September 18, 2018

Eulogies and Dyslogies for Charles Colson

Wow Frank. Tell us how you really feel. Over the weekend Frank Schaeffer published one of the angriest and most ill-timed screeds I’ve ever read. On his blog he wrote a dyslogy of Charles Colson (1931-2012), the evangelical Christian Right spokesman who died Saturday, and called it, “Colson: An Evangelical Homophobic Anti-Woman Leader Passes On”. […]

Eight Traits of a Responsible Ministry

Eight Traits of a Masculine Ministry (John Piper) 1. A masculine ministry believes that it is more fitting that men take the lash of criticism that must come in a public ministry, than to unnecessarily expose women to this assault. 2. A masculine ministry seizes on full-orbed, biblical doctrine with a view to teaching it […]

How Much is that Dogma in the Window?

Commenter Jack Heron always brings well-thought-out ideas to the table here at the iMonastery. He has now stepped up with a very good look at the topic of dogma. Read carefully and comment accordingly, iMonks. JD by Jack Heron Having a dogma is a tricky thing. It’s irregularly conjugated, for a start: My dogma irresistibly […]

OK, I’m Blushing…

By Chaplain Mike Why does everything have to be an “issue” for Christians? Why do we feel the need to speak publicly about every matter under heaven? Why is so necessary to make it clear “where we stand” on everything? Can’t (shouldn’t) there be some things that we deal with quietly, privately, personally, face to […]

iMonk Classic: Why Doesn’t The Church Talk About Domestic Abuse?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From Sept 17, 2009 From, following a high profile murder that followed a high profile history of domestic abuse: The news reports of the recent death of Amanda Ross, allege that she was a victim of domestic violence. Based on statistics, it is likely domestic violence is happening […]

iMonk Classic: My September 11, 2001

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Originally posted in September, 2001 Of course, it’s far from over, but it has been a week like no other in the memory of anyone who wasn’t old enough to be aware of what happened in November, 1963. Yes, our children will remember this week. They will measure their […]

Big Butter Jesus, Part Two

Editor’s note: Many were offended earlier this week when Chaplain Mike wrote about the statue outside of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio burning down. Chaplain Mike referred back to a quote from John Piper, and some were upset that we would dare to touch the “third rail” by being even slightly critical of Piper. […]

Where’s John Piper When You Need Him?

By Chaplain Mike MOD NOTE: I’ve gone back and weeded out some comment threads that got off track. BTW: this post is not about John Piper, egalitarianism, homosexuality, or who goes to heaven and hell. It’s tongue-in-cheek, humor, folks, about a “striking” incident (insert groan here). Oh yeah, and please do buy the book! Last […]

Update: Easter Morning…for Ted

By Chaplain Mike WARNING: As you read this update, the sound you will hear is the voice of cynicism. With a bit of sarcasm thrown in. As well as a healthy dose of antipathy. If I didn’t think the evidence deserves this kind of response, I would stay quiet. But this is bad news, a […]

My View: Genesis 1

By Chaplain Mike. My interest in the first chapters of Genesis began to blossom when I was in seminary, studying under Dr. John Sailhamer. Over the years, I have come back to it again and again. My understanding has grown and been refined each time I’ve taken it up. It saddens me that Genesis 1 […]