June 19, 2018

Four Questions: Steve Sensenig on Worship and Music

Steve Sensenig is a blogger (theologicalmusingsblog.com) and contributor to many good blog discussions. He’s also a musician who has served in various capacities in several different ministries in a wide range of styles from very traditional to very contemporary. Steve is a recording artist, and has also spent some time in the Christian music industry […]

Gospel Relevance=Gospel Application

Studying Acts with my students, it’s freshly clear to me that the immediate struggle of the early Christians was not only, or even particularly, theological, but practical. How do we live out, in the church, family, community and world, the significance of Jesus NOW? What kind of behavior, actions and community appear in “”the Kingdom […]

Southern Baptists and the Emerging Church: Friends or Foes?

Mark DeVine, theology professor from Midwestern Seminary (and a man who knows his Barth), has looked seriously and deeply at the emerging church and suggests some directions for SBC interaction, avoidance and further study. A measured and competent essay, worth your time. [Or you can watch the video below. It’s more of a summary of […]

Evangelical Anxieties 7: Our Children

Here are the previous six posts in the Evangelical Anxieties series. There will be several more. This isn’t even close to the final version I want of this post, but I may not get back to it for a while. So this will have to do for now. Worrying about our children has been an […]

Guess what this atheist heard in church?

“Before I restart the “Evangelical Anxieties series, here are words from an atheist who visited some 30 churches. Clearly, most churches have aligned themselves against non-religious people. By adopting this stance, Christians have turned off the people I would think they want to connect with. The combative stance I’ve observed is an approach that causes […]

Evangelical Anxieties 6: Culture

Christians always live in a culture. Sometimes that culture has been, in some way, a “Christian” culture. In most instances, Christians have existed in a culture that did not share an appreciation or endorsement of their worldview. Determining how to live in culture, and to what extent that culture will influence us, has always been […]

Evangelical Anxieties 5: The End of the World

There’s not a lot that I like about the Appalachian mountain version of Christianity that surrounds me here in southeastern Kentucky, but at the top of a short list is their attitude toward the end of the world. They aren’t afraid of it. They have a good idea what’s going to go on. They believe […]

Evangelical Anxieties 4: Does God’s Judgment Make Christianity a Religion of Fear?

Evangelical Anxieties is a series of posts on the growing phenomenon of fear as a major component of the faith of evangelical Christians. It might seem that the subject of judgment is so similar to the subject of hell that a separate post would be inappropriate. In some ways, that would be true, but the […]

Evangelical Anxieties 3: Does Believing in Hell Make Christianity a Religion of Fear?

Evangelical Anxieties is a series of posts dealing with the issue of fear- as experience and motivation- in evangelicalism. See the category for these posts to read them all. If there is a “fundamental” question to this series of posts, this is it. Does the doctrine of hell make Christianity a religion of fear? If […]

Evangelical Anxieties 2: Fear, Faith and God’s People

I continue my look at the role of fear in evangelicalism with some thoughts on how the people of God, both now and in the Biblical past, have faced the choice between fear and faith. Somewhere in the South, an evangelical Christian mom is suing her child’s school system over the use of the Harry […]