October 20, 2018

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 5)

Science and the Bible Lesson 5 By Mike McCann We have now laid a basic philosophical basis to examine the “Science and the Bible” issues that are controversial to evangelicals.  Let’s summarize: All truth is God’s truth.  If something is true in the physical realm then it is true, period, full stop. The best way […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 4)

Science and the Bible Lesson 4 By Mike McCann Having laid a foundation of how to think about doing science and the relation of the natural world to the supernatural; at this point in my teaching series I turn attention to the Bible.  I begin with a basic lesson in hermeneutics and exegesis that I […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 3)

Science and the Bible Lesson 3 By Mike McCann In my previous essay, I talked about how I am a methodological naturalist when it comes to doing science, and you should be too.  It’s not that I don’t believe in miracles, I do; it’s that miracles, by definition are the one-off exceptions to the rules.  […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 2)

Science and the Bible Lesson 2 by Mike McCann In the last essay I asserted that all truth is God’s truth.  Therefore the revelation of God through nature and the revelation of God through the bible cannot contradict; they are in perfect harmony.  However, because of our fallible human understanding of both science and scripture […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 1)

Note from CM: Today we welcome a good friend of Internet Monk, Mike McCann, aka Mike the Geologist. It’s nice to have an actual scientist speak to issues of science and faith. • • • Science and the Bible (Lesson 1) by Mike McCann For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be […]

Another Look: Jon Henry – Already Compromised, Moon Edition

Note from CM: A few years ago I found this brilliant satirical piece by Jon Henry that exposes the kind of thinking that gets Christians in trouble with regard to Bible interpretation. Is it “biblical” to believe that the moon emits its own light? Read the following, and come to your own conclusion. • • • ALREADY […]

“A cohort of wonder”

William P. Brown serves as a great example of someone who has integrated biblical studies with scientific and technological progress so as to promote a “theology of wonder.” This portion from one of my favorite books on the Old Testament, The Seven Pillars of Creation, explains how Brown first caught that sense of wonder. I’ve included the video he […]

Ron Rolheiser: Evolution’s Ultimate Wisdom

The other day I quoted from an article by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser. I was so impressed by what he said, even though it was stated simply and briefly in a blog post, that I wrote for permission to re-post the piece in its entirety here at Internet Monk. Because I quoted from this and used […]

Faith in the system, or faith in Jesus?

I am going to try and make sense with this post, but please bear with me. I just got home late from being on call, and have given myself a one-hour time limit to put this post together. I’ll try to make my point concise, but I’m not sure I will be able to give […]

How I Became a … Theistic-Evolutionist

Over the next few Fridays I will be bringing you a series entitled “How I Became a…” They will give an insight into some of the views that I hold, and how I arrived at those views. We will begin the series with “How I Became a… Theistic-Evolutionist.” Despite my Evangelical upbringing I have always […]