March 24, 2018

Talk Hard II: Defending Dissent

The Original Talk Hard: Defending the Role of the Critic in Christianity. Lots I would change in that essay, but it still holds up 6 years or so later. Recently, I received an email from someone who has been a longtime reader of this blog, giving his reasons for being a regular reader and generous […]

From Liberty Mountain to Mt. Ararat (or Send Me The Money Instead)

UPDATE: “Laugh or else” is a category that ought to only be used by people with a sense of humor. All others just stay clear. Apparently poking fun at Ark hunters qualifies me as an angry, Bible rejecting heretic. Well, I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible… Since we’re talking […]

Response Part 2: Christian Community and Abandoning Commitment

With this post I am concluding my response to the series The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. This post will look at “Disillusionment With Christian Community” and “Abandoning Christian Commitment Itself.” The previous “Response” post (with links to the previous four) is here. Disillusionment With Christian Community Of the four issues I have examined, the disillusionment […]

Response Part 1: The Biblical Worldview and Christian Experience

I now come to the last two posts in this series on The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. All four posts are accessible here. In these posts I will write a response to each of the four topics of personal disillusionment: The Biblical worldview, Christian experience, Christian community and Christian commitment itself. In my responses, I […]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism: Abandoning Christian Commitment Itself

I am continuing my series on The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism. Here is part 1 and part 2 and part 3. 4. Disillusionment With Christian Commitment Itself In these posts, I have explored the various personal reasons evangelicals have for leaving the church. I have discussed the difficulty many have in coming to terms with […]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism part 3: Christian Community

I am continuing my look at the sources of disillusionment within evangelicalism. This will be a five part series, with four posts on the sources of personal disillusionment and one on responding to these personal sources. Here is part 1 and part 2. 3. The Disillusionment of Christian Community [I want to be very clear […]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism Part 2: God-Proving Christian Experience

I am continuing my series on the unresolved tensions of evangelicalism, I want to explore disillusionment with Christian experience. 2. The Disillusionment of Christian Experience Evangelicalism makes confident claims about the religious experience of its true believers. It is not hard to conceive of disillusionment when those claims are judged to be untrue. It’s a […]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism Part 1: The Biblical Worldview

NOTE: This post is analysis and opinion. It’s not about what I believe or don’t. My posts on Christine Wicker’s and Julia Duin’s descriptions of evangelicalism’s winter are meant to be provocative, but they are also an attempt to hear something in the voices of our critics we rarely allow into our discussions: the scary […]

iMonk 101: The Tactics of Failure: Why the Culture War Makes Sense to Spiritually Empty Evangelicals

From 2006, this is my diagnosis of why evangelicals are increasingly drawn to the culture war. It’s not, contrary to what the rhetoric wants us to believe, because we have a Jesus shaped mission to the world, caring passionately about the issues Jesus cared about. No, it’s a bit less flattering. I’m suggesting that spiritually […]

Bob is Angry on Election Day

UPDATE: How did Jesus Fight The Culture War? UPDATE II: Why angry Bob is angry? Today being election day, and many of my evangelical friends being in somewhat of a foul mood, for reasons that, as of 12:28 p.m., are suspected and not yet clear, I found myself thinking about a fellow I’ll call Bob. […]