaching […]

“It’s not that I have to; it’s that I get to.”

One of the great love stories of my lifetime is that of Robertson and Muriel McQuilkin. Dr. Robertson McQuilkin was a respected Bible teacher, author, and missionary leader who was president of Columbia Bible College (now Columbia International University) from 1968 to 1990. During the 80’s his wife Muriel began showing signs that her memory […]

“Home Is Where We Are Together”

Today we meet Dr. Robert H. Mounce and his wife, Jean. Zondervan Publishing says the following about Dr. Mounce: he is  “president emeritus of Whitworth College, is the author of a number of well-known biblical commentaries, including the volume on Revelation in the NICNT. Dr. David Hubbard, former president of Fuller Theological Seminary, refers to […]

The NT Haustafeln (House-Tables)

By Chaplain Mike We would be remiss if we did not include some consideration of Biblical teaching about family relationships during this week on Internet Monk when we are talking about them. In this post we will look at one way the apostles taught the early church to live out their faith in the home. […]

IM Book Review: Home

By Chaplain Mike And now here he is, Glory thought, haggard and probationary, with little of his youth left to him except the wry elusiveness, secretiveness, that he did in fact seem to wear on his skin. He stood propped against the counter with his arms folded and watched his father while his father pondered […]

The Empty Church

(Chaplain Mike asked for family stories this week. Here is mine.) I was born and raised (I always thought that sounded kind of funny—I thought barns and flags and hands were raised) in southwestern Ohio. Lebanon, Ohio to be exact. Some of my ancestors were among the first settlers of Lebanon and Warren County. According […]