July 16, 2018

A Poorly Developed Picture

I have seen an article promoted in recent days around the web called “The Church’s Frightful Kodak Moment.” After reading it, I posted the link on the IM Bulletin Board and today I will say a few words about it, not because I agree with the piece, but because it is important for all of […]

One Foot In The Wilderness

Michael Spencer kept looking over his shoulder. He was willing to express views that were not popular among others of his denomination and he expressed concern that there were individuals out there who were looking for opportunities to “report” him to the administrators at the school where he worked. I got a real sense of […]

Am I an Evangelical?

How do I describe myself as a Christian?  Am I an Evangelical?   Can I call myself anything else? Let me give you a bit of background.  I have attended seventeen different churches in my life.  Each for a period of at least one year.  Sixteen of them I attended since the age of eleven.  Fourteen […]

Another Look: Let Them Eat Cake

In conjunction with this morning’s post, we present a rebroadcast of this interview with a renowned business leader. William Sola oversees franchises all across our country and around the world. This interview was first broadcast on June 1, 2010. * * * Reporter: Hello, today I’m with William Sola, great, great, great grandson of Jack […]

Reconsider Jesus – Once Saved Always Saved?

The following is an excerpt from Michael Spencer’s upcoming book: Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark.  This week we are continuing with some of his thoughts on The Seed and the Soil from Mark 4:1-8; 13-20 that we introduced two weeks ago.  Michael Spencer’s thoughts on Mark Chapter […]

As Long as We Approach the Bible This Way, We’re in Trouble

I will confess: I have been away from this kind of thinking for quite awhile now, so whenever I hear a clear example of it, I am almost shocked at how silly it sounds to me at this point in my journey. I saw a post recently by Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie with this title: Where […]

Another Look: Is This a Church?

An excerpt from a post by Chaplain Mike, February 2011 My take on what has happened over the course of the last forty years is as follows. In evangelicalism in particular, we have raised a whole generation of Christians who were discipled not so much by traditional local churches as by parachurch ministries and churches that have […]

Radical Enough? (part one)

Note: You may want to read the Christianity Today article, “Here Come the Radicals!” by Matthew Lee Anderson in conjunction with Dan’s post. Thanks to Dan for sharing these perspectives with us. Check out his blog at Sliced Soup. * * * A dozen or so years ago, I took my youth group to an […]

What Evangelicalism Gets Right

I want to wrap up my month-long harang at evangelicalism—the camp I have made my home for nearly 40 years now—by talking about what evangelicalism gets right. Yes, there are a few things we do manage to do in a good way, at least once in a while. For each of the following I could […]

An Open Letter To My Fellow Evangelicals

This is addressed to those who, like me, identify themselves most closely with the evangelical movement. While I feel there is much here that can be applied to other denominations, movements and churches, I am drawing from my 40 years experience as a Christian within evangelicalism. Dear Fellow Evangelical, I have shared ideas in the […]