April 26, 2018

Pete Enns on Mistakes in the Adam/Evolution Discussion

Note from CM: We have asked Dr. Peter Enns before for permission to rerun his writing, and I’m tempted to do it a lot. Enns has received enormous attention from a wide audience for what he has to say about Biblical interpretation and the faith/science debate. That’s because he is courageous and clear-thinking, and frankly, […]

D.A. Carson on Genesis 1-2 and Science

One of the teachers I respect most in the Church is Dr. D.A. Carson from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Don was one of my primary NT professors when I was in seminary and he spoke at my installation service when I became pastor of a church in Waukegan, IL. One of my most satisfying moments […]

A Truth so Deep that Only Story can Convey It

The Bible, through a Scientist’s Eyes, part three Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible by John Polkinghorne • • • Any discussion on the relationship of science and Scripture must deal with the Bible’s first chapters and their accounts of origins. John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest who is also a renowned physicist, gives his […]

Misreading the Bible’s “Scientific Accuracy”

While we are on the subject of the Bible today, let’s look at a point of view quite contrary to that of John Polkinghorne, the renowned physicist whose book we are working through (see this morning’s post). Christian Post reports that “Pastor Rick Warren launched his ’40 Days in the Word’ biblical literacy campaign over […]

Creation Police at Toys-R-Us

Parents, you can be reassured. The creationists are keeping watch. And now a new front has opened on the war against those who don’t take the Bible literally and promote Evil-lution: the toy store. Brian Thomas, science writer for ICR (The Institute for Creation Research) posted a dire warning on January 9 against perhaps the […]

The Bible, through a Scientist’s Eyes

The Bible, through a Scientist’s Eyes, part one Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible by John Polkinghorne • • • Today, we begin walking through a new book by John Polkinghorne on the Bible. I believe this will give us a unique vantage point from which to consider the Scriptures? Why? — because Polkinghorne […]

Paul Wallace Says, “Intelligent Design Is Dead”

“Because ID is established in scientific ignorance, it cannot last. It is passing even now.” • Paul Wallace • • • In an article on the Huffington Post, Paul Wallace has stated his agreement with those who declare that the Intelligent Design movement is dead. But rather than list and explain the scientific reasons for […]

Creation Wars Update

Today, your faithful iMonk correspondent reports from the front lines of the “Creation Wars” about recent articles on issues related to science and Biblical interpretation. Duck and cover. • • • 1. October saw Peter Enns move his blog to the Patheos evangelical portal. Enns dived right in and wrote about the ongoing debate on […]

Five Things Science Cannot Prove (but are necessary for science to work)

iMonk contributor and Liturgical Gangsta Daniel Jepsen stopped by the iMonastery today to share some thoughts on science. I told him his ideas were quite timely as I am hoping to explore this topic more fully this month. Daniel agree to share his thoughts with us all. Read and comment as always, but remember, he […]

Ask Chaplain Mike: Considering Miracles

By Chaplain Mike Today we return to our “Ask Chaplain Mike” posts. This afternoon’s inquiry comes from a friend who sets forth a question many are asking in our day. He wants to know how people in this scientific age can continue to believe in miracles. By and large, we have become people for whom […]