July 20, 2018

Classic iMonk: On Faith’s Crumbling Edge: Restoring The Uprooted Assurance Of The Ordinary Christian

Chaplain Mike reposts this classic iMonk article from June, 2005 UPDATE: I fixed the broken links at the end of post. I’ve been thinking about the subject of the Christian’s assurance of salvation. To put my cards on the table, I don’t struggle with assurance of salvation personally at all. I’m far more inclined toward […]

Open Mic: What Have We Wrought?

This brief video from The BioLogos Foundation features Os Guiness talking about “Science and Faith in the Front Lines of the Culture Wars.” Watch it and let’s have a discussion. Guiness says, “In many ways, the new atheists are partly created by the Religious Right. You can see that in America there is no vehement […]

Open Mic: Is Church Optional?

Today’s Open Mic question is presented by Chaplain Mike. I read a message by Rick Warren on Christian Post today about belonging to the church. It got me thinking about the nature of the relationship that exists between evangelicals and the church. Let’s talk about it. Warren’s thesis is: “When we’re called to follow Christ; […]

It’s “Holy Week” in America

Today’s guest post is by Chaplain Mike. UPDATE: Scot McKnight is discussing this over at Jesus Creed today as well. I encourage you to check out his perspective and those of his readers. MY SPORTING LIFE I grew up fully immersed in sports. Sports were a part of almost everything I did, every friendship, most […]

The Pre-Schooler and the Pistol

Today’s post is by Chaplain Mike. Last year, here in Indianapolis, a four-year-old was taken by emergency personnel to the hospital with a gunshot wound. At first, it was not clear what had happened. The family told police the child had shot himself. The police weren’t sure that the preschooler was strong enough to have […]

From the iMonk Archives: Gospel Relevance=Gospel Application

Since we have been discussing the Gospel and how it shapes our Christian lives, let’s continue the conversation by taking a look at this classic IM post from April, 2007. It amazes me that the apostles immediately know- they KNOW- that Christianity has to be applied in ways they had never thought before. Perhaps the […]

Can someone tell me why a “Creation” Educator is giving this speech at a “Creation Museum?”

A speech about saving America and the church, in case you just don’t care enough actually watch the clip before you comment. Anytime someone tells me the “Creation museum” is a museum I want to run this piece out. Ham’s organization owns this “museum.” It’s goal is to get the public in and discredit any […]

How To Lose A Young Mind #1 (with a few thoughts on Dawkins)

(or Why Waste All That Time Considering Evidence When You Can Announce Your Presuppositions and Be Done With It) I’ve been monitoring a discussion at a prominent Calvinistic blog regarding Richard Dawkin’s defense of evolution in his new book, The Greatest Show On Earth. I do a unit on the New Atheists in my Advanced […]

The Vilesidious Lectures: Advanced Tactics For Apostasy

UPDATE: Vilesidious has appeared at IM before, writing a young protege on the subject of Christian schools. The transcript of the following lecture was secured through means that cannot be revealed, but as C.S. Lewis said, are readily available to those who learn a few basic techniques. The general conclusion is that the following lecture […]

Thoughts From The Empty Road (For Greg)

Greg is a former student and good friend. I learned today that he has left the faith. The last time I saw Greg (Not his real name), he looked like he was walking away from it all. I had a premonition at the time that Greg was troubled. He looked unsettled. I’d heard he was […]