August 15, 2018

More Creation Questions: Adam & Eve

By Chaplain Mike It’s time to get back to some basic Biblical and theological questions related to the subject of creation. In recent posts, I have dealt with Michael Spencer’s view of the creation narratives, the controversy over creation issues prompted by Bruce Waltke’s video, and my own interpretation of Genesis 1. Today, we begin […]

The Book I Can’t Review

UPDATE: Ok. Moderation on. Keep your comments civil. We are not bashing anyone here. Don’t make me impose a two-drink limit. MOD NOTE: Comments are closed for the time being. Sheesh, I leave for a few hours and return to find a bar fight! It might be comforting, to those Christians who doubt the current […]

OK, You Asked…

By Chaplain Mike I promise—this will be the end of discussion on the topic of “creationism” for a while. Too many responders failed to grasp that yesterday’s rant was NOT primarily about creation vs. evolution, but about the culture-war tactics of the “creationists” (ala Ken Ham) who are not really interested in science or even […]

iMonk Classic: To Be or Not To Be, or Why I’m Not A Young Earth Creationist

Written by Michael Spencer MOD NOTE: Comments are closed. This is most (not all) of an IM essay written during the early years of this web site (2001 I think.) My children were up to their ears in Ham/Hovind videos and I was feeling very alone in my own reading of Genesis. Things are better […]

Update on the Creation Wars

By Chaplain Mike MOD NOTE: Comments are closed. I’ve been too busy with truly important matters, like work and family and sharing in the grief of friends, to get back to this subject for awhile, but folks, we’ve got to talk. A few weeks ago I posted a video (no longer available for viewing), produced […]

The Day of Salvation?

By Chaplain Mike. I remember the day I changed my thinking about when I was “saved.” I had grown up in a mainline Protestant denomination, was baptized and confirmed, attended worship and Sunday School, and dabbled with youth group. However, in my teen years, I was not deeply involved. Then the big change came. At […]

iMonk Classic: Wretched Urgency — The Grace of God or Hamsters on a Wheel?

This weekend, as we mourn Michael Spencer’s passing, thank God for the hope of eternal life, and comfort one another in our time of loss, IM will feature classic posts from the Internet Monk. Wretched Urgency: The Grace of God, or Hamsters on a Wheel? My friend and prayer partner just looked across the lunch […]

The Real Meaning of Easter?

By Chaplain Mike. According to Rick Warren, Easter is about “growing your church.” He exhorts pastors in a recent Christian Post article to “use Easter” to break growth barriers in their congregations. Easter, a means to an end. A prime marketing opportunity for the real business of evangelicalism: church growth.

Bruce Waltke on Staying in the Discussion

Posted by Chaplain Mike. Bruce Waltke is a renowned conservative Old Testament scholar. He served on the translation committees for the NASB and NIV Bibles. Waltke is a professor emeritus of Old Testament studies at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia and a former president of the Evangelical Theological Society. His commentary on Genesis is […]

iMonk Classic: Wilkerson Warns/iMonk Rants

From iMonk in March, 2009. Replayed by Chaplain Mike. David Wilkerson (Cross and the Switchblade, Times Square Church) is predicting a world changing disaster, and advises that you dust off those cans of Spam you still have from Y2k. It’s getting serious coverage by the unhinged conservative media. I wrote about Evangelical anxiety about the […]