October 20, 2017

Radical Enough? (part one)

Note: You may want to read the Christianity Today article, “Here Come the Radicals!” by Matthew Lee Anderson in conjunction with Dan’s post. Thanks to Dan for sharing these perspectives with us. Check out his blog at Sliced Soup. * * * A dozen or so years ago, I took my youth group to an […]

What Evangelicalism Gets Right

I want to wrap up my month-long harang at evangelicalism—the camp I have made my home for nearly 40 years now—by talking about what evangelicalism gets right. Yes, there are a few things we do manage to do in a good way, at least once in a while. For each of the following I could […]

An Open Letter To My Fellow Evangelicals

This is addressed to those who, like me, identify themselves most closely with the evangelical movement. While I feel there is much here that can be applied to other denominations, movements and churches, I am drawing from my 40 years experience as a Christian within evangelicalism. Dear Fellow Evangelical, I have shared ideas in the […]

Renewing The Evangelical Worship Service, Part Two

This morning we began looking at some ideas that could help renew evangelicalism, or at least the weekly worship service aspect of many evangelical churches. I want to continue this discussion, but first a couple more observations. First of all, we must must must remember that the focus of the service is Jesus, not me. […]

Renewing The Evangelical Worship Service

The last two weeks I have written about saving evangelicalism. I do believe it is worth saving—or, perhaps I should say it is worth renewing. If evangelicalism is simply to be saved in its current state, a self-indulgent movement where each person is a church of one and is taught how to become the person […]

What Am I Missing?

I should have known I was in for a rough morning when the first song of the service was U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” By the third song that was completely unsuitable for congregational singing, I was heading out the door for some coffee. But the music leader stopped me in my […]

Saving Evangelicalism, Part Two

Hi. I’m Jeff, and I’m an evangelical. Hi Jeff. I realize that it is not a fashionable thing to admit these days. It’s about as acceptable as ordering a hamburger at a PETA convention. But I am an evangelical at the time of the collapse of evangelicalism. We can toss more gasoline on the fire […]

Saving Evangelicalism

The founder of InternetMonk, Michael Spencer, once wrote a series of essays on the Coming Collapse of Evangelicalism. I found myself not only agreeing with Michael, but cheering on the collapse of this branch of Christianity that, from my vantage point, had grown heavy with pride, selfishness, greed and fraud. Evangelicalism was imploding, collapsing under […]

Craving Cool

  “Building Congregations around Art Galleries and Cafes as Spirituality Wanes” Amy O’Leary, NY Times 12/29/12 * * * If we can’t have our megachurches, we’ll find another style that suits us. Amy Leary’s recent article in the New York Times shows that the spirit and principles of the church growth movement are alive and […]

Was 2012 the Year of the CEC?

“The party is almost over for evangelicals; a party that’s been going strong since the beginning of the “Protestant” 20th century. We are soon going to be living in a very secular and religiously antagonistic 21st century in a culture that will be between 25-30% non-religious.” – Michael Spencer, CEC (2009) “In 2012 we witnessed […]